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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Infrequent Fliers:

As Clark Griswald said to Cousin Eddie “If I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now.”

Even when there were world wars, riots and insurrections all over the planet, the world seemed to have more order, more control than there is now.

It is like when the teacher left the room and she appointed the nerdy kid the class monitor and all hell broke loose.

Now, bump that up a fifty levels of magnitude.

The other problem is that we have been lied to so often, particularly in the last half of a dozen years, that we have no idea what the truth is. The more jaded among us might opine that is the plan.

Take the Malaysian plane incident.

Where is it?

Did it crash?

If not, where is it?

Who has it?


Where are the passengers?

Who is in on it?

Who else knows?

What is the plan?

In these nine questions, eight have to do with something outside of an accident.

And I detest so much to be so suspicious, to be untrusting, but we have a gov’t built on deceit that has created this mistrust.

I find it odd that there are sensors in some neighborhoods that can triangulate whence came a gun shot.  Or satellites that can detect an explosion anywhere on, above, or below the globe.  Or that we can track a cow with mad cow disease.  Or from outer space, they can see the license plate number on a car.

Yet, they say that they not only can’t find a jetliner, but they have really no idea where to look.


It is almost like that, what is it, one of the cable companies TV ads: “When your cable goes down, you get antsy. When you get antsy you can’t sleep.  When you can’t sleep….” And it progresses to where the subject of the commercial has eaten weird berries and he is chasing imaginary butterflies in the middle of what is ostensibly some kind criminal deal.

Of course that commercial, while droll, is virtually impossible to believe as real.

So, too, with this plane disappearance.

As time progresses more things are coming to light, such as the homes of the pilot and co-pilot.  And to be more cynical. Are those REALLY their houses? How much do those pilots make?

And while we have known the pilot has his own simulator in his house (who doesn’t) the question is why? (And with some of the data deleted, we may never know.)  With 18,000 hours behind the stick you would HOPE he was a good pilot.


The more I think of this the more convoluted it becomes.  Why this plane?  There are others with longer ranges and can handle larger payloads.  If you are wearing your tin hat and are a fan of Alex Jones, you might come to other conclusions.

(I have related this story before.  But for the newer readers…) Many years ago, I was taking a ferry from Newcastle England to Gothenburg Sweden.  I was standing on the aft of the ship that morning having a smoke. Soon after we passed the top of Denmark I was something stick out of the water.  To make a long story short, soon I could see a big red star painted on the side of the sail of the sub that was most likely shadowing us. 

Back then, possibly still, there was an array of sensors what went from the top of Denmark, up and over to Iceland then to Greenland.  The Russian (Soviet, at that time) Northern fleet could get to the Atlantic from Polyamy by scooting down the Norwegian Sea. 

Sometimes the Reds might like to surprise us and with the sonar array in place, it was tricky to get into the warmer waters unnoticed.

That is unless you drove your sub a few meters under a larger and noisier vessel.   By shadowing such a vessel and with the state of the art of the day being what it was and not having the complete library of cavitation signatures as they have today, it was not that uncommon for a sub to transit to the Atlantic unawares by us.

One of the more kooky hypotheses is that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was shadowing Singapore Airlines Flight 68 over the sea, into Indian and Pakistani Airspace then broke off. 

“Flying dark” with no transponders and allegedly the signal from SIA-68 might have masked the signals from MH-370’s engines, the two planes could have looked like a single plane.

And where would MH-370 land?

Well, Turkmenistan or China, or Kyrgyzstan, or Iran, or the Fortress of Solitude or the Bat Cave, or…   

Why there?

Well, the odds of that above scenario occurring are less remote than remote. But, really, can we count out anything at this point?  (Truly the logistics to make that happen are borderline insane.)

But now, there was a report on Tuesday that some villagers of some remote island west of Malaysia saw a Malaysian airliner flying extremely low. 

One can suppose it may be preparing to land.  The closer to the ground one flies the more fuel is used and there would be no reason to fly low except to land.

But where?

Again, The Fortress of Solitude, the Bat Cave or one of many hundreds of all but deserted islands in the waters in that part of the world what could have had a runway built on it.


I could wax on endlessly with any variation of scenarios.  But here is one:

Said MH-370 is repainted, a new tail number affixed, avionics and tracking device signal that are counterfeit of another planes, simply made up or removed altogether.  It is laden with troops, bombs or who knows what and off it goes.

To where?

Well, on 9-11-01 passenger plances hit the WTC, the Pentagon and were stopped before they reached Washington DC to commit heinous crimes.

Pick an island or some place in the badlands of Asia. Put a compass in on it and rotate that puppy to create a circle with about a 6,000 radius.  You will cover virtually all of Europe and Asia.

And most certainly Israel.      

Bottom line, for my WIC or EBT card (neither of which I have), there is only one of two possible scenarios and they fall under the “Duh” category.  The plane has or was crashed or it has been stolen/hijacked and taken to some hidden location.

If it is the first reason, why were the transponders turned off, course changed, etc., etc.. 

If it is the second possibility, three questions loom large:  Who did it, where is it and why, meaning what is the next part of the equation.

To wrap up this FISH, even if there was no foul play, there are still many unanswered questions as there were a number of things outside of the normal life of any particular flight.

However, if it is a criminal or terroristic action, and these guys can disappear a plane in plain sight, then they can undisappear it, prolly easier.  And who knows for what purpose.

We shall see.

Or not.


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