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“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Peddlers of….:

As I have said many times the law of averages demand that eventually someone will be correct, even a married man.  That can be stated as “at times, even a blind squirrel can find his own nuts.”

As difficult as it is to be correct 100% of the time, it is equally as difficult to be wrong 100% of the time.   And when you look at most of the Dem “leadership”, hangers-on, appointees and other socialists plus the coterie of anti-constitutionalists in Congress you would be excused that they are trying to be wrong 100% of the time.

(For instance, the lying Nasty P.:

http://www.examiner.com/article/nancy-pelosi-claims-two-families-of-benghazi-victims-don-t-want-investigation    )

For every positive Conservative action there is an exponentially larger and incorrect Liberal reaction.

There is not polite way of putting it, the Right might tell a lie at times but the Left knows not how not to lie.  They just can’t help themselves.  And the higher up the totem pole of socialism you go, the less likely you are to hear anything resembling the truth.

That is until one is no longer on the totem pole and just becomes part of the food chain.

Timmy Geithner is an example of this.  This Peter Principle Graduate and potential accident victim was the Sec Treasury.   He is beyond contempt and a tool but that did not stop him from writing a book.

In it, he “alleges” that he was told to “lie” by the Wh’ite House.  Yeah, I am just as shocked as are you.   So, now, all of a sudden this one-time golden boy is persona non gratia.

(I made a small error, I said he may be a “potential accident victim.” I was a tad confused.  This Maladministration will throw you under a bus, the Clinton one would run you over with it.)

As you have seen in the recent FISH involving dialog with those who are not in their “Right” mind: facts, decency, discourse and the like are alien concepts to the Left.

For the most part those, especially those with any kind of power, prestige or position, have little to no decency, less honor and no conscience. Yes, they are evil.  There is no other rational explanation.

Now, don’t misunderestimate me, I am not saying those on the Right are perfect, far from it, but it appears to me that the Left aspire to these cesspoolian goals.

The nearer to the truth, the uncovering of facts, the closer the investigations are, the more panic stricken, the more outlandish the pronouncements and the more egregious the lies we will hear from the Left.


But, there is a point somewhere.  And as I said to open this piece, every once in a while, the Left will accidently speak the truth.

There is no secret that I have somewhere less than zero use for the fat, bloated, bloviating, angry-beaver and home-town boy, Alec Baldwin.

“Zander”, as he was known growing up and as a life guard,  is a bitter, angry, vile person.  I am not sure if it is his narcissism, delusions of adequacy or he is just tetched in the head and he canNOT control his infamous temper, but hardly a week goes by that he is not getting some ink for his impulsive and repulsive behavior.

This week was no different.

He was riding his bicycle in Manhattan and was pulled over for riding it the wrong way on a one-way street, oh, and for “disorderly conduct.”

You can read the silly details elsewhere, but this blind squirrel found his own nuts when he stated/tweeted: “New York City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign.”

(Before we go any further, for clear disclosure I must remind you that this is the same dude who said if G.W. Bush was elected he would leave the County. This coward did not leave because he claims Bush was not elected.  He stated after one of his many run-ins with police and others that he was going to move out of New York.  Oh, he is not just STILL in America, he is STILL in New York.)

We can breakdown “Zander’s” statement and applaud the inadvertent genius he exposes.

“New Detroit City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity…” And he could not be more correct, if not for the past dozen plus years, at least since Billy the Commie De BlahZero was elected by almost no one.

“…that is desperate for revenue…”  Wow!  That is true!  There was a time not that long ago that if you ran a red light and a cop was inclined to ticket you, you incurred a fine AND points on your license.

Well, here, as in other areas, there are “red light cameras.”  You run a red light, a camera takes a picture, and they send you a love note and a picture of the crime associated with the license plate of the car and a demand to pay fifty bucks.

(We have all heard the joke where the guy sent back a picture of a check since he was sent a picture of the infraction and the cops sent back a picture of a set of handcuffs.  He paid the fine.)

What happens here are two things, one perhaps good and one perhaps bad.  You see, there are far more red light tickets being electronically issued now than there were manually. That is a good thing. Yes, it does increase revenue but it is not punitive in that the driver is not getting the ticket, per se, but the registered owner, as they can prove that the car did run a light they canNOT prove who was driving.  So, you can run as many red lights as you want but you do not get points on your license.  (BTW, the company that owns the red-light cameras gets almost half of the revenue.  This serves to support the first part of Baldwin’s rant. Mismanaged and stupid.)

This has escalated to the next step and eventually this will predicate a FISH or four.  They are now instituting speeding cameras.  Again, what was once a point-gathering event on the whole will soon become another money grab with no real consequences other than a hit to the wallet.

But, check THIS out… on Long Island, one of the plans being floated is to install about a hundred and forty or so of these speeding cameras… in school zones.

OK, fine, you say, kids do not pay attention, traffic patterns at times of the day are tricky, why not penalize those who speed in a school zone?

I am having a hard time with this as this plan stipulates that part of the revenue generated by a speeding camera will to the school where the camera is located.

And again, this is one more invasion of privacy and one more step closer to Bigger Brother.  I mean, could you imagine if Midget Marxist Mayor boob-berg was still running the shop and he had saturated-fat monitors, big gulp cameras,  smoking sensors in  Gotham?  So far….

Which leads us to the final part: “…and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign.”

This is paradoxical in that what once was a moving violation (criminal behavior?) is now a ticket (benign?) but his overarching allegation is spot on as intimated above.

Any given number of cops can give out a finite number of red-light and speeding tickets are one time, typically one.  But a machine can catch EVERY violation.

As I mentioned by channeling Boob-berg’s nanny state spirit, if they can lasso your wallet for red-light and speeding tickets, maybe Big Brother’s eyes and ears will find and prosecute other and perhaps new crimes, such as thought crimes.  (Don’t laugh… remember what I said about “Lars”?)

The law in New York is that a bike rides in the same direction as the traffic.  We will not discuss the common sense or physics of this law now, we will accept it as the law.

Then again, if you ever have been in             Manhattan during the day,  “traffic” is a relative term.  You can make decent time on some streets but for the most part the traffic moves somewhere between gridlock and a glacier.

There are these death-defying bike messengers who zip in and out of traffic with wild abandon, there are food delivery guys equally as reckless and some driving bikes with baskets on them which could serve as shelter for a small family.

But as they are, gen’ly, going with the flow, they are cool.  But poor Zander who rode prolly no more than a half of a block the wrong way won himself a free ride in a police car.

Yup!  But, hey, don’t stop and frisk!  That’s racist!

(I need someone to help me out here.  Back when I was young-er, for some reason I thought we were told to ride facing the traffic. Am I misremembering that?)

So, Zander might be on to something here… we shall see.

But my old pal Mac out in beautiful downtown Idaho sent me a gem!  He wrote:  “I  substituted ‘Liberals’ for New York, and changed the verbs to match…”

Let’s see how that plays out…

“Liberals are a mismanaged carnival of stupidity who are desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign.”

Kinda brings a tear to your eye for its pure beauty and simplicity of defining Liberalism.

Outstanding, troop!


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