“Where Do They Find These People?”


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 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Vortex Victims:


(PREBAR: There will be a follow up to the last FISH with the additional educational information as provided from the Far East.  Many of you are chiming in and I want to allow sufficient time to reply and digest.)

Quite frankly, over the past few years many of these pages are been devoted to exposing the lies and excesses of gov’t and in particular this Maladministration.

Biff has proven himself expert in three key areas: Community Activism on a national scale, vacationer-in-chief and being totally tone deaf.

But, to quote Her Thighness, who would have been slapped in irons for being in contempt of Congress in a fair and just time, “What difference does it make!”

Hark back to the previous issue, these “politicians and appointees” have no allegiance to our Nation or any.  They do not take any oath seriously.  They do not care about anything not on their personal agenda.  They are misanthropic, kakistocratic, feckless New World Order types.

People voted in Biff the first time. He TOTALLY screwed the pooch.  In any country with a shred of decency and an honest Fourth Estate not only would he not have been re-elected, but possibly run out of office before he did the damage he did going forward.

Many of you learned of his initial excesses and misdeeds from things like the FISH and not the SRM.  Many of you refused to believe it. I can’t say I blame you.  But you could have checked the allegations and facts and rather than calling me crazy for calling him a Marxist, you could have found out for yourself.

But, that is a vent for a future FISH.

You have the worst people in the most sensitive of positions.  You have a cabal of Czars who have not only zero approval by Congress but zero oversight of the henhouse except by the wolf himself.

You see, all these departments, directorates, agencies and more ALL come under the Executive Branch.

Yes, The EPA and DEC, the HHS and ICE and all the others work for Biff.  The wacko environmentalists of the EPA and others issue memorandums that have the effect of a law passed by Congress.  Except these “laws” are not passed by anyone who has ever been elected to their position.

Forget about the bought and paid for Ambassadorships to the plum countries which are given to campaign donors and big names.  Nothing new there, all Presidents have done this.  But as a rule they are not going to screw things up.

On the other end of the spectrum are the Ambassadors and Diplomats to the roughly half of the world’s countries of which most people have never heard.  Here you have the career foreign service guys who go from one God Forsaken hell hole to another.

Then there are a few dozen countries where we do not have all that much in common or trade, they are basically just acquaintances rather than friends.  And it is a country like beautiful Norway that Biff wanted to send one chap from Long Island, George Tsunis, who is a big money supporter to be the US Ambassador.

All went well till the Q&A in the Senate hearings.  Tsunis was trying to make points with the Norwegian President by saying nice things about him, but he was quickly advised that, gee, ooops, Norway does NOT have a president. Then he had the positions of the main political parties backwards and was 100% wrong on the gov’ts positions on sensitive topics.

On the bright side, he has never even been to Norway.

He was stopped from further embarrassment on a few occasions by Sen. Johnson and this idjit had the nerve to say, twice, “Thanks for the save, Senator.”

I believe the nominees for Ambassadorships for Iceland and Argentina were equally qualified. When I say “qualified” I mean that in the sense that they should not be allowed to roam the streets without a minder.

Oh, note that one of the seats on that august panel was filled by Sen John McRINO of Arizona who categorized the nominees as “ignorant.”

Again, Biff is not the first president to appoint people to the cool places for some kind of quid-pro-quo. Most of them, however,  had some idea about  the country for which they were under consideration to represent our Country.

And it is actions like this, these political paybacks, by Biff to people so patently unqualified that is eventually going to get someone’s nose out of joint.

(The Verdens Gang, Dagbladet, Aftenposten and other Norse papers have excoriated our decision and feel incredibly slighted.  If you see Vikings coming to our ports, then you know they mean business.)

Now, step it up a notch.  Let’s look at some high profile peeps who are underqualified to be a hall monitor but are representing us on the world stage.

Ok, there is no love lost between Biff and Mooch-747 and the Clintons.   Hillaroo’s appointment to Sec State was a calculated move. It gave her a high profile gig – after all , she was not going to accept Secretary of the Interior – and it kept her, by and large, out of the Country and DC in particular.

It would have been far more difficult for her Thighness to build on her power base for a potential run against Biff in 2012 had she remained in the Senate or even in the Country.  Now that 2012 has come and gone, so has she.

