“Renting Space in Liberals Heads”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Dear Abby Fans:

I try to be fair. I really do.

I will be the first to admit I am not always right. In some areas I have a pretty good track record, in others not so much so. But when it comes to politics and political issues, I am usually on the mark.

When I post something as a fact, I have the facts to back up my statement. When I post something as opinion, I preface it as such so as not to conflate the two. When I am wrong, I will put on my big-boy pants and admit the error and if it was here will print the retraction and supporting facts.

What I have found in the past few (say, six or seven) years is that Liberals are, well, somewhat liberal with the truth. They know it, I know it and I am happy to tell them I know it and I am very happy to expose them if they do not make amends.

Other than the expected half-truths and outright lies of politicians of any stripe and the mis- and under- reporting of the events of the day that will get me steamed to the boiling point are the ignorant blatherings of the Biff automatonobots.

It is one thing to lie because you are advancing your agenda. It is one thing to lie because you are covering your or someone else’s butt. Either way, it is not right. But, this is the way things, sadly, go. Just like a lot of things that are happening. And with the Grace of God they may be changed!

But it is a whole ‘nother thing when some kool ade drinking Lefty spouts out a bunch of pasture pastries and then when called on it, they can’t back it up, or worse, they ignore you.

So, you see where THIS is going.

I have a friend. A dear friend, I thought. I have known him since the mid-70s. I hired this guy at one point and prolly got him his start in his career. We have shared a lot of good times. Heck, he was even in my wedding party and I went to his last year.

All of a sudden his posts start getting weirder and weirder. He posts things from the socialist Bernie Sanders and from a bunch of left wing blogs that make MorOn.Argh look like the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

I care for this guy. I don’t want him hanging around with a bad crowd, like Liberals. He is a very bright guy as well and that is why I am surprised even more.

He will make a post, I will deconstruct it with verifiable data and then, silence. He hardly ever replies.   At times, one of his left wing friends will make a stupid retort and often there is a post by someone else that I know almost as long as my friend who says something like “that’s right!” or “go get him!”

I have posted to that person that being a cheerleader to ignorance is not a very lofty goal. I suggested that if she had something constructive to add, to please do, as long it was from a reliable source.

For some reason she has fallen of the radar.

Let’s go to some recent posts.   (I am going to ask for your opinion at the end.)

There is a post with a picture of a crowd. One young man with a shamrock painted on his face is drinking a beer. The caption is: “If thousands of black people skipped work to do drugs and vandalize the streets while dressed in matching colors, Congress would declare a national emergency.”

I saw that as a target-rich environment. I made a comment, added to it and waited to see if he took the bait.

PRECIOUS: “Skipped work?”

PRECIOUS: And Congress would not, Congress would give them money.

BLAZE: That’s not racist, is it?

PRECIOUS: That you posted “if thousands of black people skipped work to do drugs?” Yes I find it racist. Very racist. You are saying that blacks take drugs and a load of Irishmen drink. (Alleging that drinking is a drug is moot here. Had it said “drinking” that would different) BUT, since you brought up race, how many people were shot at Paddy’s Day parades? How many stores were looted? At what point were the National Guard called in? And to add to that, “matching colors?” I assume (I hate to assume but…) that you refer to blacks wearing black hoodies (like the one I am wearing at this moment) and the Irish all wear green. How many people do you see wearing green in the picture above? If they are not talking about “green” which color are they talking about?


A few days earlier he put up a post with an old Vet saluting. Above that was:

“Dear Republicans: I’m a Vet, and I’ll support your sending 10,000 Americans into another war for petrochemicals and military industrial complex profiteering – just as soon as you and everyone who stands to make a big ol’ profit off your recommended actions – are among the first people on the front lines. (Allegedly said by one “Mark Davies, NM.”)

I know a lot of other Vets and I know a lot of Vets get this thing of ours. I know (a very) few Liberal Vets but I do not know ANY Vets who speak like this. (Well, maybe John WTLF Kerry. But I’d wager that his lovely bride is invested in these types of companies.)

This does not sound right to me, as I read it and say it, it is wrong, it is stilted, it is bovine scatology.   How do I know? It is a gift. It sounds like propaganda, plain and simple.

Now, I am not doubting that there is a Mark Davies or even that he is a Vet. But the picture is bull. As I said the fellow in the pic is prolly in his 70s. And he is wearing a Nam era jacket with a cross on the lapel. Seems like an odd choice of a pic of a Chaplain if you ask me.

So here we go. First comment is from a White Hat:

JACK SPARROW: Last I looked it was a Dem doing the sending.   GOP=DEM=WAR. (Precious does not get it.)

PRECIOUS:  Psstt…. take a look at WHO actually owns those companies … you will be surprised to see they are owned mostly by Libs and, gasp, unions! Sorry to rain facts on your little parade. Carry on.

BLAZE: And the Kock (sic) Brothers.

PRECIOUS: OK, so, a pair of Republican Bothers, versus Soros, the Rookallfellers, Teamsters, AFL-CIO, SEUI, AFSCME, and so on? OK, I get your point. I love when the Leftocrats pick on the Koch Bros. Soros and the Rookallfellers give 10X or more to political things than the Koch Bros but you never hear that in the SRMFM. I will go a step further than you will Blaze and call them all corrupt and crooked, and some of the unions even criminal. Will you agree or just pick on the few guys on the right? .

BLAZE: Who donated a billion $ to buy an election?

BLAZE: The Kocks (sic) are John Birchers as well.

PRECIOUS: That would be Soros. Why do you ask? Soros also funds more than 1800 Left Wing Organizations. Not sure how many Right Wing ones the Koch’s do. I suspect not as many but I am sure none as dangerous. I cannot find any substantiation for your billion dollar claim, even on the nutjob sites like Mother Jones. Oddly enough, did you know that the Koch Brothers each donated $10,000,000 to the ACLU? How much money has Soros and the Rookallfellers given to Right Wing Causes? Where did you get your $1B figure? And will you please answer my question in my previous post? Thx


I could have spent an hour educating him on Soros, his background, ditto the Rockfellers, exposed the communist unions and had a field day with it. But I wanted to let him take small bites, reply and assail again.

I mean, when you are right, you are right.


I have given this fellow every opportunity to give a response. I have IM’d him to please explain what is the source of all this hate, hostility and misinformation. I have texted and called him with no response.

I know what I am going to do.   I ask, what would you do?



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