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 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Vote-Bait:

We left off with a hint of things to come election-wise.

One of the more disturbing things to pop up is the Chelsea (Clinton) Mezvinski pregnancy.   OK, it is disturbing on almost every level but the most disturbing is the inevitable glomming on to her daughter’s uterus by Her Thighness, Hillaroo.

Not since Janet Reno or Janet From Another Planet Napolitano has there been a candidate who looks less grandmotherly than Hillaroo.

(On The View today – don’t ask – that harpie Barbara Walters went off on someone who allegedly said that Hillaroo should not be president because she is a grandmother.  She then listed a number of Presidents or contenders who were grandfathers.  First of all, I doubt anyone said that, this is just a figment of her addled memory.  I do not think ANYONE would disqualify Hillaroo or any woman from the Presidency because they are a grandmother.  However, she should be disqualified from that gig until she stands in the dock to answer for all of her crimes: Hiding the Rose Law Firm records, insider trading, Benghazi just for starters. So, shut yer festering gob, Walters.  She is bad enough without having to lie as well.)

And how great will it be for this young’un when he or she comes to the realization that both grandfathers are convicts and both grandmothers have had “issues” with money, that being the use of other people’s money.

We all know about Her Thighness and the Rose Law Firm, the land deals, the stock “tips” and the rest of her deceit.   Now, giving her a small run for someone else’s money is Marjorie Margolies.   http://freebeacon.com/politics/chelsea-clinton-mother-in-law-used-charity-for-personal-gain/

Of course, we will not see that in the SRM anywhere, much like we do not see any of the shady, and dare a court say illegal, deals which seem to be the Reid family business.

(The Reid/BLM/Bundy episode is far from over and will merit at least one FISH devoted to at least the topics.)

All of a sudden we are seeing and hearing more about Senator “Lie-a-watha” Warren. With the Libs, nothing is “all of a sudden.”  To us, maybe, but not to them.  All their activities are well choreographed, I assure you. The good Senator’s “makeover and rewrite of history” is no different.

For some reason all of the inconsistencies and, well, lies in her personal history have been corrected, massaged and now in 2014 she appears to be a perfect candidate.  She was on “The View” y’day (again, don’t ask) and gosh darn it, her pretend life story is almost as compelling as JoeBama’s pretend life story.

As you are aware, the Left, and by that I mean the “Left Wing of the Wh’ite House”, have been doing Lib product placement in TV shows and movies for years.  I do not have the numbers at hand but I would suggest that there has been more of this both subliminal and conscious advertising in the last six years then there has been since the invention of the wheel.

One of the most egregious examples of Lib pandering is “The Good Wife”.  This litany of Commandment breakers is set in the political cesspool what is Chicago.  Overtly, the “positive” show characters are Democrats.  There are occasional appearances by noted Dem harridan and complainer, Donna Brazile and so on.

Then there are the covert things, like saying in dialogue: “Yes, I know him, he is a big donor to Emily’s List” when there is no reason to have any linkage to an abortion PAC.  Or, a picture on a credenza behind a character of said character and, say, Hillaroo.

When was the last time you saw Geo W or Ted Cruz or Trey Gowdy in a TV show?  When was the last time you saw a picture of Ronald Reagan in a show (since 1988 in any event)?

They have put it little “hints” and “reminders” about OBABA’S OBAMACARE in shows here and there.  Or the so-called global warming.  And of course guns are evil but you can be as gay as you like!  (Not judging, just drawing a distinction.)

Even on the rare show where there is a “Republican” character, there is enough going on to provide, er, er, “equal time.”  One example is “Last Man Standing” with Tim Allen.

If you “BING” this show (I do not “Google”) you will see links for “Last Man Standing cancelled” dating back over a year.  Like the product placement ads on TV, so too in internet searches will you find a bent and a bias with respect to results.  (“Duckduckgo.com” is the fairest of them all.)

The truth is that is it one of the highest rated shows on Friday night and wins its time slot much of the time.  (For some reason, the unwatchable “Unforgettable” has done well the first few weeks back. )  And while the show has a “family values flavor, even if there is an unwed mother in the mix, and the Allen character makes remarks of the Conservative sort, there are plenty of remarks from the “Left” side of the house.   (In a recent episode the home alarm went off. The mother said that “the code is 2-2-6-6-2, if that is hard to remember, it spells ‘obama’”

Wouldn’t 2-7-8-9 be easier to remember?  After all, it spells “Cruz.”

The point is that you many not even recognize the subliminal ads that are abounding.  But your brain is picking up on them.  As I said before, imagine you are in a crowded restaurant with fifty conversations going on.  You ignore all as you are deep in conversation with your tablemate.  All of a sudden, from the back of the room someone mentions your name.

As if by magic, you are craning your head to see who took your name in vain!

You see, even if you are not “actively” listening or watching, your brain is monitoring everything going on and will alert you as needed.

While you are watching “The Good Wife” and you see a pic of Her Thighness, or hear a mention about “Emily’s List” or the like, it is recorded in your brain and the more you hear and/or see  these “subliminal” ads, the less danger they pose and eventually they may not even seem negative.

That, grasshopper, is called “brainwashing.”

(On an unrelated note, a court recently allowed that lying in a political campaign is considered  “free speech.”)

So, now you have to be trebly aware.   You first have to figger out who the best, er, good, ummm…the lest evil candidate is.  Then you have to be hypersensitive to every nuance on every TV show and movie to subliminal advertising. Then you prolly cannot believe what either candidate says as they are permitted to lie.

Or, SOP for the Left.

As I said, it will be politics as usual.  The Dems will use every cheap trick in the book and the Republicans will field the worst possible slate.  After all, if you thought Krispie Kreme Christie was a bad choice, now they are floating Jeb Bush’s name.

God Help us!

(END NOTE:  We are all familiar with MorOn.Org, the uber-Left political action committee.  If you are ever unsure for whom to vote, check out their pages and see the characters they support.  In at least 100% of the situations, you should vote the other way.  One of their mucky-mucks is Ilya Sheyman who is one of their Executive Directors for Political Action.  He considers himself a “community organizer at heart.” Did I mention he is from Chicagoland?  Did I need to do so?  This Russian immigrant ran for the nomination of the Left Party for the 10th Congressional District of Illinois.  This district is over 75% White and is one of the ten wealthiest CDs in the Country.  But that is where this “progressive” calls home.  Typical of the Left.  But, I am sure he knows what the sponge on the street is thinking.  Oh, he ran in the primary and he lost to the eventual winner of the seat.  Oh, he blamed “the polling” for his loss.  Let that sit for a moment.  It was not a flawed campaign, it was not a better candidate, it was not the will of the voters that caused him to loose.  It was the “polling.”  And if you were unsure as to his bona fides as a “community activist”, there you go.  BTW, as I was researching this carp/catfish a number of the links to the pages containing his information requires that you have to sign in.   The disclaimer reads:  “Why do I need to sign in?  When your friends & colleagues make the news, Newsle lets you know.
You’ll never miss an article about someone who matters to you.”
Even Lars had a laugh at that one!  I suspect that any personal information divulged to them, or any group, will go where it will do the most good for them and not necessarily you!)


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