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My Friends and Fellow Viewers:

Some folks just do not get it.

We had a few recent issues, and more to come, on the deterioration of the social and other norms in our Country.  As said then, before and sadly most likely again, it is a slow and steady erosion.

There was a time when the newsreaders were among the most respected people in America.  Of course that was before the interwebs and other ways to fact check them.

When we did, we found out, among others, that Walter Crankcase, “the most trusted man in America” lied to us repeatedly about Vietnam.  This mental defective decided to use his bully pulpit to lie about the first Tet Offensive and  as a result rather than ending the war, he prolonged it causing tens of thousands of additional American and others deaths.  (And, again, had he kept his yap shut, unbeknownst to him Sr. Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap was going to sue for peace as his forces were decimated.  We have covered that before, enough for now.)

But the temptation to editorialize is not easily stifled.  There are news organs whose entire product is either fabricated or so selective as to be useless.

Even the “big names” can’t help themselves.  Let’s ask Brian Williams about this.

What? Huh? Really?  No kidding!

Seems that Brian unavailable.  He is building a rocket so he can fly to the space station. Again.

Before him was Dan Rather and after Rather was Katie Couric.  All libs and all as familiar with the truth as the average lib.

Not very many, Benny.

Last week, I am watching the 11PM news and a newsreader comes on and, well let’s let the instant massages speak for themselves!  I have added some small commentary, after the fact in red.

And for additional fun, at the very end is a second conversation we had some months back on a different subject.  From the first exercise I sussed how to get him to be more forthcoming.



PRECIOUS:  Out of curiosity, on the news last night in the report on the murder of PO Moore, it was mentioned that the gun used came from Georgia and added to that, “(W)here getting a gun is easier.”  Why was it necessary to add that?

NEWSREADER BILL:  good question john. because a big supply of guns in nyc come from these easy-to-buy-guns states.. wouldn’t it be great if other states started cracking down on the availability of guns? one important way to stop all this violence is to end the insanity of firearms. (I did not see the value of verbally beating him up at this stage.  It would have taken days and I would not get to my larger point. It would take two seconds to disprove his allegations but it would not sink in.)

PRECIOUS: Bill thanks for the prompt reply.  I am not sure if cracking down on the availability of guns is the way to go.  Yes, I agree that a gun in the wrong hands is a recipe for disaster.  But is it not like blaming the barn door for letting the horses out?  The greater question is why are people so prone to violence and more as a solution?  Educating and treating people with respect is the first step.  It is no joke when I quote Rodney King and “Why can’t we all get along!”  We can debate the merits of guns all day long.  But, Bill, my larger question had to do to the omission.  You see, whether guns are more easily obtainable is not the question. The gun that Demetrius Blackwell used to murder PO Brian Moore was stolen.  And you can be sure the person who sold him the gun did not ask for ID.  No amount of background check or any other safeguard is going to keep a stolen gun off the street no matter whence it was stolen.  I just felt it was less than full disclosure by not mentioning the gun was stolen.  I know you just read the news Bill, but you are the face of the news, at least in our house in Massapequa where we watch WABC.  I just feel that if someone (WABC news, not necessarily you) wishes to editorialize that all relevant information should be disseminated so one can come to a fair decision.  In any event, thank you for your time, see you at 11.00!(I feel so dirty for schmoozing… but necessary)

NEWSREADER BILL:  thanks john.. good point. and i don’t just read the news. i wrote that story (Underline for emphasis.)

PRECIOUS: I applaud your honesty.  And as I said, we watch WABC for news.  It is the first thing on at 5.30 AM and the last thing off at 11.30 PM.  (Maybe if I had more sleep I would not feel so cranky.) As mentioned, we will see you tonight. If you wished to advise the gun was stolen, that would be a nice thing. Have a good day!

.. and the next day….

PRECIOUS:  Bill… I was a little disappointed that you did not mention the gun used in PO Moore’s murder was stolen on last night’s news.  People who are not a fan of abortion, just as an example, have to accept the idea that Roe is the law of the land. Similarly those who are anti-gun must accept that gun ownership is not just a law but part of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. Not to put too fine of a point on the gun issue, consider the attack in Texas.  Texas has relaxed carry laws.  As a result, two bad guys are dead and dozens perhaps hundreds of good people are alive. Had that occurred in New York, I shudder to think of the carnage. Look at the extreme security in place last night at the Museum for the awards presentation.  I posit that had that event been held in Texas there may have been any number of people in attendance able to defend. Maybe you can help me out. You are against guns, and that is fine but why should you care if other law abiding citizens have guns?  If they are good people it does not affect your life and in fact had you been in Texas, it may have saved your life. But my greater concern is the misrepresenting the news. Yes, it was true PO Moore was killed by a gun from Georgia. Yes, it is true that the legal ownership of a gun is easier in some, read: “Southern”, states.  But not mentioning that the gun used to murder PO Moore was stolen is disingenuous and is totally biasing an emotional story.  That is no difference than being asked “Do you still beat your wife.” It is a BS question in most all cases (one can hope) but any answer raises suspicion.  Your linkage to some non sequitur is shameful.  We both have better things to do than this. Perhaps because this murder is so close to us in Massapequa I feel so strongly for accuracy.  I always thought you to be a good guy, a mensch I think you might be called.  I may not always agree with opinions and editorials but I hoped I could trust the facts of the news.  Sadly you have exposed that is not true.  If you get this far, thanks.  Have a nice day anyway. I will watch tonight. Tomorrow?, that I don’t know.  I might as well go to bed early if the news is not, well, the news. (I may have laid on the combination of Liberal and Irish guilt.)

NEWSREADER BILL: (nervously I sense) we did mention it earlier and we’re doing story on it today. we didn’t say anything about the gun in the 11 last night, but we did earlier.

PRECIOUS: I must have missed it this morning and do not watch TV at work. Restores my faith Bill, thanks. See you at 11!


And nothing changed.  As if I thought it might.  More’s the pity as too many stupid people will get sucked into the lies.

(Since that was written the George Snuffaluffagus donation/cover-up gate story has broken and I have been dueling with this guy on that subject. He really wants to say Georgie should be sent to prison and given the opportunity to be a good cell-wife for a very large man but he is stopping short of admitting criminality.  I will poke this bear as long as he lets me.  In the meantime, read below….)


PRECIOUS:  With all due respect, last night on the 11 PM news you blamed the measles on “parents who have not vaccinated their children.” Had you actually considered that is not the case but the increases is this and other diseases are caused by people coming here, legally or not, who are not vaccinated? After all, if nothing else the number of “faith-based” people who do not vaccinate are fewer today yet there are orders of magnitude more unvaccinated immigrants. Be fair. Be honest.

NEWSREADER BILL: Well they remain not vaccinated -and their parents didn’t get them vaccinated. No matter what country they came from. Vaccine has been out how many years? (Makes no difference if they were there from the day God got bored.  If the vaccines are not there, it is no longer the parents “decision.”) But I appreciate your critique — as always

PRECIOUS:  Thank you for the kind and prompt reply. Perhaps we should take steps to ensure those coming here are vaccinated if they are not already. Thanks again, see you at 11.




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