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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldschlagers:


I hope you and your all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.  Trust you all took stock of what we have, what we had and what we have to do to get it back.   On a related note a very Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends!  Chag sameach and shalom!

Ok, as mentioned last time out that there were two very major developments on our liberty, safety and/or sovereignty perpetrated against us by this cartel of anti-Americanism.

Truly I do not know which is worse: Dingy Harry the ELF having been told to eliminate the filibuster for judicial appointments so Biff can stack the courts or the selling out to the Iranians.  Show of hands, which one first…

OK, it was close, but we will look at the Iranian question first.

Proving again that he serves no earthly use John “WTLF” Kerry has amplified the fact that his sole redeeming value is to make JoeBama look slightly less the buffoon and incrementally more qualified for something.

(I can only surmise that JoeBama has delusions of adequacy and may be considering a run in 2016.  By making the rest of Biff’s Bizarro Band of Banditos look less than competent JoeBama looks better by comparison.)

Kerry has been lauded by his overseer as being a brilliant negotiator!  After looking at all that he got for what he gave up it would be if we surrendered to the Japs after Hiroshimaand Nagasaki

“Okay, you destroy our cities!  We give you one chance to surrender! WHAT?  You ARE going to surrender?  Hmmm.. In that case you must throw in Canada or you will force us to have more of our cities blown up!”

Does that make any sense at all?  Of course not, but that is the standard operating procedure for his Maladministration.

We have not seen such feckless “negotiating” since the war criminal Henry Kissinger.  He got us to the peace talks in Paris and after debating for months on the size and shape of the negotiating table immediately bent himself over it for the pleasure of the Cong.

“Zo, ve vill agrrrrree to leaf Wiet Nam no later zan 30 April 1975!  You vill act nicely and zat will be zat.  “Verstehen?

And with the timetable set, the Viet Cong and the NVA sat by and then Quang Tri fell, then Tam Ky, then Da Nang and so on an so forth as Saigon is encircled, Tan Son Nhut airbase is attacked and on 30 April, the unforgettable images of people storming the US Embassy in Saigon as chopper after chopper left until the final one with the last 10 Marines lifted off.

Kissinger gave away the ranch and got nothing in a return except a butt kicking and a promise.  The promise was broken and we did nothing, we did not even have the common courtesy to have a hissy fit.

WTLF did not get even that.

In order for all that nothing at all, he promised to give the Iranians access to a lot of their own hard cash, a reduction on other trade restrictions, permission to expand their “nuclear power” experimentation and I think a first round draft pick in the 2014 NFL draft.

And all we have to do is nothing.

That is right.

 We are allowed to “inspect” the Iranian nuke facilities.  No, not all of them you silly goose, just the ones they SAID we can inspect, not the ones where they are creating more fissionable material, enriching plutonium or the like. No, we might find something and then Biff will be very cross, stamp his feet and start a diversionary scandal.

 No, we got nothing, not a sausage, not sweet fanny annie.

 You know there are three American citizens being held in Iran?  One now has the dubious honor of being the longest held hostage in US history, 2458 days as I send this out.  Another is a Christian minister who started a number of schools and he is in deep stuff as is the last in the trio.

Do you think that idiot WTLF might at least suggest that as long as we are again bending over on the world stage that the Muzzies might, at the very, least release the three American citizens?(No! We can’t do that!  We may have to give them more, especially when they refuse!)

No, that would take a set, a very small set, but a set he is lacking. 

But the day AFTER the agreeing to let the fox into to the henhouse, the Whi’te House released information that they “respectfully” asked the Iranians to release our fellow citizens. You know, for the “holidays.”

Gee, is it Ramadan already?

I am good with my ciphers but even I canNOT count the “mistakes” which were made in this clusterfluke.  First off, you negotiate BEFORE you agree to dropping yer drawers.  Second, and with profound respect to my Jewish friends, this is considered CHRISTmas time. It is not Lincoln’s Birthday or other holiday.

