“Flag Day/US ARMY B’DAY 2K14. Saturday Shortstack #13

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Amendment Counters:

The other day, some Liberal had a letter printed by the fellow-travelers at NEWSDAY.  Truly, one would think that this expanded Pennysaver would have the intellectual honesty not to simply print lies or promote a particular agenda. (That is a joke, folks.)

Yes, letters to the editor are supposed to reflect the opinions of the populace.  That said they are not supposed to incite violence, promote crime, suggest artifice, carry the editor’s water or blatantly lie.  I mean it is not like one of Biff’s press conferences or briefing by Sideshow Carney and his successors.

To follow is the letter of a cogently-limited individual followed by my expected response, if I may be so bold.  He starts off on one track and then shifts gears to another, seemingly unrelated argument that wanders around common sense and some valid points and winds up with a reasonable partial conclusion.  But, he ties up is argument with the “cream filling” part of this particular Oreo rather than his initial top chocolate cookie salvo, which, IMHBVAO, is his real point.  He amplifies on the initial postulation too much for it to be a mere supporting point.

I tried to post my response to the letter on line, but it appears that I am on some kind of a lag.  (By the time I can see the letter on line, the time to comment has closed.  I am sure it is just a glitch…)

As I canNOT post this on line and the likelihood of this being printed is about the same as alleged AG Stedman investigating and then pressing charges against himself or Her Thighness running for prez wearing “Daisy Dukes” and a tube top at every event….sorry, but you get the point… so, your humble narrator will share with you, dear reader.

(It is not just the letter alone which tweaked me to pontificate suchly.  It is the same bovine scatology of a baseless argument making unfounded assumptions and forgetting to connect the additional, but critical, dots that we hear again and again.)

Without further ado, I present the argument:

“I cannot imagine why any responsible gun owner would object to strict legislation governing the registration, licensing and method of sale of all firearms, and an outright ban on assault weapons [“Deadly spree in California,” News, May 25]. Those most familiar with firearms are acutely aware of their destructive power and should be leading the effort to keep them out of the wrong hands. It is common sense, and a small sacrifice by the few to preserve the safety and well-being of the many.

“Unfortunately, the common sense and logic of gun control is not an absolute solution to the slaughter so recently visited upon our nation. The Elliot Rodgers (sic) among us are unique and defy common sense and logic. They demonstrate aberrant behavior from time to time; however, they lack criminal records and carry the shield of medical nondisclosure. All of this prevents the scrutiny necessary to uncover the evidence of their cunning and deadly agendas. If guns became unavailable, they would navigate a different, possibly more heinous path.

“Focusing on gun control is very good; identifying and securing the would-be perpetrator first is much better.”


And now, one of my Magnus Opera in rebuttal:


I wonder how people would react if someone wrote a similar letter as the anti-gun letter of Tuesday.

Imagine:  “I cannot imagine why any responsible speaker would object to the strict legislation governing the use of all words and an outright ban on anything that is not pro-administration.  Those most familiar with words are aware of their destructive power.  It is common sense and a small sacrifice by the few to preserve the safety of the many.”

I do not think that there are any among us who would agree to such concept! After all, most would complain, we are guaranteed Freedom of Speech in the 1st Amendment!

And we are guaranteed the right to bear arms in the 2nd!

What difference does it make if we rip up one little pesky Amendment?  I will tell you, once they rip up one, they will rip up them all.

This writer could not possibly be more wrong in almost every case.  Ignoring the fact that he ignores the Constitution, espouses a thought process directly out of the Communist Manifesto, he conveniently ignores other facts.

While Rodgers did in fact use a gun in his slaughter, he also used a knife and a car.  Should we ban those as well or just the things about which most people are ignorant or unfamiliar?

It is difficult to argue, however, with the allegation that mental illness is one of the common links in these random, senseless murders. But it is society that created many of these monsters by “trying” to “help”, after all they are “humans.”  Until they kill.  How many of these senseless slaughters could have been avoided if not just early identification of mental illness but the proper corrective steps had been taken?

Lastly, I said “one of the common links.”  Take a look at the mass and random murders over the past dozen years or so.  The other commonality?  They virtually were all Liberal, Left Wing or Left-Leaning folks.

Please, make a note of that.


Peace out Cub Scouts and enjoy your weekend.   Today is a very, very special day for two of my very close friends and fellow readers.  In a few short hours, Jim and Joe will be ordained Roman Catholic Priests in an Ordination ceremony in St. Agnes Cathedral.  Vocations are becoming rarer and rarer here in the US but we are blessed in our area to have Ordained a fair number of priests in the last few years.  Most of them receive this thing of ours, so we know they are well grounded patriotically and I can assure you that they are incredibly well grounded theologically.   I ask you to please keep them in your prayers and to pray for good and strong religious leaders regardless of your belief. (Youknowwhatimean.)



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