Saturday Short Stack #3. What Is In a Name Part 1

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19

My Friends and Fellow Revelers:


Hope you all had a good, safe and relaxing New Years.   All of us (me) here at “Fish Industries” wish you and yours nothing but the best for the current year.  I ask God to bless each and every one of you and yours. We will need every bit of help that we can get.

It being Saturday, it is time for another Short Stack.  Todays will be more in the way of FISHISTORY (a new word!) rather than commentary.  As you are joined by more and more people all the time, some of the slang and nicknames are not all that clear.  I will attempt to advise as to who is what and why.

(I hesitate to say “new people.”  For my literate sense of things, “new people“ are babies, and precious few of them can read. It is just the weird way I read and hear things….)

First off, why “The Daily Fish”, I am asked, after all it does not come out every day?

Well, let’s break it down to each word.

“Daily.”  For the most part, I write this during the day as my nights are consumed with other activities, meetings and the like.  A word that expresses “during the day” is “diurnal”, as opposed to “nocturnal.”   A synonym for “diurnal” is “daily.”  So, as this is not written at night but during the day, but not necessarily every day, the synonym “daily” is appropriate.

See how easy it is?

“FISH” is a tad trickier.  For many, MANY years, I have been using the term “Attila the Hun Irregulars.”  I will not claim authorship nor will I agree to cribbing.  I suggest we call the genesis of that word a case of spontaneous inflatus. 

So the initials of those folks would be “A. H. I. “, or, “Ahi” for short.  Now, the other name for the yellowfin tuna is “ahi”, and not to be confused with the dolphinfish “mahi-mahi.”

So, “ahi” is a FISH.  And those with a keen appreciation for things less than Left wing, might be more inclined to be an “AHI” then, say, a Marxist or socialist. 

Ergo, this costra nostra (Italian for “This thing of ours” and not a criminal cartel, we leave that for the elected) is written during the day for those whose politics are right of center or for those of the Left who want to know what we are thinking.  Hence: THE Daily Fish.


Of course, all nicknames are employed with the same amount of deference they deserve.  Using the literary vehicle of farce, hence emblematic of exaggeration and extravagance, some of the names just lend themselves to their sobriquets

Obama:  He has had a number of nicknames during the years.  It started as “Hank” as during the campaign his peeps said that we were not to use his Muslim middle name of Hussein because IT was “racist.”  Yes, they actually said that, his name is racist.  Exactly how dim must one be to vote for someone whose name is racist?  This was just the beginning of the fool’s tools trying to bamboozle us and, yes, lie to us.

So, what is more of an American name that begins with an “H” than Hank?  (Sorry, Henry’s, Harry’s, Hal’s, Hubert’s and others, Hank it is.)  Then the explicable happened:  the REAL “Hank’s” did not want to share their name with him. 

Can’t say I blame you.

So, time for a name change.

Remember “Back to the Future”?  Cute little flick.  The premise is there is a car invented which can travel in time.  The admonition is that nothing from the present day can go to the past.  Well, of course that idea fails and McFly has a sports magazine with the results from all kinds of sporting events.  Biff, who is a current day buffoon (in the movie, that is), gets his paws on that book back in time.  Of course he uses that information and makes a fortune of betting on sporting events.

On one of the trips back in time you can see what was a beautiful little Midwestern town has been turned into a den of inequity with every vice, sin and corruption imaginable ruining the place.  (Think of “It’s a Wonderful Life” when George Bailey gets his wish to that he was never born.)

So, somehow, the president must have gotten his hands on a book that allowed him to come back in time (he does not have much of a history, now does he?) and leverage that information all the way to the big chair.  And looking at the havoc he has visited upon us, he has done all the fictional Biff did and more.

At one time, when someone like this got anywhere near as close to power as Biff, it was suggested that “he had pictures of his enemies with a dead girl, a live boy or a goat.”    Apparently that level of opprobrium is SOP for the Left.  (I submit Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, etc….)

Biff is also referred to as “Biffus Magnus” when he does something imperiously imperial.  Also he is the “X”-i- C, where the “X’ could refer to anything such an M-i-C could be Marxist in Chief and so on.

His #2, Joe Biden, the dumbest man ever to serve in the Senate and then disproved the Peter Principal by exceeding his level of incompetency, is lovingly referred to as JoeBama in these pages.  He is so far up Biff’s butt, that one might think the skinny lawyer has four legs.  So, the symbiotic relationship they have created the entity as JoeBama.  (There is a rumor/joke that Biden was picked or the second seat as a life insurance policy.  While I hope that is not true, it is funny.)

Then there is that bitter ray of sunshine, Biff’s wife/beard, whatever she is.  This darling is called Mooch-747.  “Mooch”, not so much a nickname for “Michelle” but for her mooching from the public teat.  From her basically “no work” job in Chicago to her sumptuous living at the People House and on her many vacations, here is someone who lives high on the hog on our dime.

The 747 parts refers to the jet: wide body.

I assure you, more and more about this couple will be disclosed as time goes on providing he does not to all Caesar on us.

All for now, next week, God Willing, we will address the rest of the nicknames and neologisms.

It is stupid call cold here on the East Coast and if you are in any kind of chilly area I hope you are taking every precaution to stay warm.  Stay well, we NEED you!


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