“Let The Festivities Begin!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow 1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3:

Before you ask, yes, I will be doing something on the Hilderbeast.  No, this is not it.  But to be fair, if this was a football game, that would be the equivalent to “piling” on. I am not sure who is doing more damage to her: the party opposite or herself.

That said, the electorate is roughly one-third each “Democrat”, “Republican” and “Independent.” And that is not exactly a definitive breakdown as we shall see.

The Dems the Reps are pretty much going to vote along party lines.  If there is a “minority” candidate of some sort you may see some defections.  (I DETEST the word “minority”, I prefer the word “person.”  Do realize that the labels, tags and “minority” status were christened by the Left.  That has caused most of our problems.  ‘Nuff on that for now.)

(SIDEBAR:  I predicted – and so could a ham sandwich – that all of a sudden, you nasty, evil people on the Right who were racist are all of a sudden becoming sexist.  And shame on you women for not wanting to vote for this harridan based solely on your particular plumbing! How dare you put the Country before gender! I am shocked! At least that is what they are going to try to pull!)

You are going to hear those numbers bandied about, within a few percentage points, for the next year and a half. Pundits are going to say the Reps will vote for the Reps and vice-verse and the “Independents” hold the key to the election.

Be that as it may it is not, how does one say, accurate.

Now, do not misunderestimate the “Independents.”  They are not sitting around saying “I do not care which party gets in, I just want the best person! I will judge based on their qualifications.”

Well, shouldn’t we all!

I consider myself an “Independent” only because neither party are comprised of Constitutional Originalists.  I will vote for the candidate who best matches my values. (And before some wag asks: “Well, what if neither candidate fits the bill?” Well, in that situation, I will vote 3rd party, as in the case of a disaster I am moving to climes outside of the continental US.  I assure you that if the Reps run someone anathema to the Right, then we will know the fix is in and the idea which was America is over.)

That said, the point that I am attempting to make is that in that one-third of so-called “Independents”, prolly one-third each of them are further to the Left or Right of a major party. Almost by default the Progressives, Socialists, Liberals and Communists will vote for the Democrat and the Conservatives and possible the Tea Partyers will vote for the Republican.

That leaves one-third of one-third of the voters who will decide the election.

One-third of one-third of all of those voters who actually take the time to get off of their collective duff to go vote hold the rudder of the ship of state in their hands

So, if the numbers hold true and the same percentage of eligible voters vote as before, out of some 130,000,000 actual voters, some 15,000,000 will actually decide the election.

Note that the last time 60% or more of eligible voters went to the poll was 1972.  Look how well that turned out. Since then the average turn-out has been 53.4%.  Rather than talk of the so-called “Independents” the true power is in the “stays-at-home.”   With the turnouts that low, the key will not be to convince the “Independents” to think about voting for the Dem or the Rep. It would be far easier to get “sympathetic voters” (or their names) to the polls.

Now, where can we find a few million people who may not regularly vote who might be willing to sell their, I mean, pull the lever for, say, the Dems?

Particularly in states where having citizenship, or identification or a clue might be “invited” to vote.  Perhaps where those things are not enforced or, perhaps, even encouraged?

Screw the “Red” and “Blue” states, this election can very easily be won or lost in the “Brown” states.

Just sayin’.


Again, this will be relatively brief.  We will get more and deeper into particulars as they evolve.  Yesterday (Sunday as I write this) the Hilderbeast declared. Today so did Rubio. Not sure who is next.

We will be explaining and looking at any number of things.  For instance, was there a grand deal struck in Chantilly, Virginia in 2008? Is the Hilderbeast a lightning rod or a stalking horse for another candidate?  Could the possibility exist, at the peril of the Republic, that Biff will executive order himself into a third term?

Put nothing above the Left.

Don’t misunderestimate me, the Right are not exactly running away with any kind of popularity contests, even within their own party.  But I have been saying for years, the Dems are far better either organized or willing to march lock step with the rest of their party faithful.

The Republicans are like college freshman on Spring Break.  They are all over the map, off the charts and act like Delta House to their “Dean” Martin party “leaders.”

It is almost as if they went from the Party of Abe Lincoln to the Party of Abe Vigoda.


The bottom line, for now, is that as bad as 2008 was (the outcome of 2012 was all but a foregone conclusion) with us being saddled with that festering boil on the bottom of the Nation, we are at the most critical crossroads our great Country has ever faced. Worse, I dare say than 1861 or any time since or before.

Truly the fate of the Country is in the hands, we hope, of the voters and not the “Club.”

It is getting ugly already.  The Hilderbeast can’t answer a direct question, attends hand-picked staged events only and so on.  That moral reprobate and fraternal punching bag, Dingy Harry, can’t say enough nice things about the Republicans. In fact, he can’t say any.  He called Earl McCornbread a “lump of coal” (ok, he nailed that, beginners luck) but he called all the Reps “losers.”  (And, yes, it was his alcoholic brother who gave him the much deserved tune-up and his injuries were not a “treadmill accident” We can only hope his injuries are not trivial.)

So, enough for a balmy Saturday morning.  Go out and make the best of this day. Today is the only today you get, don’t let us down.


UPDATE: In the last issue prayers were asked for SSG Merlin Quiles, a combat vet of Afghanistan who was involved in a motorcycle accident in Houston earlier this week.  He was taken off life-support and his organs were donated on Wednesday. He is to be buried today, Saturday. Please pray for the repose of his soul and to comfort the grief of his family and friends.  Godspeed home, troop, your mission is over.  Job well done and God Bless.


2 thoughts on ““Let The Festivities Begin!”

  1. claire lichter says:

    You nailed it. Yes, the Dems can act as ugly as anyone could get and it doesn’t matter. Maybe what Hildebeast said, “What does it matter” set the tone for it all. They get away with being as ugly as possible because it doesn’t matter but if the Right does not cross it’s T’s and dot the I’s there will be hell to pay.

  2. jaksavin says:

    Sorry so late but you are right. The Reps are almost as bad as the Dems and makes me wonder if the fix is not in!

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