“Eat An Impeach”

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“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Earthlings:

(NOTE: From this morning’s FB Post:  “In case you attended school in the 80’s or later, today is D-Day. While I am sure the Libs have their panties in an uproar over this and Biff prolly sees it as a day of mourning as it hastened the end to a number of dictatorships, it was one of the most important days in the history of the world. This date in 1944, the Allies invaded Normandy and took back that beachhead which eventually allowed the good guys to push the Hun back to Berlin. The attack was the largest invasion [other than illegals coming over our border] in the history of warfare. From the Rangers and the Screaming Eagles parachuting to the scene in the darkness of night to the armada of ships depositing thousands and thousands of troops at the five beaches, it proved that good CAN and WILL and DID defeat evil. [Please, make a note of that.”])


(NOTE:  There is a link at the end of this issue.  It is MANDITORY     viewing.  Without that link, much of this issue and future ones will be rendered useless without this touchstone.  Thank you.)


Much of today’s issue falls under the category of: “I not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

“I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said” – William F. Buckley

Any of you who know me or has read this thing of ours for any length of time knows that this is one of my favorite quotes from one the greatest minds…ever.

I have used this with great success in debate and argument.  As long as the other person is listening and they actually process what is being said you can actually reduce some liberals to tears.

To tears.

And, it feels good.  No, not the making a Liberal cry, like that is a great achievement, but that they actually had to put that statement next to theirs.   The desired result, crying in this case, suggests that they do not really believe to be true what they just said.  It is not a big victory, but it is a start.  And if done correctly, that Liberal will start to be circumspect in what they say and perhaps question their rationale.

But in these cases we are dealing with folks who have souls, who do want to do the right thing but are on the wrong track.  They are only steps away from being morally honest with themselves.

The problem comes from the moral bereft, the pathological liars, the criminals, the haters, the ideologues, the evil ones.

Yes, I am talking about most politicians and in particular the current crop of creatchures.

Many, MANY of you wrote to me this week over the story of the deserter, Bergdahl.  You were basically of two minds: He is a deserter and how dare Biff trot out his family like they were the parents of a MoH winner.  And how dare Biff 1) trade 5 high value Al Q’aeda bosses without approval for some scrawny-butt deserter then 2) Lie again and again and again.

Then of course there were those who were (still) calling for Biff’s Impeachment.  That thread will be the crux if this particular biscuit.

It does bear mentioning that one of Biff’s more egregious lies was that the not-so Fab Five will be safe-housed in Qatar, that there will be constant vigilance, essentially they will be under some form of house arrest and they are forbidden from leaving the country.

Qatar authorities reported that Biff was laboring under some kind of delusion.  The terrorists are in a Five-Star hotel and are free to come and go as they please, that they are under no restrictions of any kind and that was that.

(So, with the war in Afghanistan winding down, allegedly, and there are thousands of highly trained military dudes and dudettes out there and, well, something must be done to keep them busy, no?  I mean, according to many Liberals in Congress, Vets are terrorists [and they do not want them back here], not the Muzzies who have been blowing things up and killing people for almost half a century now. [And, yes, they have been doing is for almost 1400 years, I am referring to the new, improved, industrial strength terrorism.]  Do you think, just for a moment, that these five Haji, just might cook up something, somewhere?  You know to keep the military employed somewhere, say, Syria?  Jes’ sayin’.)

But, we are going to leave the deserter Bergdahl and his complicit family for now. We may revisit his treason, the odd spins, the weird responses, the strange bedfellows (From the Left Chris “Tingly Leg” Matthews thinks this was a terrible idea, from the Right Charles Krauthammer supports the deal.  Go Figger!)

That said and done, the lying liars who were lying about the lies and subsequent lies are still lying and will continue to lie about their lying lies as they lie again. (And I bet 100% of you know EXACTLY what I mean.)

In no specific order:  The Wh’ite House figgered, very wrongly, that We the People would be thrilled about this exchange of a five terrorists for a deserter.  Biff figgered that we God Believing (for the most part), America Loving, Military supporters would be ecstatic about getting back a “POW.”

We would be thrilled to get back a POW!  Deserters, meh.  Not so much so.

