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 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Boob Tube Victims:


As I have said time and again, it is not what is written or said that is important, that is only what the powers that be want you to know.  It is what is not written or spoken that is important.  (Did that make sense?  But, if you have been a long time reader, you know what I mean.)

(Case in point:  How many of you know of the stand-off with the BLM and NPS with a rancher over grazing rights in Nevada?  How many of you know how it ended, for now?  Any guess which MoC is in it up to his ears?  Did not think so and if you did, you did not see it on TV.)

After a very enjoyable Palm Sunday Mass and Brunch at the Seminary, I repaired to stately “Precious Manner” for a relaxing afternoon of viewing golf.

I was rooting for Jordan Spieth in the Masters only to see this rookie come in second.  Apparently I was too stunned to change the channel afterwards. 

“60 Liberal Minutes” came on and there was going to be a piece on the new Pope.  So, what the heck, I sat back and watched it.

Uberlberal tool, Scott Pelly did the piece.  The initial focus was on the fact that this is a very different Pope than his recent predecessors.  I was waiting for the other shoe to drop as he was being rather deferential and complimentary to the new Pontiff.

Then, BOOM, there it was.

The abuse issue.

(Now, do not misunderestimate me. One child abused is too many.  Much the same as one rape.  Or one abortion.  I find them all anathema and there is no way whatsoever to mitigate the damage in any way. I do not nor will ever suggest that there is not culpability for this.)

Prolly what predicated the piece were two things.

The first of which was the Pope taking full personal responsibility for the abuse over all those many years. No, he was not Pope during all those many years nor was he even alive for almost all of them, but he did what he felt was right and accepted responsibility.

Candidly, I do not know if or how this changes things.  I doubt this admission has any legal standing nor can it undo the harm.  But, it is refreshing to see someone take ownership of an everestally horrific issue.

But, grasshoppers, what was missing?

Yes!  Exactly!  You have all be doing your homework!  69,083.54 bonus points for you all!

There was no compare and contrast!

Yes, if you read virtually anything about the abuse, one would be forgiven for thinking that it only ever happened in the Catholic Church by priests.

Sadly, and this is not an excuse, the same thing happens with Protestant Ministers, Jewish Rebbes, Pastors of Evangelical Churches and so on.

But, even so, all of the abuse at the hands of the “religious” pale in comparison to the amount of that which happens in the secular world.  There are instances of rape and abuse in the corporate world and even the military. 

But whence do the greatest numbers of victims come?

Public Schools.

Yes, public schools.

(And I know I have brought this up in the past but it is important to refresh our memories.  And like with the Catholic Church, it is not a large number of creeps, pedophiles and abusers in the public school system, in fact I am sure it is a low percentage over all.  And I know that there are a fair number of educators who get this thing of ours. I am not directing this to you.)

I have stated previously that because of unions and tenure  and here in New York, there are a number of “Rubber Rooms.”

What is a “rubber room?”  It is a building filled with “teachers” and “administrators” who have been found to be unfit to be with children as well as other misdemeanors, infractions, and felonies. In fact there are thirteen such places in New Detroit ranging in size from a few rooms to a building.

While they are in “teacher purgatory” they still collect full pay, full benefits and are required to do no work. It is like paid detention.

Of course, these peeps rail against the union for “not representing them”, yet, like any good liberal they ignore the fact that were there not to be a union, most of these people would have been fired and perhaps in jail.

But, and while I could wax on that subject for hours, suffice it to say, the SRM has up to 0% interest in even addressing this kind of abuse, let alone investigating it.

Now, consider the Ukraine, this dog-and-pony show of the missing plane and anything with WTLF Kerry’s or JoeBama’s fingerprints on it.

That is almost guaranteed to be either dis/misinformation or red herrings to throw you off the track.

Whenever you hear Ukraine, you are not hearing Benghazi.

Whenever you hear WTLF Kerry, you are not hearing about Lois Lerner.

Whenever you hear the plane search, you are not hearing about the failure of OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

And so on…

The second thing sorta kinda ties all of the above together. (And, yes, I know, it has been so long that you would be excused for forgetting there was a second point)

After the pap piece that was really a set-up of the Pope, the tool Pelly “interviewed” Biff.

Now, I am sure that no matter how useful of a tool you are, how guaranteed you are to lie the right thing at the right time, that even the most low-life, carp-and-catfish of the so-called “media”, the Pelly’s, the Crowley’s, the Couric’s, who am I kidding, EVERYONE on all the usual suspect channels are vetted before reaching the inner sanctorum which is Biff.

They are either told what to ask, told what to stay away from or they are asked what the questions are going to be asked so that El Biffo can have an “off-the-cuff answer” ready.

Pelly started off innocently enough asking about what it was like to meet the new Pope.  Of wow! What a blockbuster question! 

And Biff’s mouth could not form the words.

He stuttered, he stumbled, he, he, he, he could not just say something honest and sincere.

He obviously does not like the Pope, Catholics or any people of Judeo-Christian faith.  Yet, he tried so hard to pretend to like the Pope that he oversold his game.  As big of a con and street hustler he is he could not convince me to buy his goods, even if the “first one is free.” 

He even referred to “CHRISTians” in an editorial way.  Like “you CHRISTtians…” as opposed to “in our CHRISTian faith…”

Again, it is not what one says but what is omitted where the true story is.

But this exercise of ineptitude was not just painful to watch, but it had to be painful to produce. Imagine debating on whether or not Biff needed a TelePrompTer to make a few “casual” statements to a fellow traveler.  Imagine someone being scolded for their insolence for making such a suggestion, only to find out it would not only have been a cogent suggestion but would have made Biff look less addled.

But, and lemme adjust my tinfoil hat a moment, having Biff on right after Papa Frankie was not like an eyewitness to history or a confirmation of what the Pope said or even one’s take on someone’s opinion or intention.

It was clearly evident to this old Altar Boy that popping Biff on the show right after the Pope was an effort of linkage.

Pictures of the Pope and Biff, a few anecdotes and WAKE UP CATHOLICS, BIFF IS ONE OF US!

Er, no.

Not even close.

If there is anything the least bit about Biff which can be linked to the various CHRISTian faiths, it is most assuredly found in the last book of the Bible.

Yes? No? Maybe so?



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