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My Friends and Fellow Paper Subscribers:

(A QUICK THING….  The other day, I received an invitation on Facebook to friend a reader.  I accepted and went to her page to thank her.  I noticed that I had just missed her birthday by a few days.  I hope you will all join me in wishing a long time dear reader, Jean, a very Happy NINETY-NINTH Birthday!  God Bless you dear!)

Having a nice evening listening to the “Flying Burrito Brothers” from the Gram Parson’s days. Playing right now is one of my all-time faves “She’s a Devil in Disguise (Christine’s Song.)”  No, not the Elvis tune.  Not that much music that puts that big of a smile on my face, and I purely love a good pedal steel guitar, even if a lot of it was liberal crap.  I still can enjoy the music.

What I can’t countenance is ignorance. Stupidity is one thing, without that there would not be a two-party system. And to be fair, I am not sure which of the two parties have a monopoly here.

But ignorance, or rather creating and fostering, ought to be a capital crime. And THAT is the stock and trade of the Left.

Lies, mis-/dis- information, false science, fear, and just plain bravo sierra are all chapters in the Liberal playbook.

I do not consider myself any smarter than anyone else, and I seem to prove it more and more with every issue.  Yet, I have a yen for learning. As most of you know, for what it is worth, I watch JEOPARDY! as often as I can.

Currently they are running a championship of the top winners in in each of the three decades that this fine show has been broadcast. They are down to some sort of semifinals for each of the decades in preparation for a big throw-down which I suspect will be the winner from each of the three decades.

So, riddle me this, on Tuesday night the show has three big previous champions who have survived one or two preliminary rounds and each of them garnered a stack of cheddar tonight.

It is anyone’s game as they go into “Final Jeopardy.” The category was “States.”  Actually, I think it was “US States.”  I like to question the answer before it is asked. I believe I answered “Idaho” as a smarmy answer to the unanswered question.  (I am sure it was “US States” now that I think of it. Being the PITA that I am, I might answer have answered “plasma” if the category was simply “states.”  Right, George O?)

The answer was (paraphrasing) “Between 2006 and 2013 this state went from number 39 to number 6 in state production and to the lowest in unemployment.”

The missus said “North Dakota”, Midnight the Wonder Dog said “Norrrrrrrth Dakotagrrrrrrr”, Frank D. Cat ignored the whole thing.

Bear in mind, we have three of the smartest JEOPARDY! players of a decade playing for fame and glory and a stack of cash! It would be reasonable to expect that my dog would not be smarter than any of these otherwise nice folks.

But no!

Two of the three of these geniuses were wrong.

One guessed Texas, which would have been a decent guess but they were certainly not in 39th place in production seven years ago.

I am not sure what the person who answered “Washington” was thinking. But to my friends and readers in the People’s Republic of the Northwest, love you all, you are prisoners of circumstance.

How many of you saw that show?

Hmmmm… I would have expected a few more. (I know Stetson Jim and the Pole Dancing Court Reporter were watching.)

How many were shocked at the results?

Really?  REALLY? That few!

As I have been saying for the past dozen years, read between the lines. And this was a perfect opportunity to do so.

If you have been following the REAL news, and not what the SRM tells you to think, or gleaned something from this thing of ours, you would have heard of “fracking”, “Bakken Oil Fields”, “Shale Oil” and so on.

It is the fracking of shale oil in the Bakken Oil Fields which has suddenly propelled North Dakota to an embarrassment of riches and virtually full employment. In fact they are advertising for workers for jobs that are paying over $100K per year.  But, sorry, it is hard work.

I find it, well, disturbing that someone could have a working knowledge of 16th Century Belgian pottery or have the ability to recall the names of the Consuls during the reign of Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus yet have no idea what is happening in their own Country today.

I mean, it is not like it is a secret!  For someone with a curiosity it might be expected that even by accident one of the two incorrect contestants might have chanced upon some discussion, even negative information, about this phenomena.

Sure, we all know the Wh’ite House controls the media (and to their credit, even some of them are getting angravated about that) and we all know that a lie is easier to believe than the truth, as you do not have to prove a lie, because you canNOT prove a lie.


And THAT is why Libs “think” and “argue” as they do.  They canNOT stay on topic, you make a point and they claim “global warming” is real or that it is Bush’s fault, or Dude, that was like two years ago (yet it is STILL Bush’s fault over six years later…. See the pattern?), or “What difference does it make!?”

They have to shapeshift the dialogue, change the subject or just plain lie to propagate their canard.

And that is why two of the three smartest all time JEOPARDY! contestants of all time got a, to me at least, simple question wrong.

Said shapeshifting is exactly what his cartel does every day with ever crisis.

When was the last time you heard the Wh’ite House talk about “Global Warming” or “Climate Change?” When was the last time Biff got out there and told us to check the air in our tires and so on.

Yes, exactly.

But the day AFTER Smoking Johnny names Pitt Bull Gowdy to chair the panel to investigate Benghazi, “alls of a sudden” Biff is concerned about the environment.

He produces this work of fiction complete with backwards engineered “proof” to suit their claims and makes an impassioned plea that we must do something and do it now!

That is to ignore Gowdy.  THAT is the only (or, “onlyest”) reason for said photo up.

For further evidence that the Left are irony proof, within twenty-four hours of delivering his latest manifesto of lies, he and Lordy knows how many peeps and hangers on are winging their way westward to the Left Coast.  On this trip Biff will introduce MORE carbon emissions into the air than most people do in a life time.

But, they c-a-r-e about the environment.


The winner for the most impressive set of gonadature goes once again to Nasty Pelosi. Nasty said of the Benghazi Hearings that there should be “the same number of Democrats as Republicans on the panel.”  She added “If this review is to be fair, it must be truly bi-partisan.” Then in a spirit of that sense of “bi-partisanship” Nasty added that the rank and file (note: Union term) Democrats are “suspicious of whatever the Republicans are trying to do.”

Read that again. The Dems are “suspicious” of the Republicans and apparently those same Republicans are “trying” to do something.

Yes, genius Nasty, they are trying to get to the Truth.

We saw what a great job Her Thighness did in the dock.   Can’t wait to see her testify under oath.

(She is also threatening a Dem/Lib/Socialist “boycott” of the hearings.  Quite frankly I am pretty much for anything that will keep Elijah Cummings for assaulting any of my senses and sensibilities.)

We will talk about this more as we go on….

Enough for now.

(If you liked this issue, you will love the Saturday Short Stack)





2 thoughts on ““Really? That’s News To Me!”

  1. roslynja says:

    Never let the right hand know what the LEFT hand is doing, and the RIGHT has been slow to figure it out, they should be reading the Daily Fish!

  2. jaksavin says:

    Got that right Ros!

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