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“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldielocks:

Just in case you though the last issue was an anomaly or that St. Oprah’s horrid and racist statements were accidental, allow me to posit the following.

(SALADBAR:  And in a state of schadenfreude, I have learned that on St. Oprah’s web page, the main topic of discussion is her racism, and none of it is in her defense.)

Let’s consider all the good that Biff has done for the Country, gee, that took no time at all.  When you consider all the evil, hurt, harm and damage he has done, well, you are talking about the collected works of the FISH over the past… well, since he showed up on the scene.

So, when his “signature” piece of pelosi, I mean legislation, turns out to work worse than a square bowling ball and less popular than a venereal disease, something had to be done!

His originally vaunted and promoted “OBAMACARE” as it was referred in all the media has been rebranded to the technical name, the “Affordable Care Act”, just like it is written on the sides of the cars that are out there “monitoring” it.  I call bravo sierra and insist he not be so modest and we call it “OBAMA’s OBAMACARE.”  Yeah, YOU  built that!

Now, when you are up to your butt in alligators, you forget that your primary objective was to drain the swamp. Same here, and those alligators are biting their collected backs.

Those alligators have names: “Fast and Furious”, “Benghazi” and so on and so forth.  In fact there are about two dozen of those critters out there. And each time a new critter comes up and snaps, for some reason the most recent alligator seems to go back underwater.

Biff was counting on OBAMA’S OBAMACARE to be the whitewash for all the scandalous graffiti and would be seen the hero.

Aw, geez, it just did not turn out that way.

OBAMA’S OBAMACARE is a disaster and it is so bad that his Liberal slaves in both houses of the Brothel are shying away from it and the media is not only covering up for him but saying that the dictator has no clothes.

(LOOOONG SIDEBAR:    Remember when one of the alleged purposes of OBAMA’S OBAMACARE was to get coverage for the uninsured?  Is it now funny that when the dust settles that there will be LESS people with health care?  I am not going to expose all the other lies about OBAMA’S OBAMACARE, I just do not have that much time and I have already hit the high points in previous FISHIES.  Remember when the Republicans shut down the gov’t recently?  Me neither.  But I do recall that the Liberals did.  Do you remember that Biff was pissing and moaning that 800,000 poor nonessential gov’t employees were being furloughed? [And if they are nonessential and we did without them for a few weeks, why are they back?]  We heard that lie over and over and over again.  Biff was trying to put lipstick on a human face of the Democrat caused shutdown.  But, oppps, it was not 800,000 people sent home, it was roughly half of that.  And they ALL got paid for staying home. It was like a staged car accident to defraud GEICO or State Farm.  Stalin famously said “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.”  In Biff’s Bizarro world 800,000, ooopps 400,000, nonessential federal employees who get a few weeks off from work and get paid for that time off is a tragedy, but – so far -5,000,000 fewer insured is a mere statistic.  And that is nowhere near the final toll of uninsured. Oh, in case you wonder why I mention all this, it is for two reasons: The shutdown was, like everything else, a distraction and the lies proffered just increase every time anyone from the West Wing speaks.  But I repeat myself.)

This puts St. Oprah’s hate filled racist interview in some context.  I firmly believe that she meant what she said, she has exposed her racism more frequently since she went off the air and the White Wimmens are no longer making her richer.

 But all these things are window dressings, cover-ups, distractions and the like.  Virtually every new lie, canard and scandal is built on caused by or used to obfuscate the last.

As I have said too many times, this Maladministration are like magicians.  They are making us watch their left hand while their other left hand is screwing us or stealing our liberties and freedoms.  Like the man behind to the curtain we are admonished not to watch too closely or question at all why which levers are being pulled by whom.

In a spin on what Rahmbo Emanuel said about not letting a good crisis going to waste, sometimes crises must be invented to have us take our collective eye off of the ball.

Part and parcel of this is that we become immune to the machinations of this group.  Like prisoners of war, we have been beaten so many times we have come to expect the next beating.  We have been lied to so often and have been made aware of so many scandals and lies that they almost have lost their meaning and effect.



But like a junkies fix when drug wears off, they head back to the dealer for another piece of crock.  (Not a typo.)

In the past week what good news has come down the pike?


Well, other than the fact that less people than ever before trust or believe Biff and do not see him as an effective leader.  And THAT came from CNN…. So, you can imagine how bad it REALLY is.

But in the past week you have St. Oprah spewing her hate and venom, you have the Upper House of the Brothel jettisoning the filibuster, WTLF Kerry seeing his soul and our safety to the Iranians but while Rome burns, Nero is out raising money for the Socialist Party election coffers.

Truly, pick a job, ANY job, I do not care which or what job.  If YOU did your job as poorly and as cavalierly as does this chump, you would have been fired years ago!

So, the series continues with an overlap thanks to St. Oprah.  We will address some of that discussed here in detail in following issues.


With all that said, please understand that we STILL live in the greatest Country in the world.  Of course, that is food for another FISH as it speaks to how screwed up the world is.   We used to be the huge, powerful Superpower competing with other superpowers to maintain peace and freedom. 

With no other true superpower (yes, China and Russia, but it is different now) to challenge us as the Ruskies did back in the day, the fact that the NWO types have seized far too much widespread control in far too many countries and with the Atheistic, secular humanist and/or amorality of one of the “main parties” we are no longer the giant among others, we are more like the one-eyed man in the land of the blind.

We have a lot.  More than any other country.  But, we had more, MUCH more as recently as five years ago.  My friends, this snowball rolling down the hill of freedom is gaining speed and power and soon, it will roll over us all.

So, for now, on behalf of myself and the imaginary Muse, I wish  you all a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.  Remember as you sit with at that table on Thursday all of the things for which we still have to be thankful. But use that time to recall the things and freedoms we no longer have. And pray. 

The best CHRISTmas gift you can give your friends, family, loved ones and fellow Americans is your promise to do all that you can do to support and elect the RIGHT people in 2014 and 2016. 

Of course, more to follow.

Lastly, as mentioned, CHRISTmas is coming soon.  While I am not telling anyone where to or where not to shop, as a public service I provide to you at no additional charge the “American Family association” “Naughty and Nice List.”  What you do with it is up to you!  http://action.afa.net/item.aspx?id=2147486887

Again, God Bless and a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. +++


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