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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldbullions:

Life imitates art which imitates Art Carney who imitates Sideshow Carney….  Nevermind, but it shows how the various and sundry factoids and data floating around my little brain find each other.

For no good reason and apropos of nothing else, the other day I posted on FB:  In a news conference today Spokesweasel Sideshow Carney saw his shadow and proclaimed 6 more weeks of lies about OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

“He said that he was sure they might possibly make some inroads on getting some of the bugs out of certain of some of the steps in random procedures in signing up.

“In a related story, making good on his promise to ‘sign up’ for (wink-wink, nudge nudge) his eponymous plan, a certain president admitted having difficulty signing in with any of his social security numbers….”

(On a very related and telling note, New Jersey made certain types of on-line gambling legal.  Of course, there is a need to sign-up and register.    Of course that process went as smooth as silk.  Of course, at one point, more people signed up to gamble on line in New Jersey than signed up for OBAMA’S OBAMACARE nationwide.  The scary thing is that We the People see betting on-line a better bet than OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.  Think about that for a moment.)

Well as it seems I was not far from the mark.  Then again it does not take a rocket scientist to figger out we are being grifted by this Maladministration.  In fact, it is so easy to see that a Nobel Peace Prize Weiner can figger it out.

To paraphrase my dad, “Liberals are so smart they are stupid.”  And Biff proved that again the other day.

There is an out and out attack on anyone who says anything bad about the abject and utter failure of OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

Now, as I have always said: read between the lines, the information is there if you look for it.  What is it?  It IS what IS NOT there.  (Ok, that is kinda hippie and Zen, but that is what it is….is…) Now add to that that the Libs are transparent and, poof, as if by magic, lo and behold the truth.

Biff was out on his “poor me” tour with the usual cast of characters out there mischaracterizing the truth. Dingy the ELF is blaming the Republicrats for everything but the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, for that he was blaming the Tea Party. 

With the rest of the cabal, the reprehensible and reptilian Sen. Schemer, the never-lovely Mr. Debbie Wassermanhyphenshultz and the rest of the leash-hounds (one can only imagine that there is vile evidence or incriminating photos of them to keep them in check) saying:  “Yeah! Yeah!  That’s right!  Whatever he says!” As their morals are flushed down the sewer.

“Ya know, some folks are blaming me for the mess up.  Just because it was my idea and I pushed it and got the useful tools in the Brothel to support it and got you low-information idiots to buy into my constant litany of lies, can you imagine that!  They are blaming me!  Just because the website works as we wanted it to, that being not at all, the Right are calling us fools and inept.  But when we have ALL of their data, well we will see who is ‘inept’ then.”

Then this festering pile of burning rubber tires goes on to not only LIE again but inadvertently to expose the truth.

(See if you can figger out the reference to burning tires…. HINT:  Two words:  Mandela and Necklacing…. Look it up.)

He mentioned in his jeremiad that apparently you have to read the Wall Street Journal editorial pages or watch FOX to learn about those who “do not like him.”

I am sorry, Miss, this is NOT a beauty contest.  I am fairly sure that EVERY President who made an unpopular decision was not loved by everyone.  Then again there was never a president (perhaps other than Wilson and FDR who were purposely screwing We the People and subverting the Constitution but, then again, compared to this guy, even they were pikers.)         

Now, read that second paragraph above again.



OK, what did you learn?

No.  No.  No.  Close!  No.  No.  On the right track.  No…

Yes, we have a winner!

Yes, what we learned is we are told the truth by that which is not told to us.  Yes, the ‘’between the lines” stuff I am always on about.

If, by his own words, that the WJL and FOX do not like him, criticize him and hurt his itty-bitty-wittle feelings, then we are free to believe that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PMS/LSD, Al Jezerra, BBC, The Weather Channel, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, The Times of London, NEWSDAY, Chicago  Sun Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Atlanta Constitution, Boston Herald, most Pennysavers and the rest of the cable outlets and newspaper think he hangs the sun, the moon and the stars.

THAT is what he said, by omission.

Truly this guy is on a scorched-earth mission at this point.  The plan sucks, the roll out is pathetic and the health industry is rejecting it.  In other words, despite that it is a scam , a lie and a canard, that will not stop Biff & Co from hitting the hustings and lying more and more about it.

And what are you going to do about it?


Yup.  Nothing.

Even if you WANTED to do something, what are you going to do?  Call a cop?  He IS the police force.  Sue him?  He OWNS the judges and now with his attack vole, Dingy The ELF pulling the strings for more appointments, he will be like Lays Potato Chips.  Liberal Judges?  Don’t worry, he will just make more.


Why do I keep harping on this, why do I keep banging the same drum?  Am I crazy?  I may be but I assure you, that has nothing to do with it.

In life, at least in most businesses and concerns I have had an involvement, there is the “10-80-10 Rule.”

10% of all people will NEVER buy something the first time out, have dessert with dinner, buy a used car, buy an extended warranty, buy clothes without trying them on first, order the special of the day and so on.

10% of the people will ALWAYS buy something the first time out, have dessert with dinner, buy a used car, buy an extended warranty, buy clothes without trying them on first, order the special of the day and so on.

The other 80% can be persuaded one way or another, all other things being equal.

Politics are a little different.  Some people are honest and will vote for the RIGHT person rather than their Party’s choice.  Most do not. They vote for the Dem or Rep irrespective of the candidate’s bona fides. 

Fortunately many people seeing the error of their way will not vote for a bad person a second time.  (I know, I know.   But that is a whole ‘nother FISH.)  That is why the balance of power can and does change despite party affiliation.

That brings us back to the question just posed.

Why do people buy something or vote for some one?  Prejudices and preferences aside, people will be swayed by advertising.  Or, at the very least, the advertising will lead them to investigate the product or candidate.

Advertising is little more than repetition of the mantra of “gets teeth whiter”, “more miles per gallon”, “when you are ready for that moment”, “loves babies and will lower taxes” and so on.

So, when I go off on one my little tangents, it is not just my attempt to offer some more, new or improved (nothing can be both NEW and IMPROVED) information but a often a mere repetition of the same core message. 

Yes, I am a shill for the Constitution and the American Way of Life.  And I am not just a shill, I am a customer!  

I love our Country.  I want to be proud of my President and his or her policies.  I want to be proud of our standing in the world and the respect we have earned by being HONEST and forthright.  In want to be, AGAIN, one Nation UNDER GOD and not one nation under suspicion and socialist rule.

So, when I go off on a tangent about our Country, remember it comes from a good and loving place and I only want the best for all of us. 

Well, all of us who love America, respect the Constitution and our legally enacted laws and thought that the Founding Fathers had some good ideas.

As W said, you are with me or you are against me.  And I will keep hammering home that message until we take back our Country.


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