“Tolerance? Er, Yeah. Sure… PART II”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Oppressed PT II:

THINGS are about to get real.

(We shall start with a very brief recap from the previous issue and, with hope, seamlessly merge with the rest of the story.)

The other day as I am being inundated by the lies and misstatements of the Left I had a rare flash of an idea:
“If we give one group something at the expense of another it is no longer equality but brutality.”

You are a baker, to use the example, a God-believing, church-going baker. You have all of God’s Love for all people. You know all kinds of people: Black, White, young, old, straight and, yes, even gay.

You are honest with yourself, that is the first thing. You do not judge people because you know that you are a sinner as well. You know that your sins are not more pleasing to God than anyone else’s, you are honest after all.

Two guys come into your bake shop and they want you to make them a wedding cake. After some discussion you come to find out that these two guys are getting married. You are having a hard time with that as you see that as being against God’s Law. (And we do not have to get into Leviticus and some of the arcane laws to prove that.) For whatever your reasons, you apologize and say that you cannot agree to their wishes for personal reasons.

You feel, rightly or wrongly, that making a cake to celebrate a gay “wedding” is like your stamp of approval and while you love all people you love God’s word more. You see it as condoning the act, tantamount to giving an alcoholic a drink.

Next thing you know you are being sued for discrimination.

You are shocked! The guys seemed real nice and understanding when you had to beg off and now this! (And unless I missed something, for some reason, it is always two guys with the wedding cake, never two girls. And if so, never two real good looking girls. Just an observation, draw your own conclusions.)

There are two possible scenarios here.

Chances are that Adam and Steve had no intention of buying a cake from you. They were tipped off or figgered out that you were “religious” and this was a set-up or they were sent to create this mess.

Second is that they had no ill-intention and when refused they told others and one of their friends suggested the lawsuit.

Really, it makes little difference, the bottom line is that they feel like their “rights” have been trampled yet no one seems to care that yours were as well.

It is not like these two guys HAD to go to that baker. And if you have ever been involved planning a wedding, virtually everything from the venue to the menu to the limo to the photographer and more have been suggested or recommended by others whose opinion you trust.

I mean you don’t get five raving reviews about five bakers or candlestick makers, ignoring all that then say, “Gee, let’s check this guy out! I know nothing about him!”

Bravo Sierra.

(Now, excuse me for thinking clearly, but I would bet that these same people who are filing a suit for “discrimination” prolly own an automobile. Which runs on gasoline. Said gasoline came from the Mideast. Where all the oil producing countries are Muslim. Where homosexuality is punishable by death. Where is the outrage about killing gays and does that not make not getting a cake almost a joke?)


Much like almost every other bovine scatology case where someone does not like something good, holy or American, it is something far deeper, far more sinister and far more evil than it appears on the surface.

And worse than that, where the Left do not think things through as we know (unless it is evil), the Right are too afraid to challenge or put up a fight.

Think about it, Michael Newdow did not want the Pledge of Allegiance said in school because he is an Atheist. He did not want his child exposed to the words “under God.” However, he was not the custodial parent and hence had no standing. (You can follow the entire saga here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elk_Grove_Unified_School_District_v._Newdow )

You see, one disgruntled, hateful misanthrope filed a suit to take “God” out of the Pledge or to stop saying the Pledge in public buildings until that happens.

On the topic of Atheists, it seems every religious holiday one of them has a bug in the butt and sues to take down a Nativity or Menorah or Crucifix or what have you. Usually the argument is along the lines that the state is sponsoring a religion (I do not know of any religions that incorporates a Nativity AND a Menorah) or that such artifacts are evangelizing in the attempt to convert the non-believers.

For some unknown reason, judges both from the Right and the Left will agree or disagree with the plaintiff (seems to me there are rarely jury trials) based on some previous fuzzy ruling or ambiguous statute.

I have never heard or read of a jurist saying “Son, I hear what you are saying but it just isn’t so. We have been a Country going on two and a half centuries and in all that time there have been public religious celebrations and representations of all kinds. Heck, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City is older than our nation! Don’t you think if there was a plot for a state sponsored religion that we would have one by now and not the hundreds of religions which flourish? And in all that time don’t you think that if that was meant to convert you, you would have been? Now, I am going to tell you what I going to do. I am going to assess you court costs for wasting my time and I will hold you in contempt of court but vacate that unless you try to challenge this in any court in the land. Now, get out of here and grow up.”

Or something to that effect. (You can see why I am not a judge.)

We have previously discussed shopping for judges, perhaps that is why this is happening in Indianapolis, rather than, say, Evansville. (And perhaps some of my Hoosier friends can help me out here…)

All that is irrelevant at the moment.

Let’s not get hung up on gays and cakes. It is the EXACT same thing as religious institutions and, for example, abortions.

It is one thing for a baker not to make a gay-themed wedding cake and it is the exact same thing for a religious hospital not to perform abortions, or to pay for them for their employees.

(Have any of you seem the video where a guy pretending to be gay goes to Muslim bakeries asking for a gay “wedding” cake? More than half said no. Where are the law suits?)

The ACLU, the rest of the Litigious Left and the Socialists really could not give a large rodent’s hindquarters about gay cakes or even abortion, truth be told.

There is only one thing about which they really care.   Their raison d’etre is not giving you civil liberties, or reading the tea leaves of laws finding special rights for the “oppressed class.”

They wish to destroy America.

No, they are not going to burn it down or blow it up. They are going to eat it from the inside. They want to destroy the “idea” that is America.   A land of the free, ordained by God (believe it or not, up to you, but the Founding Fathers saw it that way) where men could fairly and justly and equally rule, judge and co-exist with all the other citizens.

There is no other place on the face of the earth like America. But we are sliding into the pit of misery the Left lives in and loves so much.

The easiest way to destroy America is to destroy the morals of her people. The easiest way to destroy the morals of her people is to take away her moral compass. And that means destroying the Churches.

I have been “preaching” this for years. OBAMA’s OBAMACARE is one of the major attacks. The continued assaults by the gay activists are another. (There is not one gay person I know who supports what the activists in Indiana or anywhere are doing in their name. I guess that is why they are my friends, they think correctly.)

If the Left can get a foothold   in the larger Churches, it is all over.   It is already happening in some that are sanctioning homosexual “marriages.” These Churches should bone up on Revelation.

They are trying desperately to control what is said from the pulpit. (Remember the mayor of Houston, I believe it was, who wanted to approve sermons.) They will try to limit what can be said that runs afoul of that which the Libs hold dear.

And if they don’t, there will be some trumped up “executive order” that will force capitulation versus closure.   (How many Churches and Synagogues were there in Russia in 1880? In 1930?   I rest my case.)

I was going to dovetail that into the looming apostasy and atheism in Europe, specifically England, but we can see the results of their complacency, capitulation and Liberalism over the past fifty years and see where that has gotten them.

Do not misunderestimate me, it can happen here, we can see signs of it already. But it is moving so slowly that we do not perceive the little changes. But they are there.

Do not be beguiled that “it is only a cake” or “it is only a ceremony that does not affect you” or that “it is only a blob of cells, not a baby”. That is what they are doing. They are misdirecting and misinforming you.

They are right, it is only a cake and a ceremony and a non-viable human being, if I may be so “progressive” to say for the purposes of making a point.

That is not their goal, their plan, their evil design.

They are destroying America one brick at a time.

Doubt me? Take a look around.



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