“Book ‘Em, Hillaroo!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Book Lovers:


If I did something wrong, or something for which I was embarrassed or just did not want to reveal for whatever reason, or might be complicit in crimes, let’s say, or maybe misrepresented myself or actions, for instance, one of the very LAST things I would do is to write a book about these mistakes, missteps, misspeaks and misrepresentations.

But, if I was foolish enough to do such a thing, I would be 100% sure I had a back story ready to cover my butt.  I certainly would not allow any of the more egregious, er, “errors” to be challenged without having a rock-solid defense in place.

To prove that she has no regard for our Country or citizens, to amplify on the fact that she is tone-deaf and reliant on the SRM to cover her prodigious posterior as a cripple is on a crutch, our Pantsuited Princess, Her Thighness, Hillaroo herself has “written” a book.

Maybe.  Did she really write it?  Don’t ask her if you want a straight answer.  (And don’t get catty over my using the word “straight” as a descriptive for her.  We have no idea if any of those allegations are really true.)

That said, Hillaroo has a book out which she ostensibly wrote.  Quite frankly just this one little part of this FISH will speak volumes.

You see, the book is ironically called “Hard Choices.”  (No Lewinski jokes, please!)  Prior to 2009 the all- time worst president was the anti-Semite and hand-picked post-turtle Jimmah Q’arter.  He had as his first secretary of state one Cyrus Vance and he wrote a tome of his memoirs curiously called “Hard Choices.”

Fast forward over three decades and there is the new world champion worst president (and unlike Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron’s record there is zero evidence this guy is using any “performance enhancing drugs.”)  He, too, is an anti-Semitic hand-picked post-turtle. His first secretary of state was one Hillaroo and she “wrote” a tome of her memoirs curiously called “Hard Choices.”

For some reason Hillaroo picked a name for her book that is something like 285,000th on the Amazon best sellers list.  Considering her alleged duplicity and lack of shame, it is surprising that she would pick the name of a book so far down on the list.   I was shocked that she did not call it something to reflect the best-selling book of all time and putting her spin or fingerprints on it.  Like “The Bible, According to Hillaroo” or “A Tale of Two Cities Baseball Teams that Hillaroo Likes” or the rest.

(I s’pose when you let VP JoeBama pick the name for something it might not be as, er, “original” as one might expect.)

I am not saying the book is selling poorly, just because it is slightly behind “Wave-Particle Duality for Dummies” and the braille version of “The Do-It-Yourself Vasectomy” books.

But, there are only two types or people who are buying this book, those who think Hillaroo is swell or those who are forced to own the book, typically for decoration purposes only.

It is apparent that the reviewers did not read the book, based on their reviews as it is equally apparent by her interviews that maybe Her Thighness not only did not write it but perhaps did not read it either.

Evidenced by the fact that she has given all of her interviews to “friendlies”, which means anyone in the SRM except FOX and talk radio.  However, she was schooled by Terry Gross from NPR who she suspected would be a fellow-traveller.


And if you saw the Diane Sawyer paean then you know a fix is in. If you missed it, it would seem that Sawyer was vetted as to the questions and that she could ask, and that was if not given the questions had been provided to her to begin with.  The most egregious part was not even so much the soft-ball questions but no follow up.

Her Thighness sat there like Jabba the Hut after letting John “WTLF” Kerry practice his botox injections on her.  Half the time there was no eye contact or true engagement from either side.  Almost like it was done on the phone whilst getting their nails done.

“So, that was something when you landed in Bosnia under heavy enemy fire!  You must have feared for your life!”

“It was something Diane.”

“So, tell me, what is your favorite shade of blue?  We are all dying to know!”

Yup, it was that king of probing questions which were asked.  And speaking of dying:

“Madame Secretary, tell me minute by minute what you were going when four Americans were being tortured, slaughtered and dismembered in Benghazi.”

“I was doing the best I could each and every moment.”

“Wow!  You are quite a woman!   Tell us, if you can, what are your preferred pizza toppings?”

Meaning while of Hillaroo seemed any more detached, she would have been in a coma.

