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Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind,   Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverent.


AS I have said so many times. “Fings ain’t wot they used to be.”

We have seen a precipitous decline in the moral standing of our Country.  No, I am not being a prude, I am talking about the institutionalized destruction of the family and ultimately the religious entities.

Many of you will recognize the dozen words leading off this as the “Scout Law” of the Boy Scouts of America.  (This distinction is going to be important in a few moments.) When we were in our early, or perhaps pre-teens, many of us raised our right hand with the three-finger salute and repeated those words.

Even all these many years later when I am called upon to speak often times the Scout Law becomes part of the speech.  On those occasions when I am addressing Scouts I always incorporate the law and how important it will be in life not just as a Scout for forever.

I was a Scout and while I did not receive the distinct honor of achieving Eagle Scout I feel I learned much from that time of my life.  (My interest in Scouting waned as my interest in females increased.  And as there was no merit badge for that kind of activity, I resigned from the Scouts)

I recall the camping, the jamborees and all the activities quite fondly.  I learned skills that would come in handy not just then or a few years later but throughout my life.  Apparently that was a good thing as I will be the first to admit that I was not a model human being at various times.  I credit my religion, education and my involvement in scouting from making a real mess of things.

Over the years, say what you wish and I am neither pontificating nor casting aspersions, the Boy Scouts of America were largely a “religious” kind of organization.  Many troops were sponsored by and met at Churches and Synagogues. I am not saying there was any institutional dictum to abide by any particular religion but the word “God” is part of the Scout Oath in that “… I will do my best to do my duty to God and my Country…”

B-P (Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts) stated that while Scouting was not associated with any particular religion, he felt that spirituality and a belief in a higher power were critical to young men and women’s personal growth and are major tenets of the entire Scouting movement.

In the century-plus that the Boy Scouts have been around the focus on  God, or religious fealty, has not changed.  While in the last few years homosexuals were allowed to join the ranks of Boy Scouts, Atheists and agnostics are politely turned away from membership.

On the other side of the equation are the Girl Scouts.

I certainly think that for the greater part the Girl Scouts are just swell.  Like their male counter parts, these young ladies are afforded a great deal of education and application to be better people when they grow up.

But (and you saw that coming), the Girl Scouts are a bit more, shall we say, “liberal” in any number of areas.

Perhaps the one shared area of liberality is with the admittance of homosexual members.  But it is the other areas which are problematic and the crux of the biscuit of this particular issue.

For the Girl Scouts the “God” thing is nice and all but they are not “quite” as “enthusiastic” about “God” as are the Boys Scouts. I mean they would “like” the girls to have some beliefs but that is not critical. In fact one can be an Atheist or agnostic.  The “reverent” thing is not part of their “Law.”  (Then again they did take “keep herself pure” out of the original Law.)

Now, an excuse me for thinking clearly, this is what happens when you take God out of things, particularly in areas where you have impressionable young girls.  Perhaps some of these kids grow up in families who attend religious services and wonder why others do not.

For instance, the Girl Scouts do have a relationship with Planned Parenthood.  (No need to discuss their business at this time.)  Some contend that there is not a “formal” relationship, others suggest it is at the local level and others still allege there is no connection between the two organizations. (These are the same people who think the Clinton’s are as pure as the driven snow and global warming is real.)

In addition they have “honored” such pro-Abortion supporters as Wendy Davis (aka “Abortion Barbie”) and Kathleen Sebelius.

Enough on that, you can “Bing” or “Google” the “Girl Scouts Planned Parenthood” and you can see for yourself.

Now, they have gone lower than even that low bar.

Now, if a boy sees himself as a girl, well, he, er, she, um, that person is welcome to join.

And they are not done.  You see, how can you be “Girl Scouts” when you have a confused person in your ranks? The last I heard they were going to call themselves simply the “Scouts.” Of course that will cause no confusion at all as the Boy Scouts have familiarly been called the “Scouts.” Gees!

(SIDEBAR:  I am sure there have been cases of sexual identity confusion in the past, just as there has been homosexuality and other issues.  The difference is that it was never encouraged. Now the less “normal family member-is” you are the more you are encouraged to parade your turpitude and deviancy in the street.)

As I have said more times than I wished, all of the things that are happening now are related, make no mistake. Things that seem totally disjointed or offer no possible connection will be found to be inextricably linked.  (Think of “braid theory” in math and how that led proving the existence of other sub-atomic particles.)

