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 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Vets of All Stripes:

(NOTE: Today’s edition is being preempted by this one.  Not that I think this masterpiece is better than the one I cobbled together last week for today’s delivery.  It is that I neglected to forward that issue to this computer.  So, the one that you will see on Tuesday, most likely, will have been today’s issue.  Trust me, you will feel five days younger when you read it!  But in all seriousness, this may be one of the most daunting issues I have delivered.)


We know how I feel about co-inky-dinks.  As George Burns may have said: “Ain’t no sucha thing, Gracie.”

We hear all kinds of things in the ether.  Some of us do not follow the news. And truly, as time goes on, I can’t say I blame you, but do so at you own peril.

Then there are those who just listen to the point of view which agrees with theirs.  If you are a Lib, heck throw dart, virtually all of the SRM is with you. If you are a Conservative, your pickings are slim.

But, to really be “fair and balanced” you MUST absorb as much from each side as you can.  You MUST read between the lines as I always admonish you to do. You MUST keep an open mind to all that comes down the pike, as even a blind squirrel can find his own nuts.

I get more good information from MorOn.Org than many of the sites on the Right.  Why? They are laser focused on one thing, whatever that is, but to their own detriment.  You see, to make their case they are going to give up more than they ought.  But, ssshhhh, don’t tell them!

So, you read the right wings sites, blogs, ad items.  You see that the DHS or some agency just bought 2,500 Hummers and billions of rounds of ammo.  Or that the IRS just got 8,700 rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition.

And so on and so forth.

But you need to be aware whence said info comes.

For instance, there was a thing a while back about ammo.  Now, there is no mystery that there is an ammo shortage.  Some of it is real and some “man made.”  Think of the runs on the banks in the first great depression and what we most likely experience again.

You see that the gum’mint used to sell the spent brass to ammo manufacturers for reloading. Then it came down that this Maladministration decided that they had enough money so they said that going forward, the ammo makers will not have dibs on the spent shells but they would be shredded and the dross sold to … China.

Of course, real or imagined, the idea of there being a lack of shells automatically creates a market greater than reality suggests. (But with this bunch, entirely understood.)

Now, how do I know that the ChiComs are getting our spent brass and that the shortage of ammo is both real and contrived?

Well, let’s go back in the archives.

Do you remember the movie “Men in Black”?  Do you recall the part where the Tommy Lee Jones character says to the Will Smith character “We need to get the cheat sheets to see what the aliens are up to”, and he picks up the tabloids:  News of the World, The Enquirer and so on.  Smith tells him that they are pelosi and Jones says, sure, whatever, let’s see.

So it is with Snopes.Com.  You see, the nice folks who own SNOPES are true blue Biff-Bots.  They are not above, er, “grading on a curve” to make this bunch look good.

So, if you Bing (I do not Google. I “Bing” or “Duckduckgo”) “spent brass” SNOPES will be one of your choices.  Usually they will say “True” or “False.” And when someone who is a tool of this cabal such as SNOPES has to equivocate with “Mixture of True and Outdated Information”, then you KNOW it is true.

But that is only part of it.

Recall what I said about the Fabians.  They are (note: “are”, present tense) hell bent for leather to take over the world.  And, recall, their mascot is the turtle, hark back to Aesop.  They are very content to let things happen and unfold at glacier speed.

Now, you may have heard last week that noted Trade School Grad and current SecDef “Chuck” Hagel has decided to “trim” the military.  (And what is it with Libs and calling themselves “Chuck.” “Chuck” is a good name, a man’s name.  Look at Chuck Norris, Chuck Connors, Chuck Berry, heck even Chuck E. Cheese. They are men!  When a Lib calls himself “Chuck” it is kinda like penis envy.  Sorry, Schemer.)

Yeah, right on Chuck! Let’s cut back the military to pre WWII levels.  Or, as Don Adams in “Get Smart” might have said:

“Would you believe we have 23 divisions of trained killers ready to attack?  Well, would you believe 10 wings of fighter aircraft laden with bombs?  Then would you believe 3 asthmatic Boy Scouts with an incontinent chihuahua.”

And despite the rhetoric of the Left on how much money we will save and we are finally winding down the war that Biffus Magnus won five years ago and how we no longer will be the world’s policeman (more on that to come) and all that other pelosi, be assured none of that has one scintilla of truth as the reason why the military is being eviscerated.

I mean, hush, this gum’mint has proved time and time and time again that if they need money, they just fire up the Fed printing presses.  And even if they were not rolling in the aisles laughing about the dangers of raising the debt ceiling, even pretty much low double- digit IQ folks could figure out that they could save even MORE money that would be saved by the Pentagon having a “Going Out of Business” Sale by stop giving money to people who do not deserve it.

“But, hey look, a gay football player!”

“But what about the Army?”

“Yeah, but whoooo a gay basketball player!”

“But what about the PXs and Class VIs?”

“Did you see Moochelle on Fallon?”

“But what about the air wings?”

“Did you see Biden on Meyers?”

“But what about the cut to military pensions?”

“Did you see Biden on the View?”

“But what about not refueling the aircraft carrier Lincoln?”

“Did you see Biden on the 25-cent horsey ride?”

Point is that there is a whole bunch of unnecessary pelosi all over the news that has but one purpose: to make you take your eye off the ball.

Recall one of Biff’s promises, one of those that sounded so alien but now could be Book of Revelation prophetic.

2 July 2K12:  Biff threatened a “Civilian National Security Force”. He said: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

(Before we go on, do consider that he is, to my knowledge, the only president who even suggested the need for the military to address domestic national security.  Of course the “domestic” part is left out of his threat but inferred by the need for his “civilian national security force.”)

Just in case you think this is far-fetched, even though there are aspects of this already in place, where else might you find authorization for a modern day Praetorian Guard?

Well, where else but in the so-called “Affordable Care Act”, OBAMAS OBAMACARE!

So, in the health care act there is control of all your finances, access to all of your health care records, college loans and now the SS.  In fact there is EVERYTHING in that bill but…. health care!

Now, of course there are always to methods of achieving parity or superiority.  The right way is to work hard, to improve in all areas and eventually you will have the momentum to equal and surpass your competition.

As we all know the Left hates competition.  That is why they do not keep score in “sports”, why they support Common Core education because 8X8 is around 70 or so, after all 64 is so exclusionary.

So why does the Left want to shut down the military?

Because it will be that much easier to run the show with their own “Civilian National Security Force”.   Cut down the other guy, and you look bigger! Just read any Lib OpEd piece or listen to NBC, PS/LSD, CNN, etc.

After all, we do not want to be the world’s policeman, we want to be our own Country’s policeman.  And, with our own personal presidential police force, well, we don’t need no steenkin’ military.  And besides, not only do they have weapons, they know how to use them.

And as I just said, the Left hates competition.


Again, I am not sayin’, I am only sayin’.

This is only food for thought, you draw your own conclusions.

I could be waaayyyyyyy off base, but in case I am not, I call dibs on the comfy shackles.



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