“A Nest of Vipers”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Beguiled:


Someone help a brother out.

Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for President last week.  As I eat my lunch today (Tuesday) I am watching Rand Paul do the same.

At the moment I am OK with either one of them for one reason and one reason only.  (This is NOT an endorsement.)

There are not socialists.

(As we speak the “Queen Bee” has not announced even though she has secured office space in Brooklyn. I am sure the office is solely for the purpose of going thru all of her emails as Sec State. [Allegedly she is going to announce on Sunday.  Something to do with Federal Election laws.] [Funny, almost everything about the Hilderbeast must be prefaced with “alleged.”] Senator Lie-a-watha has said repeatedly that she is not running, but, with her track record for veracity, I am shocked that she did not simultaneously announce renting office space as well.)

Watching FOX this morning as a lead up Paul’s announcement, they were showing polls and match-ups.  For whatever reason they have John Ellis Bush as the “best” match to The Hilderbeast.

Perhaps it has a lot to do with their commonality of goals.

Equally perplexing was the poll that while Bush is alleged most likely to be the Hilderbeast, that Cruz had already declared and Paul was getting a lot of press, none of them have the highest favorability ratings.

That would be Mike Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee?

Yes, Mike Huckabee.

Now, again, this is on FOX and Huckabee was a long time talking head for them. Maybe some good coverage, along with some Lee Press-On Nails, was one of his lovely parting gifts.

That poll is a distraction.

Who cares who is more likable? If I am looking for a barber or a butcher, that might be important. If I am looking for drill instructor, I am looking for the meanest, toughest guy who will break someone down and build them up correctly.  The guy who you may hate at first but will wind up saving your life.  (Basically, cruel, but fair.)

Apropos of that I cannot find a reasonable list of the most hated people that does not include Justin Bieber (who is she?), Lady Gaga or Geo W. Bush listed ten times.  That said I would be shocked if Her Thighness was not on it.

She brings nothing good to the table. She is the abusive spouse in the relationship with America. “Oh, well sure I was involved in a million scandals, who hasn’t been right?  And, gosh, do you tell your girlfriends everything?  Of course not!  I mean, a girl has to have some air of mystery, am I right? So, why the big deal over a few tens of thousands of some silly emails, nothing more than ‘mash notes’ to Bill and some recipes, really.  Why make a federal case out of it?  After all, that was a long time ago. What difference does it make?!”

All the while she puffs out her chipmunk-like cheeks and does that gaping mouth with the eyes bugging out look as she points to no one in particular to make her look warm, er, no, nice perhaps, hmm nope, kinda human, no not that either.  Ok, something less monstrous.

Now, this is not an attack on the Hilderbeast, she has done enough damage to herself on her own. It is hoped in many circles that she is finally charged for all the crimes she has been alleged (see!) to have committed.   You know, to clear her good name.

Stop laughing.

A bumbling fool such as Lie-a-Watha could be the next Joey McMensa. Or, Joey McMensa in a dress. (I DID see one pic of these two brain trusts together so, unless it was photoshopped, Lie-a-Watha is not Joey McMensa.)

Where I am going with this is that there is no guarantee that a Hilderbeast or a Lie-a-Watha will be one of the candidates and if one is chosen, will she be low-hanging fruit.

After all, Biff was “elected” after paying his dues after all those grueling days in the Senate. There is a post turtle for you.  No guarantee it will not happen again.

(Of course, as I have been saying, if it does, then we know the fix is in and the Country is doomed.  Doomed, I tell you.  Keep these peeps in charge it will make “Person of Interest” look like a walk in Eden.) (And re: “POI” wait till the next issue that is ready to go…)

What I am saying also is that there is no guarantee that just any “Republican” is going to be any better.  Look at the idiots running Congress. (Apologies to all idiots.)  Between Smoking Johnny and Earl McCornbread they have control of both houses and could not organize giving out pardons in a prison. Somehow, they would screw that up.

