“Je Suis Charlie. Je Suis Le Poisson!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19

My Friends and Fellow Non-Tourists:

Er, yeah, the Constitution and all.  A tricky thing it is.

The Constitution, the law of the land, applies to all who happen to be in our great Country.  Rich, poor, black, White, Liberal, Conservative, legal, ILLEGAL or any other possible permutation of person.

So, if you are fifteenth generation American and can trace your roots to before the American Revolution or if you are some terrorist who slipped into our Country illegally, all have the same rights and protections afforded by the law of the land.

In case anyone cares I am not OK with that.   I sometimes think this this Maladministration is not OK with that either.

(Of course when we seem to be in the same page as Biff & Co. if we are, we are for the wrong reasons or, in a totally different book.  In the eyes of this Maladministration if you can trace your family tree back two-hundred-odd years in America, you have been here too long.)

I am not sure if I have the answer or if there is a better one that what we now have.  What causes me distress are not the freedoms that we have but as mentioned someone comes here illegally, they have the same rights as a natural born citizen. But, how do differentiate?  Yet, that is not the question at hand.

To re-iterate, irrespective of how they arrive someone can enter our Land from some oppressive hell-hole where they have zero freedom and as if by magic have the same rights as we as soon as their feet touch land.

For those who come here legally and with the desire to add to the fabric of American Freedom, welcome!  How can I help you? Enjoy all this great Country has to offer and please pitch right in to help others!

For those who come here illegally, that is another story and we have largely discussed that in the past.

But the ones that really chap my hide, the ones I really have a hard time with are those who come here and either criticize our Country, demand that we do things the way they did it in their homeland or both.

Case in point, in the last issue was mentioned the “Long Island Jobs With Justice.”  On the list of officers, the first one emigrated from Peru and the second from Romania.  They came here, be it legally or not, from third world countries and now are raising a runkus about the way we are doing things.

I wish to advise these two “activists” that about which they are railing against would be a dream job in their homeland. I would hasten to add that the local constabulary would prolly take a dim view of their activities here if done in their home countries.

So, why is it OK that they do that here?

Now, let’s look at our friends in Dearborn, Patterson and other places.  Here are enclaves of Muslims. No big deal right? I mean there are ghettoes of all kinds all over the Country.

(And by “ghetto”, I am not being judgmental or “–ist” of any kind.  The “Free Dictionary” refers to a ghetto as a “(usually poor) section of a city inhabited primarily by people of the same race, religion or social background.”  But it is not necessarily “poor.”  For instance, one can refer to the Upper West Side of NYC as a “Liberal Ghetto” or Beverly Hills as a “Millionaires Ghetto.”)

The difference is that in the “ghettoes” with which we are most familiar, the locals are not trying to make you conform to any particular way of anything.  But the Muslim enclaves are exclusive.  They want to live like they did in their own lands, with their own customs and ways of doing things.  In some locales they have succeeded in having Sharia Law instituted as the local law.

And we allow this?

Rather, we allow Liberal politicians and judges to allow this.

As I said recently, that which we allow will continue.

(To put that in perspective, you canNOT travel to most Muslim countries and take your personal bible or prayer book, Rosary Beads or other non-Muslim religious artifacts but THEY want to come here and tell us how we should live.)

Just take a look at Europe.  There are parts of the UK and other countries which are 100% Muslim to the exclusion of anyone else.  And that is supposed to be OK?

One of the few, perhaps only, country to put up a fight over Islamification and Sharia Law is, oddly enough, France.

The only country to come in second in virtually every war in which they were involved have now picked a fight with a billion Muslims.

The French have allowed the Muslims to come to France, but as time has gone on they have put their foot down at various points. For instance there is a ban on headscarves.

Now, don’t go thinking that the French are great people for banning Muslim headscarves. Not the case at all.  Despite its long history of being a staunch Catholic country at one time, it is in fact a very secular country by law! So the banning of the hijab or other coverings is not an attack on Islam any more than their ban on Nativity Plays on schools is an attack on CHRISTianity.

But, try telling that to someone with a 6th Century education.

(And the whole romance with CHRISTianity came to a screeching halt during the secular humanist revolt called the French Revolution where the swells who started the revolution murdered virtually every religious who did not support them.  Ergo, most of the priests, brothers and nuns were murdered, usually in very unpleasant manners.)

So while France is steadfastly sticking to their guns on public displays of religion (just like their council for maintaining the “purity” of the French language) the Religion of Pieces are using their guns to kill those who insult Islam.

(Imagine for a moment if CHRISTians were as fanatic as are the Muslims with respect to CHRISTianity?  There would be no one working at CNN, PMS/LSD or most of the cable and network news outlets and the headquarters of the TIMES and other papers would be smoldering ruins.  Just sayin’.)

France, to their credit, has as free press and speech as do we here in the good old U.S. of A.  Perhaps even more so.  The chaps at “Charlie Hebdo” were doing what all too US papers prints on their editorial pages.  They were trying to make a point (advisedly or not) through satire.  And that was not their first time at the rodeo poking fun at religion.

Think of “The Onion” here but far more caustic and nasty.  (They are French after all.)

It was an open secret that “Charlie Hebdo” was targeted by Muslims for their attempt, jejune at best, at educating the masses.  (My guess is that those who read such things tend more to the prurient rather than the Swiftian vein of satire.)

And what did the nice folks at “Charlie Hebdo”, a few cops “guarding” them and a few others?

It got them killed.

7 January 2015 will be France’s 9-11-01.

The two “alleged” shooters initially got away but were soon found and dispatched buy the local and federal police to see their 72 Virginians.

While that is going on, another swell is holding and killing hostages in a Kosher market.  He joined the Brothers Dim on the trip to their reward.

Then we hear the bride of the Kosher Killer may have been in on the planning of some parts of this slaughter.   She has since left France and allegedly has transited through Turkey to the garden spot known as Syria.  You know, where ISIS or IS or who cares, is holding court.

And now, there may be as many as another half of a dozen other cells operating in France with the same goal as the others.

If you think that will be the end of it, you are so sadly mistaken that only a Lib might accept said postulation.

On Monday it was revealed that ISIS or IS or who cares, hacked the United States Central Command’s website.  I am sure they are not looking for the names and addresses of military personal. Nor would they try to exploit that to access other military computer systems.

And I am sure it is even worse than that.

And what is Biffus Minimus doing while all this is going on? I mean since he returned from Hawaii. He has, er, er, er,….

But, stick with me grasshoppers, there is more to this and I will start to write about it now for the next edition…


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