“And The Beast Goes On – Part 2

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Pawns:

Well…  So apparently Custer was short a few Indians.  Perhaps that will make sense in a few minutes.

I readily admit that I am not the sharpest trout in the book but when something does not seem right my alarm bells go off.

On the “Republican” side there are a few guys who have declared for prez and a whole passel who are threatening to do the same.  You have guys (and perhaps one woman) who range from “ultra-conservative” (as if there is such a thing) in Ted Cruz to the Libertarian Rand Paul to the dregs of the Left side of the party in the forms of JEBush and Krispie Kreme Christie.

On the Progressive/Marist/Socialist/Communist/Democrat side you have, thusfar, Her Thighness, the Hilderbeast.

The Dems, to cite Winston Churchill, are like a “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” They are as open and as forthcoming as the Politburo during the Stalin years and as easy to understand as Chinese Algebra.

As discussed in the previous issue, there are no guarantees, anything can happen. When it comes to the Dems when “anything can happen” it is rarely a good thing.

You see, the SRMFM are touting the Hilderbeast as the best, most capable, most accomplished and most experienced candidate out there.  For “defendant” I might agree. For “president”, not a chance in Hades.  She is exactly none of the above for the big chair job.

As we saw in the last and previous installments she has more problems than Carter has little liver pills.  As dumb as I think all too many voters are, twice, taking the “race issue” off the table might even out the prejudice vote.

(SALADBAR: I do not know of any women who are the least bit likely to vote for the Hilderbeast. I am sure there are some who will vote for her because of her politics and not her plumbing. On the other hand I do know some black people who voted for Biff for the sole reason of his skin color.  Not all voted for him the second time. I mention this because the issue of prejudice is far stronger with respect to race than it is with gender.  This does not help her.)

I have intimated before there is something not quite right and every day my radar pings with yet another intellectual “bogey.”  I really could not put my finger on it.  I looked at the Hilderbeast and I could not image a more flawed or less capable presidential candidate. I know some wise guys in Howard Beach who are far more ethical and trustworthy.

Watching the Hilderbeast she seems to be doing all of the wrong things, but one.

She is secretive, she has an over-protective sense of need for security, her meetings are staged, her crowds are hand-picked and no one seems to care.  That is due largely to the unindicted co-conspirators in the SRMFM.  She puts on that fake smile and that buffoonish “wow! I am soooooo surprised to see you!” phony look with a side order of pointing at no one in particular.

I think it is all staged and not for her ascendancy.

There has been talk about Lie-a-Watha running for the gig. The problem is that she is just as honest as the Hilderbeast but not as likeable. (That is a joke folks.)  In all candor, purely from a sheer pragmatic point, she is more electable the same reason she is not electable: she is not the Hilderbeast.

Then there is some talk about the O’Malley character from Maryland.  If the Left like him, I don’t.  I am sure that as soon as the story of his wife having run over the ABC newsreader with whom he was having an affair gets more air, his fortunes will fall.

And in case if you like your bar lowered even more, there is a rumor/threat that Comrade Wilhelm De BlahZero, the Commie mayor of New Jack City may run.  (If there is any good news at least he admits he is a commie unlike the rest who pass themselves off as Dems, but I repeat myself.)


Where this is going is that every day there seems to be a new allegation of some criminality, malfeasance or something else perpetrated by the Clinton’s.

If there was any justice or fairness in this world such a candidate ought to have the common sense to drop out if the race for the good of their party, the Country and decency in general.

The Clintons have no such sense of honor or decency.  Again if half of the allegations about the three of them are true in a fair and just world they would be guests of the state on the family plan.

That the SRMFM (maybe that should be changed to the SRClintonFM for the duration) are not bringing any of this to the fore with any sense of urgency or alleged criminality is preposterous and only serves to confirm my opinion that they are in on the griff for one reason or another.

On the other side of that coin there is much chatter that all the bad news about the Hilderbeast comes from one source, directly or indirectly:  Biffus Minimus.

Yes, there is no mystery that there is no love lost between the Clintons and the Biffuses.  The story goes that Biff made the Hilderbeast SecState not because of her “talent” or “acumen” on the world stage but to keep her on a short leash.

As a senator she could have had a much larger role in many more things and consolidating power and collecting favors.  As SecState she is little more than a state department employee who reports directly reports to Biff. I have always wondered why she took that gig. Now I think I know.  Biff had the goods on her and now he is letting them out of the bag.

Biff still sees the Hilderbeast as a formidable threat.  Ought she to be elected (God Forbid) Biff will fade off into the sunset.   The Clintons have far more favorability than do the Biffuses. (When I say “the Clintons”, I mean BJ.  Why? Who knows.)

The other side of that coin is that a Hilderbeast as prez could/ would/should mess with some/all of Biff’s programs and initiatives.  This would be doing what the good Soviet Commies used to do to their predecessors.  Old habits die hard.  (This is odd, as so many other things seem to die so easily around her.)

In contradistinction to that would be a Billy the Red, Lie-a-Watha or an O’Malley or even a Saunders.  They are so under-qualified, incapable of cogent leadership, anti-capitalist and have no respect for law that anyone one of them would be little more than a third term for Biff.

Truly, that group represents a pretty good cross-section of the kind of people who should not be elected to any position.  Yet, they are perfect Dem candidates in the eyes of that party.

There is little doubt in my mind that there is a supreme irony here.  This group has a false sense of superiority or even adequacy.  Yet they would be easy pickings for Biff’s influence.

The more I think of it, the less I think of it.  There is some kind of weird kabuki theatre going on.

In the one hand, you have the SRCFM excoriating each and every “Republican” candidate.  (With the exception, it seems, of JEBush.  I am confident that the SRCFM see him as having no chance so they treat him nicely.  You see, having a “Bush” on top of the ticket spells doom for the White Hats.)

On the other hand there is some kind of disconnect with a side order of lucidity.

As I said the talking heads see the Hilderbeast as the one, the queen, the answer to all of our problems. Yet, with every passing day and every new scandal I think some of the media are giving her not so much a second thought but considering an alternative to a Hilderbeast run to be on the safe side.

I give the Dems little credit for doing the right thing but even I think they can do better than a Lie-a-Watha, Billy the Red, Larry the Socialist or Parnelli O’Malley.

We shall see.

As I said, I am not 100% confident that some kind of a deal was struck some seven years ago. I am not 100% confident that if such a deal had been forged that both sides are going to keep their end of the bargain.

It may be early yet at the same time, it may be way too late.

We live in interesting times.



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