“The Beat(en) Go On, and on, and on…”


“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Angravated Class:

Thank you all for the many kind words and emails of encouragement in the wake of the “Saturday (Not So) Short Stack” issue.  Yes, it is all true and some of you actually saw it on Facebook before it was yanked.

The most common question asked was why do I bother responding to these people?  I guess for the same reason people preach to the heathens, to at least give them the opportunity to have a better message.  Of course, many of the heathens martyred those priests, padres and friars sent to the New World, so, I may have been wiser to have chosen a different field of endeavor.

While I am not saying my message is anywhere close to the Gospels but it is, in a sense a different kind of gospel to a different kind of heathen.

I take on these folks from the Left and I do so for a variety of reasons.  I am sure I have discussed this at one point.  One reason is to fact-check myself.  If someone makes a valid point that runs athwart to what I allege, I need to make sure I have MY facts correct. After all, would I not to do so, I would be the same as they.  In the one-thousand-plus FISH so far, it has happened once or twice.  And when I was wrong, I publicly apologized.

In those rare cases, I was dealing with someone from the who used facts which were verified.  (Invective and lies are, in the Liberal mind, kinds of “facts” as well, but do little to enhance one’s position.)

Hark back to the Saturday issue. I asked two simple questions: How can windmills be bad and might that be part of the evolutionary plan?

Of course, no one got remotely close to answering the questions, not even in the same neighborhood.  I was accused of being anti-alternative fuel even though I expressly said I was for them and I was taken to task for my comment on Darwinism.

Indeed, according to these “good and kind people” and one notable coward, I am an idiot because I do not believe in Darwinism.  Of course no one could defend or prove Darwinism and perhaps I AM too ingrained in my beliefs to countenance that a eugenicist is someone in which to place any faith.

For what it is worth I received an email the other day “PROVING” Darwinism.  This dear soul provided an article from “IFLS.COM” (if you look this up, I apologize for the “F” in the name.) The allegation that there was “proof” of Darwinism in that the human and squid eyes “evolved” the same way, I was smugly advised.

I accepted that allegation with the proviso that the same person explains that if that is the case, how is it that a human and a banana share about 50% of the same DNA. With that being proven science, why are there not appendage-less, yellow thick skinned people on the street?

I am sure they are still researching their reply. (And this from one of the Darwin supporters who claimed I was stupid for not believing in alchemy, I mean evolution. (Both the same, really.)

When I say that “Liberals never think things through” I am being more than kind.  I am being generous in the use of the word “think.”  As time goes on, I find that “think” and “Liberals” are becoming more and more mutually exclusive terms.

Another reason I do this is to share ideas and concepts.  Of course this is a little tricky when one is called names for allegedly calling names that one never called another.   So, it does take a lot of separating the Liberal wheat from the Liberal chaff.

Sadly, chaff wins all too often.

As iron sharpens iron, it is hoped that one might find a worthy adversary with which to do battle.  It is a quixotic quest for roughly 99.99% of the attempts.

So, I do this for drill.  I have the strength of ten men because my heart is pure.  I will ignore the taunts and their attempts of making a point in their mind and press on.  Of course, this is tantamount to poking the bear and they get only more angravated. While I do take a certain amount of schadenfreude over this, it is my fervent hope than when their brains do finally explode, there will be room in their cranium for COMMON SENSE and FACTS.

Sorry for yelling.

As I said, the dialogue in Saturday’s issue was public information.  If you are on Facebook, you will see things like this from time to time on my page.

Irrespective of anything else, I do enjoy the battle for two main reasons: My (our) points and positions are almost always validated and there is the slight hope for conversion.  (Barring that there is the driving the Left crazy.)

The other day there was a post that read “A Quick History Lesson” then listed: “13th Amendment Abolished Slavery 100% Republican Support- 23% Democrat Support, 14th Amendment Gave Citizenship to Freed Slaves 94% Republican Support- 0% Democrat Support, 15th Amendment Right to Vote for All 100% Republican Support- 0% Democrat Support, Obamacare 0% Republican Support- 86% Democrat Support.”

Of course this had the desired effect of drawing criticism.  Yup, our old pal Phil returns!  (I have one more of these “discussions” on tap that talks about minimum wage. If you want to see another or not, just drop me an email or post on FB.  Majority rules. I would send it out on Saturday.)


PHIL:  Both parties suck, for sale to the highest bidder…. and, you are talking about 150 yrs. ago??

JOHN:  I am not talking at all. The fact remains that these 3 Amendments to the Constitution showed what the Republicans did. Add to that the Civil Rights Act which was passed DESPITE many Democrats voting AGAINST it and BECAUSE Republicans voted FOR it. (Need I add the institutional slavery created by the Democrat LBJ?) But, I do agree with you in the sense that neither party is worth a dang thing and about 95% of Congress should be primaried and voted out. Perhaps Phil, there is only one party these days…. “Republicrats.”

Funny thing about time, Phil. The peeps are JUST as free (all things being relative) as they were 150 years ago. But, isn’t it funny that when questioned about Benghazi, the Nat Sec Spokesweasel said “Dude, that was like two years ago” but for some reason, everything is still Bush’s fault, and that is like, 6 years ago. I guess as your girl Hillaroo might say “What difference does it make!”