In fact, some big fat cat such as Soros might have an easier time getting some quisling “Republicrat” elected than a socialist.  Then again, he could back both sides like the House of Morgan did in 1912 when they bankrolled both Wilson and Roosevelt.

The larger question is not just who is in the big seat but who comes with him.  Look at the den of vipers, socialists, racists, communists, criminals and more that Biff has installed in all sorts of sensitive positions.  Some, of course, such as the aptly named “czars” are in position without Congressional approval or even any oversight!

We would love to see the list of people any candidate would put in his cabinet and similar positions and ensure those are the ones that are installed.

I detest the analogy but it is accurate, America is the abused spouse in this relationship. Of course, the Hilderbeast will say she never did anything wrong ever, she is so sorry and will never do it again.

And close to half of the addled-brained voters will believe her.

Or, believe that Lie-a-Watha will never do the things that the Hilderbeast has done, and she is sorry in advance and will never do it again, if you give the Liberals/Socialists/Democrats just one more chance!

If it was expedient to their campaign/putsch they will throw Biff under Air Force One so fast that it will make Mooche’s head spin.

Back to the other side of the aisle…

Cruz and Paul have announced.  A few issues back I gave a thumbnail sketch on a number of pretenders to the throne from both sides.  As much as I would love to be fair, unbiased and independent, I cannot see the Left fielding anyone for whom I might ever possibly considering pulling the lever.

But that does not mean the Republican candidate automatically gets my vote.  (N.B.: I called referred to the “Left” rather than the Democrats but did not refer to the Republicans as the candidates of the “Right.”  Please make a note of that.)

Rather than staying in an abusive relationship with the Left, it would be equally foolhardy and dangerous to get into bed with the first candidate that treats us with respect.  We could wind up in an even more abusive relationship.

Fortunately for us, the Left will dig up as much dirt as they can on any of the “Republican” candidates. Inadvertently, some of the info that seems anathema to the Left might be more of a positive for the Republican.

“The Republican is against gay ‘marriage’!”


“The Republican is against immigration!”

If you mean “illegal immigration”, yes.  What part of “illegal” are you having a problem with?

“The Republican is against having laws to prevent police brutality!”

Er, there are already laws to prevent police brutality.  They are called “laws.”

“The Republican is against benefits for Veterans!”

Um, if you think that this maladministration’s treatment of vets, cutting benefits to give money to the illegals, running the VA hospitals like a back-alley abortion parlor are the ways it should be done, then, yes, they are.  Who wants THOSE benefits?  We will give them the ones they have deserved even if that means some illegals will have to go home because we just ran out of freebies!

“The Republican wants to divert resources to protect an indefensible border!”

By “indefensible” if you mean the Democrats refusal to fund the fence and provisions for additional Border Patrol, then yes it is indefensible because of the refusal of the Left to defend it.  Let me ask our Liberal friends this: “How close are you comfortable with having an ISIS camp to the US?”  Seven thousand miles?  Five thousand?  Well, despite any answer, there “reportedly” is one less than ten miles from El Paso.  Next question, please.

And so on.


Yes, this issue has wandered a bit of the reservation, not an uncommon event. But I will end with this for now, and there will be further discussion.

Let us not be so quick to jump into bed with a lesser evil. It is still evil.  By the time the next inauguration comes around we will have suffered eight years of evil rule.  Enough is enough.

I can say without fear of contradiction, there is no one the Left will field who would be attractive to a good God-Fearing, America-Loving citizen of this Country.  There may be that one thing or the other that you may like about any of them, but it is like the drug pusher: The first one is free!  Sure, that one thing may be a big deal but selling your soul for that one social issue is not worth the other ninety-nine things you detest with which you will be saddled.

The same holds true with the “Republicans.” We must be as circumspect as we can be to choose the best and right candidate to face the Left.  There will be those who will come in sheep’s clothing, speaking honeyed words but in reality are really wolves and are no better than the party opposite.

More to some on this as we “progress.”

Enjoy your weekend. Carry on.



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