Her utter mishandling of Benghazi resulting in four American deaths and the parallel to her campaign ad of some years earlier hastened her departure.  (Recall the ad: “Who do you want answering the phone at 3.00 AM?”  Not her!)  She is now a political liability but now that she is out of the Maladministration, the Ministry of Truth can re-write history and there is no connection between her and Biff.

Enter someone who must share at least some of JoeBama’s faulty DNA:  John “Why the Long Face” Kerry.

Here is a guy who came from a family what had some wealth and connections.  Yup, setting the stage for the future, WTLF’s dad married into the Forbes/Dudley-Winthrop Family. Later, Little Johnny would marry two wimmens with tons of dough.

But Kerry did well not on his own actions and abilities, per se, but on meeting people, cultivating relationships with them and then seeing what they could do for him.  (If you do not have a dictionary handy, that is also the definition of a leech.)

He was a member of the “Skull and Bones” secret society while at Yale. That opened doors for him later on in life.  He is a suspect war “hero” possessing a rather contradictory recollection of events. But it allowed him to be for the war before he was against it.

A chant he would repeat on other occasions and I would suggest much to his delight.

You see if you tell a bald-faced lie without breaking out in fits of laughter and your constituency says to themselves: “Er, I guess that can be true”, then you will succeed in a Democrat environment for years to come.

(And if YOU believe that line of pelosi, I have a book I’d like to sell you.  “How To Double Your IQ” with my famous “no money back” guarantee!)

He treaded water thru his Senate “career.” He is , after all, an uber-Liberal from the bluest of blue states and if you think getting elected as a Lib in the Bay State is tricky, just take a look at the deviants, miscreants and political soul-sellers, who get elected there.

So his CV is rich in many respects save for any kind of meaningful accomplishments.  What does someone do with someone like this?

Promote him!

He is a tool.  He has no self-respect but an oddly inflated sense of self-importance. He is a member of the Club. So, he will do anything to prostitute his and his better’s world view.

This buffoon is traipsing all over the world spreading the Liberal gospel of the so-called “global warming.”  (Yes, yes, yes, we will revisit this and the other incorrect Liberal falling sky predictions..)

After screwing up Syria (and who is vetting this idjit, Tsunis?), working on promoting a civil war in the Ukraine (and Biff is not just chiming in but taking sides on this one), WTLF is out there telling assemblies and groups all over the world the twin lies that “global warming is the number on threat to the world above terrorism” and that “Americans see this as a grave threat.”

Just to lend a scintilla of clarity to his remarks, the number one threat to the safety of the world is a photo-finish between Biff and terrorism.  The so-called “global-warming” is not even in the top ten concerns of the average American.

To put his asinine accusation in some perspective, four of the top ten important issues comprise three quarters of the voting.  They are: The Economy, Unemployment and Jobs, Healthcare and (get this) Poor leadership, corruption and abuse of power in gum’mint.

The “global warming” is just below the push for Ford to bring back the Edsel and just ahead of concern over the welfare of the snail darter.


Yes, this will continue as we are starting to see that the issues and players are intertwined.  This suggests collusion and a concerted effort to wreck the Nation.

One last thing.   Ever since al-Gore’s proclamation of the danger of “global warming” was just so much hot hair disproved by the vast majority of real scientists and climatologists, they have been calling it “climate change.”

Just like Biff is trying to distance himself from OBAMA’S OBAMACARE by calling it everything but his eponymous bill, I have no choice but to call it what it is.  So, the alleged and misnamed “Affordable Healthcare Act” is now and will be in perpetuity “OBAMA’S OBAMACARE” so too will “climate change” for forever known as “global warming.”

I am not letting them get off the hook, I not going to let them re-invent terms.

After all, we have always been at war with Eastasia.  It is double-plus-ungood.



One thought on ““Where Do They Find These People?”

  1. Roslyn Atwood says:

    I will never believe it cant get worse as long as the evil lightfoot is in our WH. Daily we spiral into the vortex!Of course they want to destroy us/our country, what they do not comprehend it seems is that they will go down too, when they destroy us there will be nothing left, no one to support their lifestyle. Hoist by their own petard! Hubris to the max. Blessings Roslyn http://www.ros-the-quilter.blogspot.com In Loving Memory http://www.mattatwood.com

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