PHIL:  Well, we all know Bush had nothing to do with Benghazi and while the current administration deserves jail time for it, I say put them in a cell with Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld for their part in lying about Iraq and getting thousands killed needlessly for money…

JOHN:  Like I said, Phil, there is plenty of blame to go around and there are virtually no differences in the parties. The ruling class all belong to The Club, regardless of party affiliation.

PHIL:  I agree!! But, all you ever post is anti-dem stuff, how about some balance??

JOHN:  No, all I post is pro-Constitution and pro-Freedom stuff for the most part. Perhaps when the Dems become pro-Constitution and pro-Freedom, it won’t look so damning about them. If you want balance, look at my checkbook. But when it comes to following the Law of the Land and Freedom, I do not want “balance”, I want it all!

PHIL:  Both sides are at fault, wouldn’t know it from your posts….

JOHN:  Phil, I have NEVER heard a Republican suggest there needs to be “First Amendment Zones” I have never heard a Republican say that citizens can’t own guns (too many to Dems count), I have never heard a Republican say that the gum’mint should have complete control of the media (joke is on them, they already have it), I have never heard Republican running for Pres who said they would not enforce the entire Constitution (Hillary) or hold high office and not obey it (Biff, Alleged AG Stedman, Biden, etc. etc.) Tell me my brother, what ILLEGAL or ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL things a Republican has done in the last 5-6 years or so. I am sure there must be one. But as I write this laws are being broken and freedom threatened and not by the Republicans. Did you see the link from Ted Cruz and his allegations about activities of the Pres? I’d be happy to send it to you. Feel free to send me any illegal activities by any Republican.

Phil, again I will say it, we are prolly closer in ideology than you think. The issue is that you are taking me to task for taking the Dems to task and not the Reps. I would do the same to the Reps if they did illegal and anti-freedom things. I do not think you will disagree that the narrowest minded, most exclusionary and most prejudiced people are found on the Left. I am sure we are both against all that, right?

PHIL:  Please, they’re on both sides…..No???

 JOHN:  Name them. I just gave you a list. Name 5 Reps who have violated the Constitution or sought to take away or limit freedoms in the past 5-6 years. Name 4.

(About 3 mins later…) Make it 3

And now, when the cover may be blown off Benghazi, all of a sudden Nasty Pelosi wants the same number of Dems and Reps on the committee. She wants bi-partisanship. Where was that when they foisted obamacare on us? Now she is threatening a boycott.. Yup, gotta love those dems.

(About 5 minutes later…) Make it 2, Phil. Find me 2

(About two more minutes later…) Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler? Beuhler?

(Finally a few minutes after that…) ONE?????

PHIL:  Sorry, got busy….Repubs have consistently tried to limit the rights of women, the LBGT community, unions, immigrants and the poor. Don’t have time to go searching for specifics, you can if ya want….

JOHN:  Which rights of women? What rights of LBGT? Please let’s speak the same language. I just double checked the Constitution and the Amendments. I saw nothing that said that anyone had fewer rights than anyone else. I saw no current restrictions based on gender, race or anything else. Sure, there are those who want MORE than what is in the Constitution, but too bad. I find it insulting that the Left calls murdering babies “women’s health” sorry, that is a canard. I am SURE you know the founder of so-called “Planned Parenthood” was racist and a eugenicist (as was Darwin, BTW) and her goal was to wipe out the black population. But, you knew that. You know what I think about unions so, we do not have to go there. “Immigrants?”  I LOVE immigrants. My grandparents were immigrants. They came here, learned the Lingo (the non-Irishers), and became citizens and so on. IF you are referring to the illegal aliens, no, they are law breakers. Not that I do not have sympathy for them but they need to play by the rules. Let me put that in perspective. I break into your house. But, you can’t throw me out. In fact, since I was successful in breaking into your house, now you have to feed me, clothe me, take care of my medical and all of my other bills. Tell me the difference. And as I suspected you did not answer my question. Just like the other day (and not just you, all the others.) I asked you to name 5, 4, 3, 2, even 1 Republican who abused the Constitution. You could not so you change the topic. I am happy to discuss any or all of these as well…. one at a time. The problem is that when someone calls something it is not, the discussion falls apart real quick. I will use one of your terms: So, you think it is ok to kill babies? Just asking. Last thing, please do not ask me to research the random things you or anyone throws out there.. I have my facts, kindly come with yours. (That is not directed only to you but to all…) Peace out cub scout….

REASONABLE ONLOOKER:  Lawd have mercy! This is like a bad after school special

MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER: He forgot the racist part…..


‘Nuff said.


2 thoughts on ““The Beat(en) Go On, and on, and on…”

  1. roslynja says:

    “I have my facts kindly come with yours”! Love it, because we all the same problem with the Left, as I observe every time a Liberal gets into a “discussion” with a Conservative-they state ” the truth is” or the fact is” or something similar but when asked to provide evidence……….silence, and a change of topic!
    Thanks for hanging in there Jack, your “debates” provide endless entertainment, you are a role model for Conservative apologist!

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