“My Name Is Hill & I Have Your Server Tonight!”

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“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19  John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Truth-Sponges:

THE definition of insanity, per Albert Einstein, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The Hilderbeast lied.

I could end this right here and nothing will change between here and the end of this sophomoric effort.

(This COULD be the shortest FISH ever but don’t hold your breath. I did tweet the gist of it the other day, so you can see how much more is amplification!)

Yes, she lied.

She misled.

She really lied.

She did not tell the truth.

She was not honest.

She was not forthcoming.

She was mendacious.

She was mythomaniacal.

She was everestally dissembling.

It is not likely that she is familiar with the truth in any of its constructs.

Pick a subject, she lied about it.

Let’s start when we first met this Wellesley Graduate (Where her senior thesis was a ninety-six page thesis on… wait for it…. Saul Alinsky.)  Prolly most people will remember her on “60 Liberal Minutes” standing by her cheating man talking about Gennifer Flowers.

Then there was all the stuff at the Rose Law firm with missing records.  Not a shock to anyone, but somehow, her one-hundred-sixteen page binder of billing records mysteriously went missing after being subpoenaed by Kenneth Starr.

And, shock of shocks, sometime AFTER the investigation ended, as if by magic, there they were, on a table in the private residence in the White House.  (Things are always in the last place you look, right? Honest mistake.)

Speaking of missing documents, then there were the documents from Vince Foster’s office that went missing.  Hillaroo said she knew nothing of them. Yet one of her deputies, Maggie Williams, seems to have remembered that Hillaroo told her to move them.

(You remember Vince Foster, right? He was a White House counsel that killed himself, hid the gun then rolled himself up in a rug then drove to the Virginia side of the Potomac and dumped his body.  See, there is always a rational answer!)

Foreign money donations, “Russian Re-Set”, $6 billion missing from the State Dept., and the alleged “sniper-fire” in the Balkans.

Travelgate, Castle Grande, Whitewater, the cattle futures, and more and more.

Geesh! This poor woman!

I have a friend who attended the same high school as did I.  After college he got a gig with the State Dept. and rose to ambassador of a few countries where the ambassador is not a plum gig for a political donor.  We are talking he earned it.  We are talking third world kind of joints.

He was in Tiananmen Square during the riots there.  He was in the Horn of Africa when Somalia was a brewing and other places where other bad things occurred.  The joke became if you wanted to know there the next trouble spot was going to be then all you had to do is find out where Donald was posted.  (I can’t divulge where he is now but the streak is still safe.)

Now, I know Donald well over forty years.  There are more than enough good things that I can say about his intelligence, his integrity, his dedication, his patriotism and more.  The fact that these things happened when he was there was just the way it was.

I am sure that it is the same with the Hilderbeast. I am sure she is as pure as the driven snow and is just a victim of poor timing, memory and morals…  Er.  No.

Ever hear the old story: “One lies and the other will swear to it?”  Between her and her hubby, they can’t even get their lies together.

The Hilderbeast claims to have thousands of texts to BJ.  BJ claims there were two.  (Or, was it the other way around?)  I am sure they are both wrong but the orders of magnitude in difference is astounding.

She claims she had a private email server because it was “too difficult” to carry two phones.  And she wants to be president?  Even Biff has not sunk that low yet. I mean despite what his disciples say, he is not the sharpest fish in the book and even HE can manage with one phone.

And not for anything, do you ever see her alone?  When was the last time you saw her in the Piggly Wiggly or the Family Dollar? When was the last time she took the family jitney to the car wash?  When was the last time you saw her picking up her dry cleaning?

The next time you see a pig fly will be the first time she had done any of those things in decades.

Her assistants have assistants for goodness sake.  Her Muslim capo Huma Abedin could carry it. After all SHE has a “clintonmail.com”, or whatever, account as well. She could handle all THOSE emails. (And the list of peeps who have that “coveted” email looks like a “who’s who” of socialist politics.  Or, who should be on a court docket.  But I repeat myself.)

But, every day it gets worse and worse for our gal Hill.

You see, she had “only a few emails.”  Then there were the private ones (I am sure I do NOT want to know the content) and there were some “business related” ones.

But, they are not important.

They took her email and scrutinized all 30,000 of them (or, was it 60,000….?) with a program that looks for certain key words and they scrubbed her email account of any email that did not contain the “sensitive” words.

She (and when I say “she” it is in the editorial sense here pertaining to anyone on her staff) claims that was sufficient and when queried if anyone read them she said “no.”

When it was suggested that there could be some (a lot, most, all?) of her emails that were VERY sensitive by nature but did not contain a “sensitive” word, then what? She (staff) gave assurances that did not happen.