So, the WH puts out a “poor me” article, disseminated through the usual suspects like Media Matters and Politico.  Basically, it said, very paraphrasing, 99% of Americans are wrong, we did a good thing now, look, you hurt Biff’s feelings! Bad Americans.

Really, it was not far off from that.

Then they trot out the useful tools.  Here comes that poor, abused and addled Susan Rice to sell the companies soap.  Since Benghazi perhaps the only person in the Country/world/universe who has less credibility than Biff is Rice.  So, she did little to advance the cause.

A few dimbulbs from State, apparently trying out for a gig with TASS or PRAVDA went off on some incoherent tangent that Biff did the right thing, blah, blah.

The next day, after crying crocodile tears, the WH announces that they were, in fact, prepared for some push back, they “knew” it might be an unpopular decision, but, that does not stop the Man of Aluminum!

(Did you see him “working out” in the hotel gym in Poland?  The only thing sadder than a grown “man” pumping weights in the 8-10 pound category is for a Liberal mouth-breather network talking head saying “Obviously he is working on getting cut, doing many reps with low weight.”  Yeah, sure, if that is the case, with a ¼ pound bacon sandwich in one hand and a 12 ounce Abita Jockamo IPA in the other, I should be like razor wire.)

Then they flip flop again in a speech in Europe.  And I am sure by the time you read this they flipped and flopped again.

The problem is that you have a bunch of people, Biff and his assistants, hangers on, advisors, leaches, and so forth, telling him what to think, what they want him to think and they are not filtering any of this through the truth or sanity.

To synthesize this to get close to wrapping this edition, it is like Biff is a hot 20-odd year old drunk girl at a fraternity party.  There are all these jocks trying to compromise her positions by saying: “Hey, babe, have another drink and you know, no one cares if Bergdahl is a deserter and he converted to Islam, c’mon take a chance.”

Or, “No, no, no, I swear there is no one else but Bergdahl sweetie.  Besides, that Marine in the Mexican jail means nothing to me, we only hung out once when he swore his oath.”

“I swear, darling, I have learned from my mistakes! I promise I will never, ever leave anyone behind again!  Let’s go to the Situation Room”

Then the slut goes off with all of them.

I do not think Biff has anyone’s best interest but his in mind.  He does not care about what you think or what I think.  He cares about what he can get away with to advance his NWO agenda.  (Below, as promised.)

He is tone deaf, because his advisers are tone deaf, Kool-Aid drinking ideologues and haters.  Garbage in, garbage out.

Enough on this, lemme wrap this up.


Nope. Not going to happen.

And when you say “impeachment” you mean “removal from office”.  Those are two different things.  Clinton was impeached but not removed. I can’t imagine anyone wanting anyone impeached but allowed to stay in office.  (Impeachment is like being arraigned.)

Here is how it works.

First, he has to be impeached by the House.  Smoking Johnny has nowhere near the gonadature to try that.  But, let’s play along.  Biff is impeached! Now the next step in the Senate where there would be a trial.

Do you think for a New York minute that Dingy Harry is going to allow the trial to go on?  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.


And even if he did, while it takes a simple majority in the House to impeach it takes a two-thirds supermajority to convict.

So, the first logical step is to elect supermajorities in BOTH houses, to be on the safe side, of good, honest Constitutionalists , most likely Republicans and Conservatives.

Fine, so, sometime early 2015 the proceedings start.  He  is impeached then convicted.

Then there are a million get-out-of-jail free presidential pardons handed out.  Someone puts a stop to that, Biff gets his panties in a wad, calls martial law, suspends the Constitution and declares himself King of the Realm.

Just in case you think I am kidding, two things.

First, read back over the past six years or so, what is my batting average?  And regarding Biff it is almost 1000%

Now, recall, the Fabian Society, the desire to take over the world.  The fact that they are willing to go slow.  It has been 130 years since they were formed,  they have an unabashed Marxist/Statist running, or rather, at the head of the greatest Country in the world.  They are T-H-I-S close to achieving their dream of world domination.

Do you think they are going to say “Dern it, Biff was impeached! Back to the drawing board.”

Not a chance in hell.

Watch this video VERY closely. Watch it 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 times if you must, until you get what he is saying. Then, get back to me…



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