“Hilderbeast of Burden – Part 1”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Dupes:

I have been asked repeatedly and recently why I do not like, rather why do I detest, the word “minority.”

Well, because just like almost that comes out of the pie-holes of the Left it is either a lie or a distraction.  I have covered this before but since the gauntlets are being thrown down hither and yon and the lies are being proffered, I think it is worth another look.

(When I say “lies are being proffered” I am inferring that somewhere near 100% of the lies are coming from one candidate in particular.  No names, cough-cough-the hilderbeast-cough-cough.)

Years ago I was a habitué of a local emporium of fine spirits.  One of the chaps I knew from that place was an auto mechanic.  He wanted to expand his business and went to the SBA to apply for a loan.  Mind you, this was well over twenty-years ago in Southern California.

Upon his return from the SBA I asked how he fared.  He advised, sullenly, that he was turned down even though he had all of his papers in order, a business plan, a payback schedule, et cetera.  I asked if all that was true why he was turned down.

He looked straight in my eyes and said:

“They only have money for ‘minorities’.  So, I said I was a ‘minority’ and the lady said I was not.  I asked what constituted a ‘minority’ and she said that it was a group of people who are not like most of the other people.  I asked her how many left-handed, short, Welsh auto-mechanics apply here for a loan on a regular basis and she said none. I said that I am a left-handed, short, Welsh auto-mechanic and if I am the only one then I am definitely a minority.”

And he went on and on, as my Welsh friends are wont to do, and apparently things went south when he asked the woman if she was a minority and she said she was.  Taffy said: “My dear, I assure you there are far more black women in California than left-handed, short, Welsh auto-mechanics.”

I suggested that since she was a minority that he could have asked HER to get the loan, but that was water under the bridge.

The point is we are all minorities in some way, shape, manner or form, be it here or worldwide.  There are slightly more females than males but then you have all shades of White, yellow, red, brown and black people.  You have tall or short, thin or adipose, smart or Liberal, religious or not (and within the set of religious there are subsets of the various religions and subsets of those of various sects), wealthy or poor, healthy or ill, or just “average.”

In fact, it you took a woman (most popular gender) who was also in the majority of all the other parameters of height, weight, age, religion, et cetera and so on,  she would not be in the majority but in fact in a very, very small minority if not a singularity.

In fact, such a person would be as common as a “Left-handed-midget-albino-lesbian Eskimo” as my dear departed pal and chopper jockey Larry “Beans” Mahoney would have said.

So, when someone talks about this “minority” or that one, look for the other shoe.  That “minority” is accompanied by something else, such as some kind of preferential treatment or a prejudice.

And often both.

After all, when the schools were “desegregated” many school districts in our land built better schools in the “poorer” areas (read: “black”) so that the kids/parents would not want the students bussed to other (read: “White”) areas.

So the great Liberal minds in many cases force something on “minorities” for their own evil purposes.

Which is a nice segue to the Hilderbeast.

Do not misunderestimate me, I have no love for this, er, er, er, former Senator from New York.  None.

I assure you she is not as “nice” or “good” of a person as is Biff.  I am talking as a person not a political figure.  She is even more dangerous and calculating in that second capacity!

Her Marxist roots go back to when she was at school.  No? You doubt me?  Hmmm…  Well, her senior thesis at Wellesley was on Saul Alinsky. I assure you, she did not pick that topic out of a hat.

(While we are on the subject and how the past is often a good predictor of the future, Mooche’s thesis was on how terrible White people are.   She did this at Princeton, a largely lily-white school.  Where she attended on scholarship.  Even today, blacks are underrepresented, if you will, at about 7.5% of the enrolled students versus about 13% of the total population.  So, I find it hypocritical.  Well, pretty much anything she does or says is hypocritical.  On the plus side, for some reason, Biff’s college thesis is missing. Shock, I know.  Columbia does not have a copy, of course Biff does not have a copy and even the professor of the class for which he [allegedly] wrote a thesis does not have a copy [he swears he looked everywhere!]  Even though Biff was an “unremarkable” student by any account said professor, Michael Baron, recalls it being very well written, “allegedly” about cold war arms race and that Biff received an A. I canNOT recall the names of teachers I have had, which are far-far fewer than the number of students a teacher faced, and we are to believe Professor Baron not only remembered one “unremarkable” student’s paper but also the grade from over thirty years back when he went by the name of “Barry Soetoro – a foreign student”?  And we are to believe he does not have a copy or actually remembers this?  Er, yeah…)

Let’s look at the Hilderbeast’s presidential journey so far this go-around, shall we? Do! Let’s!

Lessee… she starts out with a trip to Iowa in a van.  (I am sorry, I still do not believe 1) she spent all that time in a van and/or B) that her detail did not leave her on the side of the road somewhere.)  She went to a Chipotle restaurant and ordered stuff she prolly never had before.  (And her “visit” was not announced.  And “no one recognized” her!  Makes one wonder.)

While she is in that area, she has a sit-down with some local party hacks.  They have their phones and camera’s confiscated before being allowed in the room with her.  How thoughtful!  (I am sure that they could have slathered on a few pounds of pancake make-up so as not to scare the kiddies.)

Then, she makes an appearance at a college in Iowa, where she sneaks past the press and enters through the back door.  While the school is on lock-down.  Nice touch!

She is seen at a staged meet and greet where everyone had been hand-picked so that there were no embarrassments!  Gee! She thinks of everything.

Of course she has NOT fielded one question from anyone and the myriad questions shouted at her have gone 100% ignored.  She showed, however, how committed she is to “discussing” the issues of the day with some “you know, regular folk.”

Yes, “regular folk.”

I am sure we have seen the pic of her sitting at the table with those three “regular folk” “discussing” the issues of the day.   Alls I know is that when I sit with three “regular folk” “discussing” the issues of the day, they are not a Biff staffer, a party boss and a big shot from “Planned Parenthood.”

Seriously, you canNOT make this up.

Oh, wait, she is not done.

You see, she is most qualified to be president because all of her grandparents were immigrants!  And that shows how qualified she is to be president if nothing else does!  Except that three of her four grandparents were born right here in the good old U. S. of A.!  (I am sure she said that so that we would be sure to check out her claim and we could learn even more about her and her wonderful family!  How progressive, thank you Hilderbeast!) (More on this train of thought soon.)

(OPEN BAR: While we are on the subject of Hilderbeast’s grandparents, I wish to point out that they also would be Chelsea’s great-grandparents.  I point this to show the rotten apple does not roll far from the tree.  Chelsea, speaking at a women’s conference, bemoaned the fact that her great-grandparents “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide.”  Connect that dot to the one where her maternal grandmother was born out of wedlock to the abortion-deficient great-grands.  She totally ignores the fact that had PP been around back then, she would not be around now.  And don’t make me say it, I am STILL Po-Life. That did not change my mind.)

In any event, the Hilderbeast campaign is a sham and a canard.  If she gets elected it will be the crime of the century and America as the Country we all knew will be no more.


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