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 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Childrens:

 A guy has a bad day at work and is heading home.

Then there is the guy who likes the ponies and loses his paycheck at the track.

Of course, we have all heard of the guy who stops at the local, after work if he has a job, gets load on the heads to the missus.

And what is the commonality with these three guys?

The statistics show that he is abusive to his wife, his kids or both.

It does not take a rocket scientist, or even an 8th Grade student, to know that “man” with self-esteem issues yet with an inflated sense of self canNOT allow “things” to happen. They HAVE to do something.

The problem is that they are generally cowards.

The guy who “had a bad day at work” must realize that the reason it was a bad day was because of his own inadequacy.  Some have hard days at work, tricky days, but never a bad day.

The gambler is another issue.  Either he is an adrenaline junkie or just another working stiff who can’t pay the bills.  The difference is that the true gambler likes the excitement but can control their impulses.  The dude who is wagering is pay check is in most cases not a bad guy.  More likely than not he is trying to generate more income for his family.

The issue is that he is failure at work and hence his need to enhance his income.  But he fails at gambling as well and when he gets home, be she sympathetic or not he is going to light up the bride.

Then there is the true loser. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a drink more than most people, so I am not being critical on that aspect (the drinking that is.) But the guy who canNOT face his own reality climbs into the bottle and comes out swinging.

Sad but true, there are these horrible males (certainly not “men”) who canNOT control their inadequacies or face their failures.  But do they take stock of their situations? Do they see the errors of their ways?   Do they try to rationally cogitate on how to get their lives back on track?

Hell no.

They are idiots (and if that hits close to home, by all means I am here to talk.)  And because these guys are real or imagined losers, they take out their aggressions on those weaker than themselves; their wife and kids.

Now, let’s crank that up a flock of degrees of magnitude.  And, as a bonus, ratchet up the deficiencies, inadequacies, fear and delusions of grandeur by an equal amount.

And what do you have?

The Biff and Vlad Show.

Vlad has had Biff’s number before Biff even knew he even had a number.

Sadly, Biff was out golfing or holed up with his doppelganger when the numbers came out.

Biff hates Vlad.


Because Vlad is everything Biff is not and never will be.  Not just a “leader”, but as a man.  (Ever see Biff throw a ball? Ever see him run?  Ever see Vlad ride a horse?  Ever see him wrestle a bear?)

I started this a week or more back.  Since then things have changed but despite that I felt that I should still send this out as I have just earned my pretend degree in amateur psychology.

Politics are and always will be a game, like chess at times, like playing chicken at others.

Our problem is that we have a guy dressed up for a squash game on a football field.  He does not know the game and his false bravado will allow him to be crushed.

Vlad, on the other hand, could show up on a football field dressed for squash and if not win, make the other guy hurt.

As I am all too fond of saying, there are no such things as co-inky-dinks.

Biff bends over any old way to appease the stridently vocal tiny minority of gays.

A few weeks before the Olympics, Vlad outlaws homosexuality.  Anyone question the timing?

Biff says he will not send an official delegation but instead ships over a few homosexuals.

Vlad says nothing.

He won.

How did he win?

There were no issues and gays are still illegal.


That said, the woes in the Ukraine… again total and utter mishandling typical of a beginner, are being handled so poorly.

Biff, and to be fair most people, does not understand the relationship of the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine and Russia.  That part of the world was given to the Commie local leaders way back when (it is the breadbasket of Russia) as it made no difference as it was all part of the Soviet Union.  After the end of the USSR and the various and several nations had autonomy, parts of what should have been Russia were part of Ukraine.  So, in a way, I can understand why the Eastern Ukrainians would want to rejoin with their fellow countrymen.  But that is not part of this discussion.

So, Biff is really involving himself in what is really a civil war.  And throwing money at a problem, the quintessential Liberal SOP, is not going to work. The crook ex-president has prolly stolen a number of times the billion bucks Biff is offering as a bribe to play with the West.

What is infuriating is Biff’s insistence that Russia (whenever you hear him say “Russia”, hear the word “Vlad”) is breaking international law.

I am sure Vlad gives THAT a lot of credence as I am sure he is well aware of all the laws Biff has broken and continues to do.


I am going to end this at this juncture. The one thing that I canNOT put my finger on is if this is all part of a greater scheme…

LAST WORD:  Again, please keep our friend Brigid Vogt in your prayers.  She has had to undergo some more operations and outlook is variable…  keep her husband Ben and the kids in your prayers as well… thanks so much!


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