“Always Dumbest Before the Dawn”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Nielsen Families:

Not sure where to start today’s opprobrium.  There are just so many choices.

You have the ridiculous Nasty Pelosi who was out there bashing fracking.  Yes she is sooooo against fracking.  Is it because her getting-richer- every-day-husband is involved in the oil industry?  Is it because she has concerns about water tables?

No, this 0.3 IQ stalk of celery brain is against fracking because… drum roll please… she is a fan of… wait for it… wait for it… yes, she supports fossil fuels.

Apparently the mouth-breather from Boys Town is getting her talking points from Sheila Jackson Lee.  (Please, if you are unsure on the whole fracking controversy and/or what a fossil fuel is, please contact me.)

J-u-s-t in case you thought San Fran Nan is the absolute bottom of the intellectual food chain along comes the human petri dish, Sandra Fluke.

Yes, as in the land of the blind the one man eye is king, so too does Nasty get a leg up on the dumb tree as she is, get this, admired for her “intellect” by the back- room pass-around toy.

No, you can’t make that up.


Moving on to a more sensitive topic.

(And perhaps I did lead with Nasty on purpose just to dull your senses intentionally.)

The State of California have come to an agreement in principal with the ACLU over voting registration.

Why don’t I step away or a little bit and let that last statement marinate for a moment.

Indeed, the State of California and the ACLU “discussing” voting registration is like a couple of coyotes discussing dinner options with a sheep.

The bottom line is that both criminal enterprises are in some sort of league with each other to get the registration rolls of the almost four million Californians who have “signed up” for OBAMA’S OBAMACARE and any other number of sites and situations  where the preponderance of peeps are in the “getting something for nothing” caste.

They must think we are stupid.  The State of California and the ACLU “debating” on who should be assisted in having their voter registration taken care of is akin to a debate on which is your favorite eye to have punched. They are both working for the same goal, that being most assuredly something un-American or a plot to get more Dems and Libs to vote. But I repeat myself and I repeat myself.

You will be interested to know that nowhere in these “discussions” and “negotiations” and “agreements” and “capitulations” is the idea of any kind of Voter ID mentioned.

Now I am not saying that the State of California and the ACLU are racist in any way shape or form.

They say it themselves, as a cursory perusal of each of their websites will validate that assertion.


Here in New York on ABC Sunday’s morning there is a show called “Tiempo”.  There is a Hispanic moderator who discusses the issues of the day that are of concern to the Latin Community with well-dressed and well-educated Latinos.

Anything wrong with this?

Just for grins, let’s say, no, it is fine.

In case you have not had enough race-based TV, that show is followed by “Like it Is.”

There is a black moderator who hosts a show which usually features some very serious looking dashiki wearing black men, amazingly coiffed and wrapped black wimmens and a smattering of black college professors bitching about how tough they have it, how bad Whites are and the man is always trying to get them down.  (If you are in the NY area, tune in for proof.)

(Here is one too long episode for grins:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7k_oKWuWIQ )

The thing is that both shows have as the staple of their guests the 3-5% of the Latino’s and blacks who in no way are representative of the other Latino’s and blacks.

OK, anything wrong with this, then?

Just for grins, let’s stay the course and say, no, it is fine.

But, I do wonder what it would be like having a talk show called, say, “White Bread” hosted by some Ivy League WASP interviewing the so-called “One Percent” who sit around and complain about how slow the room service is at the Carlton or the condition of the greens at Shinnecock Country Club.

(And, yes, I know that is prejudicial and racist and if you ever listen to non-White comedians, that is how many perceive Whites.  And, I for one think it is hysterical!  See Robert Townsend’s early stuff for examples.)

But, we will never see a show of White people complaining about blacks or the Hispanish (new word.)  That would be racist.

And when a White person does something real or imagined that could be the merest slight to a black or a Hispanish, they will go on “Tiempo” or “Like It Is” and complain about the racism of the Honkey.

(Funny, I watch “Sabado Gigante” from time to time.  Trust me, my Spanish is not that good but I get what they are saying and gags are gags. And I all the years I have been watching Don Francisco I have NEVER heard him say a racist word.  But I bet if they got him on “Tiempo” they would twist his words.)

Know what I’d love to see, a show with a black, a Latino, a White, and some random homosexual.  Just regular peeps representative of their own demographic and let THEM hash it out.

I would wager a stack of food stamps that if you got that group together they would eventually work things out and come to an agreement on virtually every topic.

Of course, no one would watch the show.  The press, and to be fair, the public really do not like it when people get along.

And THAT is why we don’t.


(On a sorta related note we had a board meeting this week.  On discussion were the actions of the Boston Brewing Company, Guinness and Heineken Breweries and their willingness to show favoritism, sexism and a blatant disregard for St. Patrick and by extension religion.  As they feel that they can continue to operate and thrive on the 15% of the population they see as more vital to their businesses, we decided to assist them in that quest.   A motion was made and passed no longer to sell any products from these three brewers in the club or catering operation.  If you belong to any club, organization, operation, wholesaler, retailer or any concern which buys, sells or in any way provides products from these companies, I encourage you to follow our lead.)


…And yes, yes, yes, there will be more discussion on the “missing” plane, the Mess in the Ukraine – that would be WTLF Kerry, The G-8 er, G-7, the actions and reactions to the breweries and their capitulating to the screechy minority, etc. etc. etc…


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