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My Friends and Fellow Pawns:

(Methinks… this issue is out of order. I have another one which is almost done but this subject needs to be addressed.  Oddly enough and depending on how this issue turns out (I am as stunned as anyone when it make sense) it may make the next issue more poignant.)


H.L. Mencken.

Edgar Allen Poe.

George Herman “Babe” Ruth.

Freddie Grey.

One was a brilliant linguist and satirist.  Another was one of our Country’s best and best known writers. The next was one of the greatest sports legends of all time. One had a record some twenty arrests long.

What do they have in common?

They were all from Baltimore.

Stick with me.

As I say, there is not such of a thing as a coincidence.

In case you do not know who Freddie Grey was, he was a street dude, an “alleged” drug dealer, who was arrested almost two weeks ago.  Somehow he wound up dead as a result of a broken spine and cracked vertebrae. Makes no difference how he died, even if the reports that he was just released from hospital after spine surgery are accurate, the bottom line is he died in police custody.

I am not saying that the cops were right in any way, shape or form if he died as a result of their actions or inactions.  The fact that he had a lengthy police record does not make his life worth any less.  (His contribution to society is another matter.) (And I am not going soft.  Stick around.)

Neither am I going to do a post mortem on the actions and inactions of the possibly mentally deficient “mayor.”  Between she, the police chief, the governor and whoever else is involved, this matter is in way too much flux to comment at this point.


Now, let’s expose some ugly facts.

Skells have always been given a tune-up for various reasons.  There have been incidences where an arrestee was actually murdered by those arresting him or her.  There have been innocent people who have been murdered by the “authorities.”  You can go back to Jesus, before and since.

We can look at school de-segregation in the South, the Civil Rights marches, and the assaults and murders of those who supported those initiatives.

Bear in mind, some half of a century ago, just the arrest of a black person in Watts started riots that spread all over the Country with many, many deaths and untold property damage. (And that did not subside until LBJ gave away the farm in his so-called “Great Society” initiative.  All that did was to create a “dependocracy.”)

But, even the Watts riots had some basis in the feelings of people because of the ways they saw or perceived fellow blacks being treated in the previous decade. It was not a spontaneous reaction but a simmering which boiled over.

Ditto the Rodney King riots over twenty-five years later.  The crapshow that was South Central Los Angeles had become a tinderbox. It did not take much to start the fire.  The beating of Rodney King was all it took that time.

The blacks, used to thinking that they were second class citizens, seemed to use this opportunity to bang on not just Whites but also the Hispanics and Orientals, particularly Koreans.  (The Koreans did an amazing job of mobilizing and protecting themselves.  That only fueled the anger towards them and the resultant damage to their businesses.)

It is not always, or rather only, race but a preconceived and ill-conceived pecking order.  Bottom line is that none of this was just because of skin color, per se.  But it had everything to do with the way different people were treated in a gummint that is supposed to treat and protect all her citizens equally.  Read that last line again, slowly.

I am going to throw something out here, let’s see if any of this sticks.

We have been being the nanny for poor people for four generations now.  Make no mistake, it is not a “black thing.”  Not putting any spin on it but based on participation by percentage based on demographics in raw numbers, there are almost as many White people on some kind of welfare as black.  So, it is NOT a black thing.  (Check this out: http://www.statisticbrain.com/welfare-statistics/ )

What the gummint has done is to create a “class” of dependents.  (And “class” is an accurate term. It is also a communist term.  This all comes together at one point.)  These dependents have become more and more dependent.  While we are giving them more in items of sustenance we are cheating them in the things they really need: good education, job training, jobs and the like. Those things will breed good citizens and contributors to society.

Instead, in the true lie of the gummint, we are not giving them anything but stealing from them. We are stealing their self-esteem, we are stealing their self-worth, we are stealing the opportunity to allow them to better themselves.

