“And The Beast Goes On. Part 1”

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Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Poll-Bait:

Ok…  We all know that about 99% of the Media are as straight up and honest as a street-corner Three Card Monte game.  We know the SRMFM are not above elaborating, stretching facts or just plain lying to make their point, especially if it do the detriment of the Country, the Right, God or decency.

If you think I exaggerate, watch then news, read the papers and then get back to me.

Last Sunday I had a busy day on tap. I went to the gym earlier than usual and while I was doing my cool-down on the bike machine I was drawn to one of the big screen TVs on front of me.

There was the smarmy countenance of Bob Schieffer on “Deface the Nation.”  (What? Oh, sorry.  My bad.  The name of the show allegedly is “Face the Nation” for some reason.)

Say what you will, but most of the Sunday morning news shows,  moderators and most of the panels of any of those shows are Lefties masquerading as “objective journalists.”  Even by that low standard the “FTN” show last Sunday was something else.

Bear in mind, I am in a noisy gym wearing headphones and even
if the sound was up on the TV I would not have been able to hear it.  The close captioning was on so I could read the words, read the body language but no joy on speech pattern and inflection.  (As we have discussed the words are but a small part of communication.)

Sadly I could not readily identify any of the panelists. From what I could gather they seemed be evenly divided between those who thought Hillary was truly a living saint walking among us or just merely the greatest person of all time.

In other words, a typical kangaroo court.

One of the things I found odd was the use of the word “Republican” over and over as if it was a bad word.  There was a “Republican” plan, a “Republican” stonewalling, a “Republican” hindrance, a “Republican” this, a “Republican” that, a “Republican” other thing, none of them in a positive light.

They would mention a “Democrat” by name but everyone else was a “Republican.”  I really wish I could have heard them say the word “Republican”, I wonder if they got as queasy feeling in the labonza when they said that “bad word.” (Or “gut” if you are not familiar with the Italian slang.)

What I found interesting is that there were a number of her past “issues” brought up in addition to her current alleged criminality. The panelists were quick to pooh-pooh, white-wash, gainsay, or simply ignore any wrong-doing.

That and they simply said without explanation, reservation or a clue that the Hilderbeast is the only real choice.  Bear in mind, the Republicans have not even come close to picking the wrong candidate and none of the other Democrats have thusfar intimated they have made a decision to run.

Yet, the SRMFM are already suggesting Hilderbeast start looking at drapery and cutlery patterns for the Whitegirl House.

This is not news. Let’s follow the progression of the Hilderbeast.

“Well, Vince Foster was clearly despondent over the Hillary Healthcare initiative.  There is no doubt he took his own life.”  (I throw that in just to show that taking over health care and all that goes with it goes back way before Biff.)

“Look, there are millions of files on millions of people. Just because the White House security chief wants to see them, it is no big deal!” (It is a big deal when the files were of previous administration’s appointees and they were shared with peeps outside of gum’mint.)

“You know, travel for the First Family and staff is very sensitive.  It is preferred that there is someone they trust to handle that aspect of White House life.” (Unless it is the prez’s 25-year old cousin and the qualified people were fired to put their own people in and there were allegations of financial irregularities.  One aspect of this did go to trial.  The Hilderbeast refused a request from the GAO to “shed some light.”)

“Oh, come on now people!  What happened in the Rose Law Firm and Whitewater were all before BJ was elected. This is old news dredged up to sully their good names!”  (Except their names needed to be sullied.  There have been books written about this time of their lives, little if any is good. When deposed by the Starr Commission, in one deposition the Hilderbeast is reported to have said “I don’t recall” to over fifty questions.  One of Ken Starr’s deputies gave her an “F” in truthfulness.)

(SIDEBAR:  Recall in the Watergate days when she was “let go” by Jeffrey Zeifman for her unethical practices. He said later “I could not recommend her for any subsequent position of public or private trust.”  She went from: “What did the president know and when did he know it!!” to “What difference does it make!?!?!?!”)

Truly my friends, this is just the tip of the iceberg, she has only gotten more brazen with time. And most of the above is over twenty years old.

They say “fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.” For the love of pete, what kind shame is “fool me a thousand times”?

None, the Left have no shame.

Considering all the dirt there is on the Hilderbeast, I can see why the Left picked Biff and his shadowy past.

Yet, the SRMFM are relentless and unapologetic in their support for this wo… er, um, that is, ex-Senator.  It is almost like re-doubling every losing bet in the anticipation that one win clears all the losses.


There is the lie bandied about that the Hilderbeast has been cleared by seven congressional committees on Benghazi.  There are two more coming up.  The SRMFM are complaining this is unnecessary as she has been cleared.

Well, except for one thing.  She has NOT been cleared.  She has been as forthcoming as Lois Learner and James Clapper, meaning not at all.

Either she will come clean or face contempt of Congress charges, either way she could be in deep trouble.  Hypothetically, she could be under house arrest and the SRMFM would kvell her praises that she was not only the first female to run for president but to wage a virtual campaign from one of her mansions!  WOW!  What a wo, er, la, um, Hilderbeast!

Let’s put on the back burner the “allegedly” scathing and revealing book coming out.  Not to spoil the obvious but “allegedly” it discusses “alleged” cash contributions made to BJ’s foundation that there is an “alleged” implication that said donations are a pre-emptive quid pro quo if the Hilderbeast gets elected. And, not to mention the signing over of a good deal of our uranium to the Ruskies.   At this point the SRMFM are ignoring all of that totally.  It did not happen yet and when it does they won’t cover it.

Something NOT on the back burner is the email scandal, cover-up or whatever you wish to call it.  Essentially no matter how you parse it she has “allegedly “ broken the law either by deleting files, not turning over her files and if she says she did not know because she did not sign the form, well, not signing the form is “allegedly” a crime.  (From what I am led to believe she did sign the form ergo making the “alleged” destruction or “alleged” mishandling of “allegedly” sensitive material criminal acts.)

(Here is a case where the “right wing media” may be as bad as the SRMFM.  There is no one other than the Hilderbeast that knows exactly what she had on her private email server.  There is innuendo that there are a lot more things than just “normal” correspondences, hair dresser appointments and chats with friends.  I will not mention these allegations because I do not know if they were in the emails.  The allegations have surfaced before and to my knowledge have never been addressed one way or the other. I may detest this wo, er, lad.. um, candidate, but at this stage I wish not to spread something which, ironically, she feels will hurt her.)

Moving right along there is the possibility that between the results of Benghazi and/or the emails and/or allegation of fiscal chicanery to be aired in the upcoming book that the Hilderbeast could be cooling her heals in a different type of gated, public housing with a lot of security.  Maybe orange is the new white.

And even then the Shultz’s, Maddows’s all the other sycophants and toadies on network TV will only love her more.  “The Hilderbeast is the best president ever!  She is available 100% of the time and has chosen to live in a more austere yet equally secure facility. I mean, home.”

She could be on death row and the media would complain that is a “vast right-wing” conspiracy, the facts were not presented, the judge is a Bush supporter or it is all the fault of global warming and either protest her innocence or simply ignore the fact that  the woman is behind a curtain, behind bars.

What did the candidate know and when did she know it. Because it DOES make a big difference.



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