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My Friends and Fellow Goldfinger Fans:


REQUEST: I ask again that you keep my friend Brigid Vogt in your prayers. There is some “improvement” in her condition but that is open to interpretation.  She is a good person as is her husband Ben and their two little kids.  Doctors do not know everything, to which my grandson Caleb will attest. And prayer changes things, to which my grandson Caleb will attest.  I do not ask much and even less for me. But I do ask your prayers for Brigit.  And I would appreciate you telling me you ARE praying for her so I can send those thoughts to Ben for comfort.  Please, make it so.


Ya ever see someone for the first time and you immediately form an opinion about them.  And for purposes of this issue, we are going to stick to politics and the politicians.

Some folks come saddled with the likelihood to suffer prejudging.  Most anyone introduced by Biff has already created my opinion of them. Especially if it is the New Marxist On the Block his is introducing as “his dear friend” and the new director/czar or whatever of whatever.

Of course, there are some, few, exceptions to that rule.  Typically, if you see someone that you suspect that does not want to be with him, such as a Medal of Honor winner, they are excused from your opprobrium.

But, any jackanape standing next to him, JoeBama, Dingy the ELF, Schemer, Nasty Pelosi, Mr. Debbie Wassermanhyphenshultz, Al $harpton, the Commie Bill DeBlasio or the like, you can take it to your local on-line New Jersey betting site that that person is a fellow traveler and not to be trusted.

Then there are those “experts” found roaming the television dial, especially on Sunday mornings.

The peeps from the right look fairly average.  They are gen’ly clean shaven, dressed in a suit, hair kempt, you know, very “Father Knows Best.”

(QUESTION: For 52 Bonus points, why do we say someone who is a mess “disheveled” but not someone squared away “sheveled?”  Or, if someone is a grump or unhappy he is “disgruntled” yet, you hardly ever hear of someone being happy to the point that they are “gruntled.”  Just sayin’.)          

On the other side of the coin and political spectrum and with a tenuous grasp of reality are often easily picked out.

The maniac wearing the “Anarchy” t-shirt who looked like he combed his hair with a 120—volt fork, he is prolly on the Left.

The woman with the snotty attitude and a hyphenated last name, prolly voted for Biff at least twice.

The smarmy, pretentious tweed jacketed know it all with a neatly cropped beard is most likely a fellow traveler.

The representative from a group that is has the word “Project”, “Endeavor”. “Challenge”, “People(s)”, “Collective”, “Rights” or some other similar terms that seems to be long on need and short on actually doing something must also be treated with suspicion.

(Ergo, Ms. Washington-Deecee from the “Peoples Collective Endeavor Rights Challenge Project” must be given a VERY wide berth.  And if you throw in “Women’s” or worse, “Wymyns” into the name, then you know, truly, it is a hate group.  And not necessarily against men.  It is absolutely a left-wing group and there are, of course, men in membership.  Of course, they are not manly men – and I am not talking about sexual orientation – I am talking about weak, milquetoast.  But, I digress…)

Then every once in a while, I real winner comes down the pike.

In this case, peddling his bike.

Remember when you were a kid and you “stole” a cookie before dinner.  You thought you had done a bad thing.  There you were, you had cookie on your breath and you knew you were going to get caught!

The next time you did it, you did not lose any sleep over your confectionary larceny but it still did not feel right. 

As time went on and you did not get caught you became more brazen and by then if you got caught you’d just ‘splain it away.

Used to be if you did not believe in God, most folks felt sorry for you.  Today, the tables have turned and we believers are then ones being persecuted.

Used to be that you helped your kids with their homework and today you may not be allowed.  (The ultra-left wing teachers cabal do not want you to know what they are teaching your kids.)

Used to be if you were gay, it was kinda under the radar, even in the media.  Charles Nelson Reilly and Paul Lynd were never overt about their homosexuality, neither denying nor confirming that for most of their lives.  And “we” thought they were funny and as long as they stayed in the closet, they could act as silly as they wished.  Today, you HAVE to embrace, accept and support deviant lifestyles.