I mean, for instance, she “allegedly” did not send ANY emails during the time around Benghazi. I would be shocked if “Benghazi” was not one of the “sensitive” words.  But, who is to say she did not call it “Detroit” or “Disneyland” or “the yard.”  That would not be caught and it would be deleted.

Faced with a similar line of questioning, she said, oh, wait, all 30,000-odd emails DID have eyes on them!  Silly  me!

So, do we believe that lie or the first two?


With respect to her emails while SecState there is one small problem for her and this may bring down the whole house of cards, or, canards.

There is this thing called the “OF-109”.  Wait for Her Thighness “mis-remember” that form.

Anywho, this form is completed and signed by all employees of State at the time of separation, from top to bottom, no one is exempt.

If she DID NOT sign the form, then there is a huge problem as someone would have had to give her special dispensation.  But who?   I am 100% certain that we will not find out from that mouth-breather of State spokes-troll Jan Psaki.

If she DID sign the form, well then, it is pretty easy to figger out, she prolly committed a felony.   It says plain and simple that she must hand over all State Department related documents under penalty of law.  All parts of the penal code are noted on the form.  (And God help her if she says “they are electronic, not paper or documents.”)

(If you wish to see the form you can down load it from this link: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/forms/download/115326 )

To recap: If she did not sign it, there may be a conspiracy.  If she did, there may be a felony.  Nice.  And she wants to be president?


Just so you do not think her mendacity is a recent development, let’s hop in the “Way Back Machine.”

Twenty-seven year old Hillaroo was a lawyer on the Nixon Impeachment Committee.  (Candidly, possibly not the least biased panel.) She was supervised by one Jerry Zeifman who fired Hillaroo and refused to give her letter of recommendation.


In his words: “Because she is a liar. She was an unethical and dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

Among a number of other things, she (and to be fair others as well) did not want Nixon to have legal representations during his impeachment.  She was advised there was legal precedent for a defendant in an impeachment hearing to have counsel. (Supreme Court Justice Douglas.)

What did she do?

Well according to Zeifman:

“Hillary then removed all the Douglas files to the offices where she was located, which at that time was secured and inaccessible to the public,” Zeifman said.

“Hillary then proceeded to write a legal brief arguing there was no precedent for the right to representation by counsel during an impeachment proceeding – as if the Douglas case had never occurred.

“The brief was so fraudulent and ridiculous, Zeifman believes Hillary would have been disbarred if she had submitted it to a judge.”  (Canada Free Press 24 January 2013)

She (allegedly) hides paper documents when she is a new lawyer, she (allegedly) hides paper documents when she is a seasoned lawyer, she (allegedly) hides paper documents as a First Lady.

Now, she (allegedly) hides/destroys electronic documents as Secretary of State.

These, my friends, are not what one would call “co-inky-dinks”, these are what cops might call a “pattern” or “modus operandi.”

What is all this leading towards?

Nothing that you did not already know.

I would bet that virtually all of you knew at least 75% or more of what is listed above.  I would bet that 90% of you knew almost all of it. Perhaps not every detail but every incident.

There is nothing this woman says that I would believe with checking at least three times.  (No joke.) As big of a problem her husband, BJ, is or even Biff, has with the truth, she is their equal or perhaps better.

The difference being that to some people, BJ and Biff have some sort of charisma, perhaps BJ more so. She does not. She does not have a lick of charisma. And that phony smile and that phonier “I’m surprised” chipmunk-like face she puts on is so unbelievable, so contrived and so insulting that it can elicit a visceral reaction at times.

How she has thusfar avoider prosecution is a better trick than Houdini, Chris Angel and Penn and Teller combined could ever concoct.

The Hilderbeast the poster girl for what is wrong with politicians in particular and politics in general.

And she wants to be president. That is a lie of course, she wants to be Queen of the Universe. But even when it comes to saying she wants to be president, she lies as she says she has not made up her mind.

Her mind was made up when she was in the womb. But, to be fair, EVERYONE who is thinking of running says the same thing.  (I would love to run, still $1,999, 999, 905.00 short)

We have already been beaten in to submission by eight years of Liberal control of Congress and seven years of Biffs mythomania.  As Goebbels said, repeat a lie long enough and it becomes the truth.

The lying has transcended mere lying to a pathological state where they do not realize they are lying as they do not know the truth anymore.  And to be fair, there are a good number of so-called “Republicans” who are not much better, they just have not perfected lying as well as the Liberals.

I leave you with this.

Assume nothing to be true that comes out of the mouths of any politician until you have checked it out for yourself.  The two exceptions to that would be Hillaroo and Biff. There is no expectation that anything they say is true.

I do not care if you are as far to the Left as the leftmost person in the world to if you are further to the Right than am I (yeah, good luck with that) I want to ask you a question and answer it honestly.

“Of the 320,000,000 people in the United States, is Hillaroo really the best we can do?”


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