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My Friends and Fellow Snowboarders:

I kinda saved part of last issue for this one.

I mentioned that San Fran Nan said that waiting for hours in an ER is a great way to meet new people.  Then it was mentioned that it is expected that many people will cut back their work hours so that they will make less money so that they will qualify for subsidies to pay for the health care.

(And for some reason the SRM or anyone else is not pointing out the insanity of that situation.)

But Nasty goes one step further. She who would do anything, stoop to the lowest denominator, say any lie or commit any crime to back up her boss, sees the cutting of hours as a good thing.

She actually said that cutting back your hours was a good thing, that you could be home for dinner, you can tuck your kids in, you’ll have more time for hobbies!  Gee, isn’t she swell!

Of course, she is leaving out the fact that while you will have more time to have dinner with the fam, tuck them in at night and work on your hobbies you will also have less money.

So, you might be having dinner with the fam… in the car before you tuck them into bed in the back seat.  That will give you time to work on your hobby of making sculptures out of gum’mint cheese.

“I’d like to get my cell phone tuned back on, please.”

“We will need you to be current on your bill, pay the disconnect/reconnect charge and a deposit. That will be $1285.69.  How would you like to pay for that?”

“I have a lovely sculpture of Mt. Rushmore done in a yellow dairy medium!”

But, while thousands upon thousands are cutting back hours in order to remain health-insured, the damage to the economy will be even greater in scope.

After all, if you are living hand to mouth, living with others, living in your car, you are not buying TVs, you are not going out to dinner, you are not headed to the cinema for the latest crap Hollyliberalwood is flogging.


Now, we can look at all the pelosi that is being foisted on us from all directions and throw up our hands and say “there is nothing we can do”, or worse, “it is not all that bad.”

Trust me, there are things we can do and it is worse than you think.

I am fond of Occam’s Razor so perhaps we shall employ it as a tool to get a deeper yet clearer look at what is going on in the Country.

As I have mentioned on a few occasions, the communist, Billy Boy De Blah-Zero was “elected” mayor of New Detroit City, formerly New York City.  I am not going to recite this guy’s commie’s (or his wife’s) bona fides again. If you do not want to take my word for it, feel free to look it up.  But suffice it to say, he is looking to do a lot of things to New Detroit that are like a microcosm of what Biff is doing to all of us.

To out this in perspective, he is so far to the Left that the Leftwing Jackwagon, Faccia Brutta, Jr says he is too far to the left. (It is so hard to pick here.   Like Biff and Stedman drowning, who do you root for?)

Anywho De BlahZero gave his state of the city address the other day.  Let’s look very briefly on some of his giant ideas and why they are all wrong.  ALL.


He wants to raise the local minimum wage.  He claims it “will send a powerful signal…that we honor work and that we are committed to making work pay.”


Again the percentage of adult “bread winners” earning minimum wage is under 5%.  The impact on the minority of people getting a substantial increase in wages will be more than offset by the loss of business resulting in less tax money coming in and more jobs lost due to labor costs.


Because he is owned by unions and many unions base wage is tied to the minimum.  Ergo, raise the minimum and union workers get the same rise in wages.


“We pledge to preserve or construct nearly 200,000 units of affordable housing – enough to house between 400,000 and 500,000 NY’ers – to help working people by literally putting a roof over their heads.”


Two key phrases. First is an Alinsky trick made popular by Biff. “Preserve or construct”   and “Literally putting a roof over their heads.”


The first phrase says nothing.  It does not say it is creating even one apartment when qualified by “preserving” them.  Like Biff “created or saved 8,000,000 jobs.   And besides, there is no space left to build that many apartments in the City. The next infers that those near half of a million people are walking the streets at night, that they are living in the subways or park benches.  So, where are they Billy?  Ohhhh…. They are in the currently to be preserved apartments?


Wants to roll out a universal Pre-K and after-school program by taxing the “rich.” (Income over $500k per year.)


Because like any Commie knows from Marx that it is critical for Communism to expand by having a “village raise that child” by getting the kid away from the influence of his parents as young as possible.


First off, NYC canNOT unilaterally assess a tax on a particular group, income bracket in this case, without approval of the State Legislature.  Second, Faccia Brutta Jr has his own plan and funding for these efforts.  Billy just wants the control over the agenda.


Wants to issue ID cards to all residents irrespective of immigrant status.


Wants to appeal to all the Los Illegals to make them feel at home, like they have rights and most of all to insure they vote D. Just pimping the illegals.


Virtually impossible to enforce.  As Her Thighness might say “What difference does it make?”  You see, you are dealing with lawbreakers, does he think they are going to listen to his law because he is in solidarity with them?  And what happens to a guy or gal who works in the City but lives in the ‘burbs?  Can he make them get ID’s so they can work?


But all of that aside, if you want to know the most troubling, most dangerous thing this idiot has said, it has to do with his “feud“ with Faccia Brutta, Jr.

He claims that he is 100% within his “rights” to demand certain autonomy for New York City with respect to the State.  His assertion is that “States and the Federal gov’t have issues all the time!”

Yes, genius, THEY do, YOU don’t.

Why?  Well that piece of paper with which you are unfamiliar called the Constitution, specifically the 9th and 10th Amendments.

Of course that Biff, Stedman and the rest routinely ignore the Law of the Land except when it is politically expedient to misinterpret it.  (SEE VERY BELOW FOR AN EXPANSION OF THAT IDEA.)


So the lesson here is that the Left do not give a big rat’s patoot abut the law.  And each succeeding “generation” of Lefty goes a step further.

BJ Clinton, at the time, would have been considered a progressive, Al Gore was just bat-pelosi crazy, with WTLF being one unfamiliar with the truth and a socialist.  Then comes Biff who is a stone cold Marxist.

And that brings us to Billy Boy De BlahZero and his particular flavor of Communism. I guess next step is to reanimate Lenin, but candidly, he would be disgusted with today’s commies.

De BlahZero and his ilk have no respect for the law as far as I can see and are as big of hypocrites as they are dangers of freedom.

Again, Billy Boy wants to get rid of the Central Park Horse Carriages, ignoring the fact he has no plans for the welfare of the poor animals but he has a big campaign donor who is interested in the land the stable is on…

More to come kids…


EXPIATION:  Not to beat a dead horse or angravate any one but for some reason Liberals can find all sorts of things in the 14th Amendment that are not there, such as abortion, but canNOT  see that we have the right to bear arms which is specifically promoted in the 2nd Amendment.  They are also a little confused when it comes to equal protection under the law when they extend extraordinary rights to groups such as homosexuals and illegals.  And on that track, be careful about the 1st Amendment while you are at it.  THEY can say things because they have the Freedom of Speech YOU don’t, because using the exact same words is “hate speech” coming from the Right.



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