But it did not stop there.

Short of saying that she was born a poor, black boy of sharecropper parents, she did say the next closest thing: she said they were dirt poor when they left the Wh’ite House, or in their cases, the scene of the crimes.

Yes, the poor baby, they were broke!  They did not have a pot to, well, you know what poor people without indoor plumbing do in a pot.  They had to buy a new home and they had legal bills!

I am not sure how many other ex-Presidents had lived in public housing (WH, Governor’s Mansion) for so long that that did not own their own home.  Heck, even Biff has a crib in Barackistan.  Sure, it may not have been actually purchased by him but he owns one!

So, the po po po “Capitol Hillbillies”, the Clinton’s had to scrape by on BJs meager $210,700 presidential pension and whatever governor’s pension he had coming in and Hillaroo’s $174,000 Senate salary and whatever she makes in taking in laundry and collecting bottle deposits.

(And though, for some strange reason the stories have morphed or disappeared over time but “allegedly” while the secret service did not pay for the house in Chappaqua, they did extensive renovations and security measures to the home at no cost to them.)

Of course, we are also neglecting the huge book deals this pair got with millions up front and speaking engagement fees a multiple times what the average American earns in a YEAR for EACH of their speeches.

So, spare me the “I had to walk uphill, in the snow, every day, both ways to school all throughout grammar and high schools as well as college!” bovine scatology.

Let’s assume they were low on funds when they bought the house in Chappaqua so she would have a place to store her carpet bag when she ran for Senator.  Let’s assume this is somewhere within yelling distance of the truth.

If that was the case, why did they pay almost $3,000,000 for a home in Washington, DC shortly after that?

Simple, because like almost everything else in their lives it is a scam, a lie, a canard, a front, an artifice and really nothing close to reality.

Truly these two deserve each other, who else would put up with the antics of the other?

But even so, with book sales this side of “meh” there is possibly more truth on a book of matches than in the entire 656 pages of her latest tour de farce.  (I am sure they missed counting about 10 pages.)

She flips flops again on gay “marriage” as she was once very against it and her hubby actually signed DOMA into law, now, she is all for it, things change, evolve, if you will.

(Funny, I did not get an updated version of the Decalogue on this matter.)

The truly sad thing is that anyone with a scintilla of intellectual honesty knows that she is not to be trusted, and that assessment goes back to her betters when she was prosecuting Nixon.  Anyone who has watched her for .30 seconds knows she is unfamiliar with being honest and forthcoming.  Otherwise why does she spend so much time and capital rewriting her history?

(And you would think that of you were going to write a near 666 page long book that you would not include anything that makes you look stupid, wrong, criminal or anything else and that you would also have every possible interview question covered so that you are not caught flat-footed with your knickers in a knot.)

And there are those who still thing she is the greatest thing in the world.


I dunno?

Her great job in the Senate? Er, something like two of her bills became law.  And she was arguably among the worst Sec States in history, but that is not all her fault.  Biff has an ability to spot talent then the same ability to pick someone else.

She brings nothing to the table except her gender and one other thing, which we will get to in a second.  The idea that she is not as bad as Biff is a lie as she is far more cunning and astute then the current resident.  If there is anything left of America and if there actually are elections and peradventure she won, there would be nothing left after her.

The only peeps who would vote for her are the same ones who voted for Biff.  They are afraid if a REAL American was elected and undid what did Biff, turned over the stones and exposed his, er, activities and so on that they would look stupid.

Sorry for not feeling sympathetic that I allow the Country to go down the crapper to allow someone to save face.

So, you will have to get used to being called  a “sexist” rather than a “racist” should Her Thighness get the nod.


Oh, that “one other thing.”  Yeah, when she was a “lawyer” she allowed the rapist of a 12 year old go get off with two months of time served.  She knew he was guilty (which makes no difference, one is still entitled to representation) but she even bent the rules to allow a guilty guy walk… and laughed about it.

But, don’t believe me, listen to her in her own words.  (And note her “Chicago accent”….)


Enough, she is making me viscerally ill.


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