Saturday Short Stack #15 Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers!

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Blue Light Special Shoppers:

“Our biggest concern is for the hundreds of Walmart (sic) associates who are now facing possible unemployment.”

What is that all about?  And, who said that?

Well, here on Long Island there are any number of Wal-Mart stores.  In many locations they have a full grocery section in addition to flammable clothing from China, a decent pharmacy and a curious collection of home (dorm?) furnishings.

Don’t misunderestimate me, I do shop there from time to time for various items.  But, there are a number of other choices as well.

The lease on one Wal-Mart will end on 5 May, Cinco de Mayo (not a joke.)  It is in a large mall and it covers 130,000 square feet on two levels.  It is one of the largest tenants in the mall.

Wal-Mart is not going to renew the lease as there is not enough room for a full sized grocery section in addition to the dry goods and electronics. So the store will close.

Of course, there are about a handful of other Wal-Marts within a fifteen-minute or so ride from the one slated to close.  Wal-Mart has advised the employees they will have first crack at any positions at the other local Wal-Marts and those who can’t find a position will receive severance pay of one week’s pay for each year of service.

Say what you want, but Wal-Mart could have said “It has been fun! And good luck there Sparky!” But they are trying to find positions for the three-hundred current employees or give them some get-started money.  I do not know of too many (any?) other companies like this who give a severance package to, how does one say, “non-key employees.”

OK, who is the person making the runkus at the start of this missive?

Some womyn from the “Long Island Jobs With Justice” has her panties in a wad over this closing.

(The name of this group should tell it all.  They are rousers of rabble and “do-gooders” of the worst kind.  What are their major activities?  Glad you asked, let’s have a look-see at their website: “Bus Riders Public Forum”, “Mother’s Day Action Against Deportations”, “Father’s Day Vigil Against Deportations” and “Walmart (sic) Solidarity.”  I guess they tend to the illegal aliens with allegedly low-paying jobs who can’t afford a car.  So, as you can see, they are economic bottom-feeders along the line of $hakedown $harpton who are pimping poor folks as their constituency. Are they doing well?  Er, you make the call.  Check out the directors, for instance. )

You see, not that long ago this and similar groups were making all kinds of noise about a “living wage.”  (Translation: “Living wage” = “Company to pay someone far more than their skill set is valued or the demands of employment.”)  They wanted Wal-Mart to pay the employees a wage higher than minimum or prevailing.

Mind you, less than one-half of one percent of Wal-Mart employees are paid minimum wage.  That is lower than the national average.

But, despite all the advantages that Wal-Mart offers (promotion, training, etc., etc.), the do-gooders are more than happy to bankrupt a company like Wal-Mart to make a point.

(Wal-Mart employs 2,100,000 people worldwide, 1,400,000 in the United States alone.  That is approximately one-percent of the total United States work force.)

The same people that would be thrilled to close the entire Wal-Mart chain to make a point are now demanding that they keep one shop open so a few hundred people do not lose their jobs.


If that makes sense to you, please let me know.

You see, this is one more example of the Liberal Theology. “I don’t know what I want but I do know what I don’t want.  Unless I change my mind.”

Just like Mario Cuomo who professed to be “Pro-Life” and ran as such until he could not get elected was quick to change his opinion/sell his soul to the devil to get elected and became “Pro-Abortion.”

You are known by your actions and if your words contradict your actions, your words are not worth much.

He could say he was “Pro-Life” all he wanted, he could even believe in his heart of hearts that life was sacred.  But the moment he said that women had the right to choose, despite any personal misgivings, THAT became his position. Especially as he was an elected official.

“I think adultery is bad!” said the man leaving the motel with a hooker.  What do YOU think his true feelings are?  Almost like the old joke when asked about the difference between adultery and fornication, the buxom beauty said “I dunno, I tried them both. They feel the same to me.” You can delude yourself to say what you want to think you believe but your actions will define you.

Throw in John “WTLF” Kerry into the mix.  “I was for XXXX before I was against it!”  It takes a special, gifted kind of idjit to make that kind of statement and a truly special, gifted kind of idjit to accept that as a plausible answer.

Add in Nasty Pelosi and her famous “We have to vote for the bill  to see what is in it!” talking about the OBAMA’S OBAMACARE scam.

Look, Forest Chump, a bill is NOT a box of chocolates. You KNEW what was in that bill before most anyone else.  So, you lied overtly and by omission.  Yet, her pinions keep re-electing the Wicked Witch of the West.

“We must show our enemies empathy and treat them with respect” bloviated the Wicked Witch of the East, the Benghazi Babe herself, the Hilderbeast.

Really, all I can say is “WHAT?” after I get my chin off of the floor and my head stops shaking.

Is anyone really that stupid to say that and mentally deficient to believe that?  Really? REALLY??


Now, don’t misunderestimate me.  The Republicans have plenty of idjits and pinions to go around.  All but about two dozen voted for Smoking Johnny Pelosi to mis-lead the House. I am confident that Earl McCornbread is equally up to the “task” as Senate Majority Leader. God Help us!

Now throw in a RINO du Jour, such as John McLame.  This Democrat in Republican clothing is orchestrating a purge of Tea Party folks in the Arizona Republican Party.  He has also intimated that the Tea Party is un-American and in one not-wholly substantiated utterance suggested they should be locked up and tried for treason.

Oddly enough there was a town hall meeting held by John McLame and someone made a long and impassioned speech suggesting that McLame might be the traitor.

(Not oddly enough, the “right wing” blogs call the chap a “Marine” or “concerned citizen” while the “left wing” blogs refer to him as a “conspiracy theorist nut” and “Tea Party nut job.”  And in a very telling manner, one calls him “Mr. Absurdly Large Arms” apparently unaware that time in the Military might have that effect on some people.  Prolly much the same way so many on the left are effeminate.  Not judgin’, just observin’.  Feel free to prove me wrong.)

McLame is not the first to call for the arrests of people who disagree with him.  Robert F. Kennedy has the same feelings about those who disagree with his environmental views.  Meanwhile this chap who professes to be an ardent supporter of “wind energy” sued to prevent windmills sullying the view from the compound in Hyannisport.

So, what is the takeaway from all this?

Other than the obvious the neither side have a lock on stupidity and diseased thinking it seems that the Libs have made it their raison d’etre to make everybody as uncomfortable as possible.

It has been proved again and again that Liberalism is a mental illness.  Why else would you want to make your life and that of others as a Sisyphean task?

The problem is that it seems to be not just endemic of the party of slavery (unabashed subliminal advertising) but now it is contagious and spreading to the Republicans.

In all fairness, I do not blame the cowardly and feckless Republicans for acting as they do.  They deal with the evilness and machination of the party of entitlements on a daily basis.  After all, how long did it take for Sen. Schemer to turn Marco Rubio to vote for the illegal immigration bill?  (ANSWER: Not long at all.)

As soon as that vote was over, it was status quo ante and the Libs threw Rubio to the curb.  (You hardly ever see a caricature of him without a water bottle.  A not so subtle dig.)

But the real culprits, the real creatchures, the real villains are the peeps who keep voting for the RINOS. And, yes, at times even your own Precious is guilty of this.

I am not sure who said it but there is a phrase that oh, so appropriate. “What which you allow will continue.”  And the longer we allow RINOS to hold office the longer they will continues to inure there.

And like any unchecked disease, it will only grow and fester…

More to come my peeps.



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