“None Dare Call It Treason – Oh, Wait, I Do!”

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“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”




Genesis 3:19

My Friends and Fellow Sidewinders:

“I, XXXXXXXXXX, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military JusticeSo help me God.”

(How many of you actually said or was standing next to someone who said “State your name” after “I”.  Hmmm…. Thought there would be fewer…)

I was thinking about this the other day, I am sure you know why.  So, let’s parse the Oath of Enlistment many of us took.

“Support and defend the Constitution.”  Pretty straight forward.  Kinda wish that the members of Congress and OTHER elected creatchures who swore to do the same, would.

“Against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.”  OK, this is not supposed to be a trick question and it was not one until January 2009.  To beat this dead horse, you really need a scorecard in some cases to know who the real enemies are.  But the bottom line is in your heart of hearts YOU do know who the enemies are.

“Obey the orders of the President of the United States…”  Again, should not be a problem but to be 100% candid, it is like the Pope and the Church.  The Pope can say and do whatever he wants but if and only when he is speaking ex cathedra on matters of doctrine MUST he be obeyed.  IMHBVAO, the president can say and do whatever he wants, and this one certainly does, but if and only when his words comport with the Laws of the Land must he be obeyed.  I think anyone in any position who take a loyalty oath to the president is not bound to it of said president instructs one to do something illegal. Like, shoot US Citizens.  Just sayin’.

“And the orders of the officers appointed over me…”  Dang skippy you do.

“…according to regulations and the Unified Code of Military Justice.”  And those are not that tricky to follow.

“So help me God.”  Note: “God.”

Now, enter the traitor Bowe Bergdahl.

Old Bowe has been a “prisoner” for some five years in the hands of the Taliban.  He must be something special as the gum’mint has been looking for him all that time.  Troops have been lost, millions spent but they could not find him.

(BTW, there is ONE Marine being held by the Mexican “Authorities.”  We know EXACTLY where he is.  But, Biff and Co. will not do anything to help him.  You see, he crossed into Mexico in possession of legal rifles and the Federales de Mexico locked him up.  I wonder if the Marine was smuggling Korans in to Mexico and he got locked up…. Just sayin’.)

All of sudden like, Bowe is getting his skinny butt released.  He is sick, they say.  He may not make it, they say.  He has forgotten how to speak English, they say.  They say a lot of stuff, sadly none of it is true. Or, as true as they say.

You see, Soldier Bowe was disillusioned with Afghanistan.  Can’t say I blame him, most people in a war zone are not thrilled. But he DID take that oath above.

There are tales that prior to his “disappearance” he wrote emails complaining and intimating that he might do a runner.  Allegedly his father “destroyed” the emails.  Yeah, good luck with that.  Ask Anthony Weiner.  They are out there somewhere and I think Biff has them under lock and key.

Now, out of the blue, all of a sudden and as a distraction to the VA scandal here comes word that “POW” Bergdahl is “coming home.”

(You thought this was a one-off?   You thought this had no connection to anything else? Where have you been?  NOTHING happens in this Maladministration without a purpose.  They tipped their hands ages ago when they said never to let a good crisis go to waste.)

Now, news alerts, breaking news emails and all the attendant hoo-hah is being broadcasted that our “only POW held by the Taliban” is being released.  Thank God! (Er, no, not God, as we shall see.)

Cut to the scene of the crime, the Wh’ite House.  Here comes Biff with his arm around this woman, who is Bergdahl’s mother.  Biff is holding her in such a way one might be excused for a moment that he liked girls.  Tagging behind the couple is this odd looking chap with a long blond beard.

Hmmmm… but we will come back to that.

Biff bloviates and blows up our collective skirts about some fact, some lie and some just downright fable about Bergdahl.

Then Bergdahl Sr. steps up to the mike and says: “Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim” as Biff smiles broadly.  He stated at first that his little boy is having difficulty speaking English, so, he says a few phrases then add “I am your father, Luke!”  (OK, he did not say “Luke.”)