(Then again we know it is CHRISTmas and so does Biff.  What is he doing for CHRISTmas this year?  Well, he is CLOSING the United States Embassy in Vatican City.  Why are they doing that?  They are citing that old standby lie: “security issues.”  Yes!  The Popemobile might run over someone!  It is not safe like our consulate in, say, BENGHAZI!  As an American, a CHRISTian and a Catholic I am appalled and incensed over this slap across the face of all good people.)

As bad as all that is there is more… less, really, if you are keeping score for the home team.

I do not know for sure how much Biff or WTLF discussed with our Israeli friends, if we can still call them that as they certainly canNOT rely on us.  But for some reason I think either not a lot, not at all, or, at best, not everything.

(Of course NOW it is being “revealed” that there were “talks” with Israel beforehand.  And I guess, if you like those talks, you can keep those talks.  Period.)

Per Bibi (who I would vote for were he able to run here) it seems the Israelis are not that happy, to put it mildly.   They are not in love with the idea if a nuclear Iran, the same country that has threatened over the years to blow Israel off of the map.

To add insult to injury, though the events maybe out of order, on the one hand, you have Bibi popping a gasket and that fatuous idjit WTLF slurring (paraphrasing) “We are on the same page as Israel, there is ‘no daylight’ between our positions.”

That apparently came as a surprise to Bibi and the only daylight I can think of is between WTLF’s ears.

So far, the home-boy team seems to be batting zero.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, is doing the Muzzi version of spiking the football.

The “Teheran Times” (who I prolly trust more than the New York Times”) had as their headline the other day “WE WON!”

I am sure Hank Rouhani (Hmmm????) is thinking: “Lessee… we have had sanctions imposed on us for over thirty years, we have been involved in all kinds of nasty business, we are all but flaunting our nuclear plans, we have refused to give one inch and every time we refuse their overtures they come back with more concessions.  There must be a trick so we will stay low and act cool!”

No, he gets out on his soap (just kidding) box atop the tallest minaret and bellows “WE WON!”

He knows we are not going to do anything, take anything back or demand more access.  He knows we are a pitiful helpless giant.

What is prolly the most confusing is the politics.  After all, WTLF, a Liberal, acted like the Republicrats in the Brothel of Representatives when putting bill after bill to the Senate of the Brothel only to be rebuked then comeback with fewer demands.

So, bet your last dollar on this:  This “deal” with the Islamic Republic of Iran will pay negative dividends and may lead us into a very ugly, dangerous and deadly confrontation in that part of the world.

Faced with two horrific tragedies to America, what do you think Biff did? 

Did he step in and demand more concessions from the Iranians?  Did he scold Dingy Harry the ELF for his throwing almost two and a quarter centuries of history and tradition of conducting business in the upper house if the Brothel?

No, don’t be silly…. The muslim Valerie Jarrett is prolly calling the shots with the deal with her home boys. (Yes, the Senior Advisor to the president was BORN in Iran.)  Biff is most likely the force behind Dingy yet again shredding the threatening our freedoms and ways of life.

So, what did he do?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

However, when the going gets tough, the cowards get campaigning.

Just like after Benghazi, with the desecrated bodies still warm when Biff went to Las Vegas for some campaign cash, again, he legs out to the Left Coast for more campaigning, more cash and more set-up questions.

For all of you who voted for this pretendadent, I hope you are happy and proud.

More to come…


2 thoughts on ““9 OF…”

  1. roslynja says:

    Right, and now we have china pushing to see how far they can go with this weasely pretendedant in OUR W.H. because they know we owe & anyway the pusillanimous Biffidus will not lift a finger to defend our reputation or our people. He has proven that time after time & will sacrifice anyone in his agenda to destroy the Nation he pretends to protect, what a joke he is and the world is laughing at us. They see us as abysmally stupid to have elected this evil idiot not just once but a second time! They see us as complicit in our own demise.

    • jaksavin says:

      AARRGGHHHis correct and I find it odd that the ChiComs did not escort the B-52s thru the airspace… ifthe did I was not aware. It is sabre rattling and nose tweeking… we shall see…

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