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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Math Fans:


N = R* x fp x ne x fe x fi  x fc x L

Some of you will recognize the above as the “Drake Equation.”  It has to do with the likelihood of there being other “intelligent” life in the solar system that we will be able to discover with radar, telescopes and other electrical signal detecting devices.

With a Saganesque “billions and billions” of stars in the universe, the probability that there are other life forms “similar” to humans is pretty high.  A lot?  No, but a few.   (This does not infer any attack on any belief, religious or scientific.)

But it is one of those equations that apropos of nothing that has given me pause for thought.  That and the bovine scatology masquerading as reporting and legal avenues.

The equation suggest that “N”, which is the number of detectible “civilizations” that may possible exist in the universe (or, multiverse, if you must) is the result of the rate of star formation in the universe multiplied by the fraction of those stars that may be surrounds by planets multiplied by average number of planets in a system that could possibly support life per star which  has planets multiplied by the fraction of planets which could possibly support life that actually do multiplied by the fraction of planets that actually do develop intelligent life multiplied by the fraction of civilizations that develop the technology needed to release electrical or other signs of their existence into space multiplied by the  length of time these civilizations release such signs into space.  (Simple, right?  LOL.)

In other words, not very many, Benny.

But, I posit, that the same model equation can be modified to express the reason why our Country is such a mess.

I will not bore you with the math but instead will bore you with some other facts and conjecture.

While it may be my own private Idaho, I ascribe many of the ills of the Country to the cessation of the Blue Laws.  As I have written too many times before, when the stores were closed on Sunday, families spent more time together.  Yes, there is more to it than that but that is the crux of the biscuit.

The greater conundrum occurs when it is patently obvious that poor parenting produces a fruit of spoiled rotten kids, such as that murderous bastiche Rodger out in Santa Barbara a few weeks back.

What has happened over the past few decades is that parents lost interest in parenting.  They were very interested in money, vacations, sex and all the other diversions that they were told to be important via television.

Kids became fixtures, or accoutrements, or nuisances or anything but the fruit of your loin.  In some cases it was intentional, in others it was visited upon you.

And while we are busy being bad parents all too many school systems were telling our kids we were even worse. They were instructed that premarital sex was expected, deviancy is the norm, we were founded by a cabal of slave owners and we are racist by nature. And the only hope this County has is for the youth to rise up and ignore their parents.

No matter how bad they are/were.

And to put the fix in, if some parent put his or her foot down all the kid had to do was complain and child protection services would be doing a proctologic exam on the parents.

And that is one of the reasons that the true nature of crimes is not being reported.

Take any newspaper or evening news.  Take note of the amount of crimes committed by juveniles.  Now, get a hold of the local police blotter.  How much more serious crime is NOT being reported?

Yep, and even more than that.

Now, look at the demographics of the perps.  Not just skin tone, you racist, but their income.

The poor White kid is going to get his 15 minutes of “fame” for a crime before the rich black kid.

The message here is that the only color that matters is green and if you do not have any, you are on your own.

Again, these are all things BETWEEN the lines. The SRM is not going to tell you to look for the anomalies or to read between the lines. They are going to tell you what you are supposed to be told.

(Much like the Bergdahl clusterfluke.  Public opinion has boomeranged against Biff and now there are apologies coming.  Meanwhile, we STILL have a Marine in Mexico but almost three dozen armed Mexican soldiers crossed our border.  Tell me, what kind of Kafkaesque world in which are we living?????????)

On an unrelated related note, hardly a week goes by that some restaurant chain announces that they are a now a “family friendly restaurant” and that means they are “gun free zones.”

Yup, you got that right, a “gun free zone.”  So, if you are allowed to carry, either by geography or permit, these restaurants have unilaterally abridged your 2nbd Amendment rights.

Yet, no one does anything about it.  Imagine if you went to Starbucks and they had a sign “In consideration for the feelings of our customers, there will be no criticism of the current administration.” (It is a trick question, Starbucks is anti-gun so there is no reason to go there.)

Let’s continue.   What happens when a place declares that they do not allow guns?  Anyone?  No…. they are not safer places.    You, over there, your opinion please.  Noooo… more people do not go there.  One more, yes, you in the ghillie suit… YES!  We have a winner!  That place gets robbed!

Connect the dots:  Liberal restaurant owners ban guns, liberal restaurants get held up by thugs with guns. Who do they blame?  LEGAL gun owners.  For some reason, they can’t see why it is their own fault.

Imagine if you put a note on your door that read: “NOTICE! I keep all of my money and jewels in the bottom right hand draw of my desk in the den.  DO NOT TOUCH!”

Imagine how thankful a burglar would be!

But are not the restaurants doing the exact same thing?  When the inevitable happens and they get robbed, they blame the White Hats.

(There is a page on FB “Gun Free Dining.”  They are idiots. I posted “So if you get robbed, who do you call?  A chef?”   That was deleted.  So I posted: “How many restaurants which have gone ‘gun free’ have been robbed?  When the cops come to collect the bodies, do you make them leave their guns outside?”  There were a few posts from “citizens” complaining that some restaurants had “no position” on lawful carrying.          I asked “how many of them have been robbed?” I am sure they are checking that out now.  BY ALL MEANS… go to that page and call them out on their anti-constitutional stance and cowardice.)

Let’s wrap this puppy up…

Under the category of “How We Got To This Point” allow me to posit the following.

When I was a kid, and I was not even anywhere near close to perfect (shock, I know) if I did anything wrong the last sound I heard before the pain set in was the sound of my dad’s belt coming through the loops on this pants.

I rarely made the same mistake twice but I did make quite a few once.  But, as I said, rarely twice. (Today, I prolly would have been diagnosed with some disorder and drugged up.)  For what it was worth and I assure you I resented him for it, I did learn and I came to realize that I deserved it.  Almost always.

As it says in Proverbs in the Bible “He who spares the rod, hates his child.”  Hates.  Yes, hates.  Because if you do not PROPERLY admonish your children, well, they are going to grow up with no self-respect, no respect for others or the law, will be overbearing and demanding and they will lash out more.  Yes, they become Liberals.   And in reality, these kids act up and act out as they do because all they want is their parent’s time and love.  But… nooooo!!!!!

So, feast your eyes on this:  http://politicaloutcast.com/2014/05/father-convicted-punished-making-son-walk-mile-home-school/

A kid acted up, his father made him walk a mile home.  Big deal, I waked about a mile to school when I was a kid.

But, the father was arrested, tried and convicted.  (Read the article as it rips the legal eagles apart for their rationale!)

So, don’t carry a gun and when you get held up in a gun free zone, blame someone else.  Don’t reprimand your child them be shocked that he takes drugs, commits crimes and the like.   And don’t forget to blame someone else.

Here is what I want to see: someone who runs for president who says “I am going to undo all the evil over the past eight years.  If anything goes wrong you can blame me. I promise you that I will not let you down.”  And I would expect them to mean it!



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