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My Friends and Fellow Krewe Members:

BUT FIRST…..  A Happy Fat Tuesday to all y’all.  And who dat who say who dat!  Laissez les bon temps rouler!  Yup, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the penitential season for many CHRISTians and today is the last day to clean out your fridger, finish up the Kings Cake from Haydel’s Bakery and make your resolutions and do your best to keep them.  If you are a Catholic, remember It is a day of fast and abstinence. I am sure one day won’t kill you!  So, let’s do our best to be better people not just in Lent but every day.  We are up against a tough foe…          


I wonder.  About a lot of things.  Often.

I am asked about things.  All kinds of things.

You see and hear things then you have to ask yourself what did you REALLY think you saw and heard.

You read the editorials, the letters to the editors, various posts on websites, Facebook and the like and you are forced to ask yourself:  What planet are these people from?  And do not be surprised to learn they feel the same about us.

I will try to explain.


It is said the last thing a politician needs to be is caught with a dead female, a live boy or a goat.  (Kennedy’s are apparently recused.)

And while that may be true, I wonder, a lot, about how often things like that occur in the various halls of power.

And while I wonder how often that happens, I wonder more, a lot, as to the circumstances.

Back in 2010 the “Republicans” picked up some sixty-three seats wresting the control of the House from the Wicked Witch of the West, San Fran Nan. While I do not have the exact figgers at hand, most of the freshman and a number of veteran House members considered themselves members, supporters or kindred spirits with the Tea Party and if not in name then certainly ideology.

In both the House and Senate you have seen some of those professing true Constitutional bona fides only to screw the pooch at some juncture.

The Judas Marco Rubio’s price for selling out was some undeliverable promise of immigration reform.  The lowest of the low, Sen. Schemer did the Republicans and Conservatives the big favor for outing Rubio.

“There is this long time powerful Senator who wants poor little old me to help him!  Wow!  I must be special!”

Er, yeah, Marco.  You are tied to the immigrant community and Schemer knows that. He is slicing your political Achilles tendon by throwing in with him. He has nothing to lose, he is a reprobate and unlike you, Marco, does not care a whit about the illegal aliens except for the perception that he wants to help them, but he does not care one way or the other.  You wanted to help them but you threw your paycheck on shore leave to the first hooker you met on the dock.  (Apologies to hookers linking them to Schemer.)

Of course, others have fell by the wayside of true Constitutional belief.  Paul Ryan fell on his own sword. Eric Cantor was hoisted by his own petards.   And there is a killing field of others all the way up to Smoking Johnny himself who apparently is not smart enough to drink the political hemlock and get out of America’s way.

Yes, that is all well and good and you all know that but what of the others?

And that is what I am wondering about.

Of those sixty to one hundred plus so called “Tea Party” peeps in the House, what happened to the others.


Here in New Detroit there is long history of organized crime.  Ditto in Chicago, Boston, Philly, virtually in every major city.  In the Mafia, be they Italian, Irish, Columbian and so forth, there are gangs running far more of the city than the voters think.

Usually what happens is that some goon comes up to a shop owner and says he will protect his business for some money each week.  The shop owner says that he does not need protection.

And a week later, something bad happens to the business.

Or, some fellow comes over to a council member or alderman or other relatively low level elected official and says that a friend of his would be very grateful if the official voted a certain way.  He repeats this “promise” to a number of officials.  The vote is held on who gets the carting contract and those who played ball received “contributions” to their election campaigns.

Those who didn’t may have experienced, er, “car troubles.”

In Washington they have elevated this kind of behavior to an art form.

“So you are the new Congressman from Bacon Flats, eh?  And you were supported by Trey Gowdy, huh?”  (If you do not know who he is, look him up – preferably on youtube.com)

“Why yes sir!  I am proud to represent the fine people from my district!”

“That’s nice, glad you feel that way.  We will be in touch to let you know how we want you to vote on certain issues, not all of them of course, you have to represent your constituents, but from time to time we will tell you the way we would prefer you vote.  Our friends can be very generous, then again….”

Now, this guy sloughs it off.

A few weeks later he is at a dinner/gathering/bar or some such place.  A stunning woman strikes up a conversation with him.  She is so impressed that he is Congressman!  They have a few drinks and the next thing he knows, he is waking up in a hotel room with a woman not his wife.

A short time later a bill is coming up for a vote.  It is not a bill he can support.   He gets a visit from a lobbyist who tries to convince him to vote for the bill.  The lobbyist tries to grease the wheels without making it look like a bribe but this guy can’t be bought.

The lobbyist thanks him for his time and says perhaps next time they can do business. Before he leaves, the lobbyist drops a manila envelope on the Congressman’s desk as he leaves.

Back at his desk, the Congressman turns the large envelope over and sees that is it addressed to his home.  Out of curiosity he opens the envelope to see a packet of pictures of him and the stunning woman doing all kinds of things.

Message sent and received: We now own you.  You vote the way we tell you, or your missus will see these…

Maybe this is how Representative Henry Radel of Florida wound with possessing cocaine?  He resigned. Of course, if he was a Kennedy or running a gay brothel out of his apartment…

So, who is to say?  Are we so naïve to think that there are people who want to destroy our Country for their own ignoble aims but would stop short of setting up someone in a sexual situation or putting drugs on them?

And this happens because we let it happen.  Both parties are guilty it is just that the Left seems to enjoy it more.  And besides, many on the Left have as hobbies what the Right find abhorrent or aberrant.

I think you are getting the picture on this.  And until someone elected to Congress travels 24/7 with a professional witness, such as a Cardinal, they may just get caught up in something.

Unrelated in a way and quite frankly I am loathe even to report this but here is the type of people who are running the Country and schools.

You need not even open the link, the words in the link tell it all.  I am without words.   Judge for yourself.


Disturbing, yes?

But, just in case you think that is an anomaly. Let’s see if we can find something else equally offensive but less prurient.

Oh, here we go!

How many of you are married?  Hmmmm…  wow!  And how many of you have raised children?  Ohhh, impressive!

Did you know that per NBC you are living an “alternative lifestyle?”

Of course, the libs out there might agree.  Just because someone is married to a person of the opposite sex (sorry, redundant), has a child with that person, believes in God and attends Church does not mean that is the only way to live!

They see nothing wrong with homosexual relationships, sex-changes, bi-sexuality or anything else.  So, by definition they are correct, living a moral, heterosexual God-Fearing life IS alternative to what the Left supports and proclaims.

But the underlying message is of a different sort of semantics.

By inference, NBC is stating that living as we ought IS the alternative and not the norm.

That is enough for now, don’t you think?

More to come….


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