“New York City, Just Like I Pictured It…Not!”

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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Brick Throwers:


Many of you got a kick out of my “Peter Principle” comment regarding JoeBama.  It was not just funny and accurate, it was also true, sadly.

Today we are going to do a quick look at the qualifications and abilities of others. 

Let’s make it a game, what say? 

OK, first up. Who is:

– Community agitator.

Any guesses?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, not all at once and, yes, you are all correct!

It is Biffus Magnus!  Having no competence of which we have been made aware, Biffus has risen to the pinnacle of maximum incompetence.                      

Now, we can do down the entire litany of the anti-saints and I do not think anyone would disagree.  So, let’s throw a ringer in there.


–          Changed his name (many years later) because his parents divorced when he was a child.

–          Actually WENT to and was graduated from NYU with a degree in “Metropolitan Studies with a concentration in the Politics of Minority Groups.”

–          Member of the Urban Fellows Program in NYC

–          Political Organizer for the Quixote Center in Maryland.

–          Worked WITH the Quixote Center in Nicaragua supporting the Sandinistas.  (Illegal!)

–          Member of the Nicaragua Solidarity Network.

–          Is, er, married to a radical Marxist feminist lesbian.  (They honeymooned in Cuba, how quaint! ALSO ILLEGAL!)

–          Is the parent of a teenaged son and daughter, the latter admitted AFTER the election that she suffers from depression (wouldn’t you?) and had substance abuse issues.

And those are just the low-lights!

As he can PROVE he actually went to school he is far more competent than Biffo, hence a subservient position.

Any guesses?

Yes, we have a winner!

Billy Boy Di Blasio!

Di Blasio was sworn in as New York’s newest mayor.

His platform was to tax the “rich” to subsidize his school programs, make homosexuality one step away from being mandatory (his, er, “wife” may have something to do with this) and basically EVERY knee jerk, anti-American and anti-God kind of idea you might ever consider is on his agenda.!

Look, as we all know, I was NEVER a fan of Midget Marxist Mayor Mike Boob-berg, but even I do not think he got a fair shake from this poppa oscar sierra.

At Billy Boy’s inauguration after B.J. Clinton swore him in, (why?  I guess because the Clinton’s and the Di Blasé-O’s are longtime friends and perhaps have a lot in “common”) Midget Mike sits on the dais with the Clinton’s and a cornucopia of commies from all sorts and dregs of New York.

(SIDEBAR:  Ever play that “slap” game?  You know the one, where you put your palms face up and someone puts theirs on top of yours and you have to flip your hands and hit the others hands? You make small motions, as it to draw them offsides for if you pull your hands away, you get whacked.  So, there is a certain amount of trepidation there.  When most people put their hand on the Bible, even if they know they are lying, like Biff, they pretend to be big boys and slap their mitts right on the Good Book.  Not Billy Boy!  He put his finger tips on FDR’s Bible and he was shaking as if he was going to get slapped.  Struck by lightning would have been more appropriate.  And, BTW, when the festivities were over, this bunch of amoral a’hats LEFT the Bible on a chair and, as reported, it was not the easiest thing to return.)

But after a few rounds of talks, including one by some “Reverend” who referred to the “New York Plantation” under Boob-berg and a few dozen (no lie) equally asinine remarks by racist a’hats Billy Boy got up, said a (very) few kind-ish remarks.  All the while, Boob-Berg is sitting there they were showing pictures of him in flagrante delicto with a ruminant.

And, I so hate to bring this up, every person who made an unkind and/or racist remark against Boob-Berg were not only black but the first ones to toss the race card any time any of them get their racist noses in a tizzy.   (In case you do not know, Billy Boy is White and his lesbian radical Marxist wife is black.  Their kids favor the mom.)

(And if any of those racists read this [HAHAHAHAHAHA] they would call ME a racist for exposing their racism.)

If you think this is a hit piece on Billy Boy, you would be accurate except EVERYTHING I said is not only true but verifiable.  (Hence no future in politics for Precious.)

What is the first thing he does?

He, HE ALONE, decides that the horse and carriages which have graced the streets in and around Central Park for ages MUST GO!

HE says the treatment of the horses is inhumane.  Without beating a live horse, they are horses, not humans.  Of course it is inhumane.  But is it cruel?  So far no proof that it is.

But typical of the Left, Billy Boy has not gone to the next step.  What will happen to the horses?  Gee, will they go to the happy farm upstate?  Not a chance!  If you canNOT pull your own weight (or a carriage) it is the glue factory for them.

So, tell me, who is inhumane? (Or inequine.)

(Yes, Billy Boy thinks the rubes will equally dig driving around in a replica of old time electric cars.  Yeah, sign me up…..)

In the interim between his campaign and election to office and his installation, his daughter, she of the continual head side shake when she speaks (the one with flowers in her hair, like she is going to San Francisco) admitted she was depressed and had substance abuse issues.

I raise that twice because he was quick to pimp his family but not so much do express the dysfunction of same.


Almost immediately after his inauguration there was a big snow storm in NY, as well as other places.

Billy Boy almost hit for the hypocrite cycle!

First, he was shoveling snow.  Wow! What a man. Except he was shoveling snow into the street, which is illegal in New York.  So, like his betters, first full day on the job, he is breaking the law.

Second, he was expecting his son, Dante, to come out to help with the shoveling of snow photo op.  Later on in an interview, he gave Dante an “A” for effort but “F” for punctuality.  Not for nothing, I do not blame the tardy kid but his retardy father for being a weak parent. 

Third, he was quick to take as much credit has he could for the prompt clean-up of the roads. That is when he FINALLY arrived at the next photo op.  (Apple does not stay in bed far from the tree.)  Of course, he had absolutely nothing to do with the clean-up.  After all, he had not gotten around to firing the Sanitation Commissioner or any other capable people.


Why do I pillory Billy Boy so?

Because he deserves it, he is anti-American (you CANNOT be Pro-America and a commie and I do not care what any of the Clinton’s say) and proof that people are stupid and will vote for anyone who seems willing to screw the pooch.  (We will talk about his giant ideas on minimum wage and illegal immigration in future issue.  SPOILER ALERT: he wants to raise the min wage and let the illegals in.)

And what it worse, he is just the first of a new crop of “politicians” who will run for office under insane pretenses and the Sheeple will vote for them.



2 thoughts on ““New York City, Just Like I Pictured It…Not!”

  1. Mike Pruitt says:

    Both are examples of the Peter Principle, they have risen to their highest level of incompetence. I dont know deBlasio at all, but from what I have seen he is a piece of work, sure to bring out the agnst even in a RINO.

  2. jaksavin says:

    got that right!

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