All this has to do with power.  Maybe local power, perhaps nationwide or even worldwide.  It may be totalitarian, economic, moral, political, social, religious or other controls.  But, about this be totally clear.  This is about power and power allows control.

To be frank the one odd-ball piece to this screwed-up puzzle is Islam.  When you look at the blueprint, it is not one of the components.  Well, not per se, but as a vehicle to attain other goals.

The blueprint you ask? Of course you know by now that it is the Communist Manifesto.  You also know the power elites, the NWO types, the members of the various “Clubs” and so on have infinite patience and they know that given time and little push-back, eventually they can rule the world.

“They know”, they think.  I do not think most people agree.

When you look what is needed to destroy a country from the inside it is all in the list. Let’s revisit some, shall we?  No more private property, confiscatory income tax (redistribution of wealth), the state controls banks, communication, transportation, manufacturing, farming and education (I guess Marx had not thought of health care or that would be in there), promotion of deviant lifestyle, break-up of the family unit, closing churches ultimately outlawing religion and a very strong police.

Taking all of that into consideration, if many of those in power today were to channel the late Mayor Ed Koch and asked “How am I doing’ “I am pretty sure most would agree they doing a bang up job.

Do not think for a nanosecond that there is anything “spontaneous” about what is going on in Ballot.  If it was not this poor dead skell, it would have been another.  You have a black city, with a black mayor, black congressman, black police chief of a black majority police force. YET this is the White Man’s fault?

Even that brain donor of a mayor who said and went viral that you have to respect the rioters (they are not protestors.  Every time you hear the media say “protestors” mentally edit that to “rioters”), that if they need a place to destroy, they should have it (as she contradicts “protestors”.)  Of course that “place” was not near her house.

Then the next day, after half of the world heard her say those words, she denies she said them and blamed that on “The White media taking my words out of context.”

Gee, when did we ever hear a Democrat lie about something where there was proof positive that they lied?

No, not all the time, just most of the time.

Now dear long time readers, recall what I have said about reading between the lines, that the real story is often the story not reported.

Where has Biff been on this?

He made to my recollection he made exactly one tepid comment about the riots.  For someone who lives about forty miles from the scenes of the crime, Biff seems rather unconcerned.   That seems even more surprising when you consider that like Baltimore, Washington DC has a black majority population.  He was not worried the same might happen near him?

(And before anyone throws the race card on what I just said, recall the powers that be in Baltimore and particularly the number one Balitimoron, their mayor, are blaming Whites.  Which is even odder when three of the six cops are black and the cop charged with the worst crimes is black. But, it is all the Whites fault. Hmmm… I think I understand now.)

Recall in last issue it was mentioned that TV is brainwashing us to certain social behaviors that are not in in the majority.  (How is that for being “politically correct.”)

Look at what the “Girl Scouts” are “allegedly” doing or planning with these impressionable young ladies. (And you wondered where the connection was!)

Well, they are doing the same with race relations.  Show the blacks rioting and destroying and that is fine because Whitey made that happen.

Of course, rioting is the preferred response to curing social ills.   In the top ten cities for poverty, all ten are in Democrat hands.  Some, like Miami and El Paso have NEVER had Republican leadership and the most recent city that was not Democratic is Cleveland, over a quarter of a century ago.

So, you can see why the Dems want to blame the Whites, otherwise they would have to take responsibility for their own actions.  And that is why the SRCFM shows all the insanity. After all, a city on not on fire is not news.

Divide and conquer.  Ever hear of that? That is what the powers that be are doing.  They are dividing or creating real or imagined divides between the rich and poor, the moral and reprobate, the blacks and the Whites, the religious the apostate, male and female and anything else they can think of.

Disagree?  Look around and tell me where I am wrong.


LAST WORD:  Over the weekend 25 year-old NYPD Officer Brian Moore was shot in the face by a skell.  The skell was arrested within a few hours as when he was discovered, he could not run as his drawers were hanging too low. He has an arrest record for various charges including murder.  Brian is from my town.  Oddly enough he lives on the same street as did NYPD Officer Ed Byrne who was shot and killed on the job by four skells twenty-odd years ago. I am not going to mention the skin color of any of the shooters.  BTW, I did post to $harpton’s page y’day if he went to visit PO Moore.  Please keep PO Moore in your prayers. As of 1230 Monday things do not look good.  Please offer prayer for the comfort his family and friends and for protection for all of those who protect us such as the police, military, firemen, EMTs and so on.

Brian had no brain activity and was taken off life-support.  He passed Monday afternoon as a result of his wounds.

You can bet there will be a follow up to this.


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