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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Downhill Racers:

As I have said many times over the years, I love sports.  All kinds of sports.   You name it, I like or love it, except the NBA.  (Although, one of my faves is college basketball.)

The, now bi-annual, Olympics are like a cake store to a fat kid,  and I am the kind of guy who would pull up a chair to a sports smorgasbord.

Other than skiing, I have not participated in any winter sports but that does not mean I cannot enjoy them.  And from what I have heard from some of you, we are all watching this together.

Now, I am going to try to tie this together by the end, but first, some lies from your fave gum’mint…

Let’s look back wistfully when inane perorations came off little more than criminality in politics.  Recall when San Fran lied that “You have to vote for it to see what is in it”, referring to the now Anticonstitutional OBAMAS OBAMACARE?  Those were kinder, gentler times.

But I posit that Nasty herself is due for a checkup for her mental faculties as she is going further and further off of the deep end.   (Now, I say that will all sincerity but little sympathy.  I honestly believe that she is mentally deficient.  To be fair and candid she would not be the first MOC or Supreme so suffer so.  To be fairer and more candid, if you look at her CD, she may be considered MENSA material in contradistinction to her electors.)

The bloom started to come off the rose as it had to be admitted that OBAMA’S OBAMACARE seemed to be losing wheel after wheel, and people were losing their health care, and that the new plans in many cases assigned people to different doctors (and often without notice), and that emergency facilities were becoming over-crowded with interminable waits, and so on.

What does the Maladministration do? Do they admit their mistake? Do they demand that the entire clusterfluke be scrapped and start from square one?  Do they issue a stay of execution on the populace?

No!  They trot out the CHRISTmas Tree light bulb of brightness and have this oxygen thief Pelosi lie to us again. Getting more and more like Katherine Hepburn every day (one of the reasons I really am trying to be kind to her) she had the gonadature to say “Long waits at the emergency rooms are good things! You will have the opportunity to meet new people!”

Let that sink in for a minute.

Ok, let’s put that in perspective.  You are having a heart attack.  You rush to an ER but are forced to take a pew in the waiting area. Gang banger after gang banger are having their GSWs tended to, but you clutch your chest.

But, don’t be a wet blanket!  Take the time to wheeze to the person next to you how thankful you are that our Feckless Leader has not closed the Catholic Hospitals… yet. It is an “opportunity to make new friends!”  Yes, she actually said that.

You get the picture.

Now, just in case you thought that most of your fellow Americans were not idiots, here comes the next crock of pelosi.

And in typical Orwellian double-speak, on the one hand Biff is crowing about all the jobs he has created (when in reality we are down millions) and on the other he is saying that peeps need to re-think their “full time status.”

Even Biff has a hard time with this lie that he has to trot out that mouth-breather Nasty Pelosi.

Pimping on the fact that a lot of people are going to cut back on their hours so they qualify for assistance for health care.

(Please do not make me explain again that this Marxist is driving us into Communism.  We are now getting all excited to get something less than we had before for more money and far more restrictions.  How long before the idiots come to realize that?)

Having over 50% of the population getting some kind of assistance is not enough.  Having more people in poverty then in any time in generations is not their only goal.

Despite the pleas and threats to raise the minimum wage (of course he means none of it), Biff is paving the way for fungibility of employees.

If you are willing to work fewer hours in order to get previously unneeded health care subsidies, then you have proved to your employer exactly how “valuable” you are to him or her.  And  IMHBAO, anyone who does that has not been listening to voices of reason, the alarms and more and are playing right into Biff’s hands.

This topic demands far more discussion and indeed it will receive it.  But I know someone is going to question my use of the word “unconstitutional.”

No, I am not a lawyer, Constitutional or otherwise.  But I can read.

Let’s assume for a moment that OBAMA’S OBAMACARE was passed legally, a point that many legal scholars and peeps far, far brighter than I have posited otherwise.  Ok, it is a “law.” The only place a law can be made or modified is in the House.

I have lost count how many times Biff has unilaterally changed or modified OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

He has moved dates, excluded certain groups and unions, targeted other groups and religions and as recently as the past few days changed the percentages of people corporations of a certain size must have enrolled and a new (?) tax on health club memberships. (Which in my eye seems counterintuitive.)

Where is all this leading? 

Well, for openers there will be much more on Biff’s antics.  But do let’s turn our attention to what is not getting attention, that being the politics of the Olympics.

The Olympics have always been some kind of political thing almost from the outset.  Hitler raised that to an art form back in ‘36 and thank God for Jesse Owens for winning four gold medals at that event, showing up the host.

This year is no different.

First off Biff and Vlad are two people who do not like each other.  (Much like Biff and any Right-leaning, or gun-owning, or religious, or Constitutional American.) And Biff has no problem at all tweaking Vlad from afar.

The Russians have all but outlawed homosexuality, one of the sacraments of Liberalism.  So, what does Biff do for the US Delegation?  Does he go himself?  Er, Might be tricky.  Does he send Mooch?  Er, no, and my guess is that she said “nyet” to being there.  Does he send JoeBama?  Er, that loose cannon would never get past the ring of steel.

So he sends Billy Jean King and Brian Boitano, both openly gay, to represent.  When King’s mother took ill and died precluding her appearance, Biff sent in her stead the lovely and talented and now outed Janet From Another Planet Napolitano.  (Connect the dots, will ya?)

Now, before the opening ceremonies, Biff sat down with a Bob Costa who seemed to be trying to redeem himself for some of his recent less than clever comments.

I am not sure what time this was taped or if it was live. But Biff looked, er, er, er, tired.  Some have suggested that he may have imbibed in something, but there is no proof but his droopy eyes and curious thought process.

These two yucked it up for a bit, mentioning the King/Napolitano trade, did not talk about  the civil war next door in the Ukraine (where we are sticking our nose to tick off Vlad.)

Then the topic turned to US-Russian relations and Costa made the comment about the reset button  and that it appeared that Vlad was doing all the heavy lifting. 

That perked up Biff who slobbered through a litany of things for which he is willing to take credit. For some reason his body language did not comport with his words.

Then Costa intimated that things were “icy” between Biff and Vlad.  Well, that woke Biff up.  He took that as a challenge and said that while there is perception that Vlad is a “tough guy”, that is all for show back home. Then he added that they have difficult and strong discussions  but sometimes there are jokes and good humor and that there is mutual “respect.”

The last two points were contradicted by body language and particularly with Biff’s eye contact.  Then again, perhaps he was just tired.

The rest is just window dressing and no need to address it any further.  The point is that there is a systematic scheme to deceive the American people that has been going on for some six years now.  Add to that the imperiousness of Biff’s contempt for the law and you have a recipe for disaster, one that will require and receive further comment.



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