All this is for background.  You see, there are minor players in politics, specifically in the District of Criminals, who figger the bloom is off the rose and time for them to come out of their personal political closets.  They have nothing to lose.

Today’s poster boy for immediate recognition for prejudice and coming out of his dark and dreary personal closet is the Ed Begley Jr of the Lower House of the Brothel.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer is from the most Left Congressional District in one of the more Liberal states, Oregon.  Need I say more?

Really, in a fair and just world, he would be employed as a circus chimp.  But in the People’s Republic of Oregon (and we have readers there AND they are among the most adamant!) a mouth-breather like Earl (I am bored to type his last name) get elected to Congress.

I get itchy and break out in hives when I read his CV. He is like my total opposite politically.   This sometimes-bearded, bow-tie wearing gavone also sports a figure of a bicycle where a real man, Vet or Patriot might PROUDLY wear a flag pin.

In other words, this clown would be called a “daisy” by the Doc Holliday character in “Tombstone.”  (A top 10 movie!)

In order to, Lord knows what reason he is pulling out of his butt, to advance his evil agenda this chap wants to double the tax on gasoline and/or imposing a tax for every mile a citizen drives.

Did I mention that he is a “Democrat?”  I didn’t? I did not need to do so?

Of course, this holder of an IQ similar to the average temperature of Klamath Falls would be the first to object to the “obscene” profits that Big Oil make.

Earn, actually.

For some reason, this a’hat can get his hemp-woven panties in a knot because the Big Oil Companies make billions of dollars!

Imagine that, billions of dollars!

Or to put that in perspective about a five-hundredth of the federal budget.

Yes, Big Oil is evil!  All that they do is invest in prospecting for oil, setting up test wells and when they do find a viable well, they have to get it to produce, get the oil to the refinery, refine it and deliver it.

And for doing all the work, all the heavy lifting and taking all the risks, including battling the same Congress that wants their money, they extract the usurious profit of close to 8%.

And in return for enacting onerous regulations, erecting barrier after barrier to being successful and making their lives miserable all that the Federal Gov’t wants in return is more than four-times of what the Companies EARN.

(For my liberal friends who say that Big Oil makes too much money, the gov’t makes multiples for doing nothing.  For my liberal friends who say that Pharma makes too much money and that OBAMA’S OBAMACARE is a good thing, well when you are dying because the serum that was going to cure your disease – not liberalism, the other disease – is not available because it was not invented because you caused the gov’t to shut down the research, will you STILL piss and moan?)

Back to the curiously named “Earl.”  (Why “curiously?”  My uncles from Brooklyn called “oil”, “earl”.  “Hey put some earl in the car!”  And if the Texaco Star guy was, in fact, named “Earl”, of course, he was known as “Oil.”  Ergo: “Hey Oil, put some earl in my car. I once asked my “Unk” – we all have one – why did he say it like that.  He replied that was the way they learned to speak.  I asked – not “axed” – him, why did they not just switch the words?  He said, and this is true “you mean say ‘Hey earl, put some Oil in my car?”  Yes!  He said that it did not make sense and “don’t be so smart, smarten up!” Whatever the heck THAT meant!)

You see, Oil, er Earl is a little light on the law.  Or, I am wrong.  And I confess I have not done that much research into this but I’d still wager I am right.

5th Amendment, double jeopardy.

It is a tax-tax.   And depending on the time of the day, OBAMA’S OBAMACARE is or is not a tax or a penalty.  Again, the Libs have screwed their own personal pooch for the moment.  You see if it is a tax, then the whole thing goes down the porcelain throne if it is a penalty, that is different.

If Earl calls this a tax, it can be tested as a penalty as a de facto tax is already collected by the myriad taxes on gasoline and license and other fees.       

If this genius succeeds in getting the road use tax for all people passed, he might be the tool to being down OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

(If ANY of that made perfect sense to you, YOU might be a liberal!)

Too bad a Republicrat did not think of this. The difference, of course, is that Earl wants to punish people (and prolly demand licenses for bike riders next) and the Republicrats do not know how to fight dirty.

Enough, I am going to get crankier.

Love you, mean it.



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