And all the while the Libs are laying trails of grain to the cages for the dependents, they are being told the Left are their friends. And they eat the grain, walk to the cage, the gate is shut and they vote Democrat.


There have been homosexuals forever it seems.   The first mention in the Bible is in Leviticus, which is the third book.  It used to be a crime, it is still a sin (not preaching just saying) and now it is being institutionalized by the gummint.

You can barely watch a TV show (really, I should just leave it at that), ok, you can barely watch a TV show that does not have some gay characters, gay/LBGTLS-MFT or whatever theme, always sympathetic to the gay person and the straight is either bigoted and narrow-minded or they come to see the “error of their ways” and “accept” the gays.

Again, and sadly prolly not for the last time, I have nothing against gays. We are told to hate the sin but love the sinner.  I also know that my sins are not more pleasing to God than those of a homosexual. None of that is the point.

The point is the promotion of homosexuality and the assorted and sordid things associated with that “class” of people. (Two can play at that game.)

These TV shows, viewed over and over numb us to the idea of homosexuality. It is education at best and propaganda at worst. When you look at who runs the studios and networks, it all makes sense.

We all have heard of the “Fairness Doctrine.” Yes, that is the one that is not fair! That is the one where the FCC wants to curtail that nasty “Right-wing” talk radio unless the Left get equal time or are able to rebut or both.  But that only applies to Right wing radio talk shows.  (“Left wing” radio is a typical Left wing failure.)  It does not give equal time to the Right on cable or television.

It is the same thing on TV with homosexuality.

There are no shows showing the pain, unhappiness and diseases of homosexuality unless it is to elicit more sympathy for them. It is almost like blaming the car for an accident caused by a drunk driver.

Additionally there is no “rebuttal” to that.  There are no “God-based” or “God Centered” shows, with the possible exception of some country music awards shows.

I mean it the gays wanted to be fair and show what a great thing they have going on they should be excited to face someone who takes and defends an opposite view. Yes?

But now, what do we get?  Two hours of that freak Bruce Jenner and commercial after commercial advertising that show with Diane Sawyer crying in her beer over this aberrant behavior.

They media are making him seem like he is breaking new ground here when that too is a lie. You have to go back to Christine Jorgenson for the first sex change.

This barrage of Jenner is nothing more than perversion proselytizing.   It is making us see an Olympic champion as some other kind of champion, like he is special, like he is unique.

He is not one of a kind or even one in a million.

He is one of about the one thousand people who have a sex-change each year.

Where are the TV shows, trailers, interviews, weepy devotchka’s and the rest of the side show for the other 999?

They do not matter. They do not have a marquee name. They are not related to the other train wreck, the Kardashians.

As bad as all that is, there is “allegedly” a show coming on the tube that “stars” a vicious, militant gay guy.  But that is not enough.  He curses Churches, God, people who go to Church, who lead normal lives.  It must be on cable and I apologize for not having his name handy.  After watching about two minutes of one of his rants I had to turn it off.

It has no place in the public forum anywhere.  It is not gay, it is not about a lifestyle, it is about a miserable miscreant who hates everything.  And I will wager it is because he is so ironically gay.

Yet, this will be put on TV, the reviewers will call it groundbreaking and it will get ratings at first.

A foot in the door.

The first one is free.

They will lobby to have heterosexuals put in a poor light, churches will be forbidden on TV and they will mock God.

You think I am kidding?  Are you new?  Look back at recent history, the FISH, older TV shows and look at today.  Then tell me I am off.

All of this nothing more than a re-education process.  Be it that the White “privileged” class owes a living to those not as well off to portraying normalcy and decency in a negative light while raising up godlessness and destruction of the family.

We will be bombarded with this junk on TV as long as we allow it and in the meantime more soft heads of mush will be exposed to the lies and hate.

Remember early TV? We were not that far out from WWII. TV reflected good and wholesome stories, intact heterosexual families, religious figures in the show. And that went on till the beatniks, cum hippies came along.

That which we allow, will continue.


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