The average Joe or Jane prolly would not question any of that. But I cry foul.  I am purty dang sure that all of a sudden even after five years, this chap did not “forget how to speak” his native tongue.

That is unless he learned and became expert in another language and was immersed in it. Like Pashtu.  Or Arabic.  After all, if you are with peeps who do not speak your language, you still THINK in it, no?

But, put that aside for a moment.  The words he said “bismillah al-rahman al-rahim,” is the heard the most famous war cry of Islam.  It is Arabic for “In the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful.”

He did not say “I am your father” in Arabic but used that as a ruse to, to, to what?  Say an Arabic war cry?  I mean the guys who were holding him knew what his deal was.  Was he just giving them and the world a nod and a wink?

Oh, BTW, as he is speaking in Arabic and calling on their god, Biff is smiling.  He KNOWS what it means.

Oh, BTW, check this father out in contradistinction to the father of the boy killed by Rodgers last week.  A totally different demeanor, and yes, totally different situations.  But look at the eyes of this father.  There is something different, distant, perhaps sinister and evil.  Just sayin’.

But, this a tour de force for Biff & Co., to negotiate the release of one of our own! What a guy! Finally he does the right thing.

Or, does he?

Except he broke a handful of laws to do so, infractions that some of even his own party suggest that Biff committed high crimes and misdemeanors.  He or someone by his orders negotiated with an enemy, negotiated with an entity that is not a sovereign state and released against any number of laws, known terrorists from Gitmo.

(And to put that in perspective, Biff did not consult with the “leadership” of Afghanistan, has prolly broken a number of laws by taking citizens of one country to a second –third or fourth – and dictating the terms of their freedom/incarceration, had known terrorists removed from Gitmo, which demands that Congress be given a 30-day written notice and not the middle-finger instead and more.   Biff conveniently sloughs it off with the announcement that he issued “Executive Orders”, so it is all cool.  Someone is going to learn a very hard lesson about taking the law into your own hands, but I am not sure if it is he or We the People. [I will be writing on that.])

(And as a bonus, when your Director of Central Intelligence is a Muslim…..)

(I am sure that the year in Qatar will mellow the Fab Five Terrorists and they will learn a trade like wood working or plumbing.  Or, be back fighting the infidels within weeks.  Can’t say for sure, but don’t look for these guys on “Angie’s List.”)

As for our little wayward sergeant.  Let’s look at him a little deeper.

He was not kidnapped, he walked away from his post and his weapon and allowed himself to be taken by Haji.  He is a deserter at best. And if he gave ANY aid or comfort to Haji, he is a traitor.

Before you think I am being harsh in my rash pronouncements, let’s overlay the oath of enlistment over his actions:

Did he support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic?

Did he bear true faith an allegiance to the same?

Did he obey the order of the President?

Dunno.  Maybe he did.

Did he obey the orders of the officers appointed over him according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice?


So help me God.


So, Biff pulls this stunt to distract us from the VA clusterfluke.  He trots out a seemingly nice set of parents. ‘Cept the mom does not mind being fondled by Biff.  And the father, yes, that beard.

That beard is not just a regular beard.  It is a beard of Islamic proportions as the main beard is unkempt and unclipped. But the moustache is.

(Not so sure?  Take a look at ALL the tangos out there, from the handful of recent residents of Cuba to UBL himself.  Ugly, scraggly beards but a trim moustache.   Now, look at the blond facial hair of Bergdahl Sr.  I rest my case.)

This is not over my friends, not by a long shot.

With some on the Left calling out Biff on this, I can only imagine what kind of scandal or crisis is going to have to “pop up” to take our attention off the possible traitor whose “release” was prolly a cover up for the VA scandal which just happened to see light as the Benghazi hearings were gearing up which… you get the picture.

(The next thing to keep your eyes on is Syria….)


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