“Power, Devour All Along The Way”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Victims:

Those who do not study history are bound to repeat it.


And again…

And yet again!

I am not saying that the Right are history mavens or never miss a beat but for some reason they do have a tendency to recall events recent and those not so much so.

Truly if you wanted to rid the world of Liberals, the easiest way would be to remove all warning labels and signs from everything.  There is no doubt that by repeated missteps they will thin their herd faster than they will non-breed themselves out of existence.


The Left, with very little help from the True Right (id est.: Non-RINOs) are almost solely responsible for the ills in our Country and hence the world.

Lemme ‘splain.


Rather than manning up and apologizing to blacks in the 60s, perhaps giving the some “seed money” for “reparations”, real or imagined, the Left put the blacks and poor Whites into a never-ending spiral of poverty.

Why never-ending?

Well, because if you give poor people housing, food, medical, cash money and more and because of either lack of education or inclination there is no job that will pay enough to cover all those necessities.

Now add to that child care, transportation and so on, even the dimmest bulb will figger out that it is better to sit home than to get up, go to work, bust one’s butt, come home, cook a meal and so on for less then what they have now.

At times I can hardly blame them for what they do, or rather not do. And, raising the minimum wage will only make things worse, as explained all too many times already.

So a generation in poverty having a lot of free time on their hands creates another generation of people in poverty. And so on.

Some will say “But Precious, you are being so cold!  Some people just need help!”  And I will say that you are correct in that there are SOME people that need help.

But not tens of millions.

We have all seen pictures of a “welfare” apartment that has nice furniture, big screen TV, a full refrigerator and they are wearing nice clothes and they all have cell phones. Not for anything, I doubt that every FISH reader is living that well.

As mentioned there is no incentive to get off assistance and as soon as enough people try to better themselves, you can bet the Libs will be there to up the ante to keep them in chains.

As LBJ said that in pandering to poor people (and here he was referring to the black poor) he infamously said that “will keep the ‘N-Words’ voting Democrat for a hundred years.”  (Imagine if a Republican President used the “N-Word.”)

Do understand this, WHEN someone gets off welfare, gets a job and sees how little of their money they get to keep after taxes all of a sudden they become Conservatives or at least Republicans. It is to the Dems benefit to keep the poor that way, and ignorant.

That is what is called an unexpected benefit.

Until and unless someone breaks those chains of the slavery of poverty, these poor will continue to eat the grain given to them and do as they are told and vote as they are told.

That is power.


My point is that everything is about power. Yes, even in our own lives.  We want power in what to eat, where to live, where to work, what TV or radio station to put on and so forth.

Now, ramp that desire up about a few-thousand fold and you have those who not only want that for themselves but they want to decide what YOU eat, where YOU live, where YOU work, what TV or radio station YOU put on.

That, my friends, is called “government.”

When you ratchet that up a few notches you get the Club Members, the NWO types, the al-G’ores, the Clintons, the Rockefellers and the other shadowy types who want to not just run a country but the whole world.

You see, there IS a plan.

We can see all the evil, amorality, greed, hate, racism, minimizing the value of a human beings going on.  That breeds poverty, poor education in many areas, infanticide, promiscuousness, promotion of deviancy, attacks on religion and so on.  These things as I have been preaching are not coincidences.  These things are planned somewhere.  Even those who are promoting some, even all, of these things may not be in on the plan.

We have beaten this to death a thousand times.  So, let’s turn our attention to something else that will hasten the demise of our great Nation: Islam.

In case you have not noticed there has been an increase of activity in Muzzie kinds of things.  Alleged ISIS training camps in almost half of the states for openers.  They have their own PR arm now as well as radio stations.  They hate America, Jews, the West in particular but in a more global sense, they hate everyone who is not like them.

They have money and plenty of it.  They are able to broadcast their messages, use the interwebs and in particular Facebook, Twitter their messages and so on.  They are targeting for recruitment those whose heads will first be on the chopping blocks.

The dumb, idle, idealized, hateful, disenfranchised and other Mother’s-basement dwelling largely unemployed and unwashed masses now have a raison d’etre, a cause, something to give them some self-esteem!

Er, yes, self-esteem from a group where your separation from them usually involves the separation of your head as a lovely parting gift.

I am not going into all of that right now. I am not going to mention the attack in Garland Texas and the great job that was done equalizing two Muzzie terrorists on American soil or even the wrong-headed pathologically insane opprobrium on Pamela Geller by the likes of low-life’s as Geraldo Rivera.

I am going to go out on a very short limb here.

There is absolutely no way we are going to eradicate Muzzie terrorism on our own soil let alone anywhere else.

You have a “president” who is committed to being uncommitted.   The Iranians say they would have no problem using nukes on Israel, the US or anyone.  Meanwhile WTLF is tripping over his chin trying to give Iran more so they won’t kill us too badly.

You have a “president” who has made it his priority to dilute the population and demographics of the United States.  And if a few dozen or hundred or thousand terrorists slip in with our friends from the South, well, so be it.

You have a “president” who did not have a press conference immediately after the terrorist attack.  I have not heard him say anything.  If you “Bing” “Garland Texas Shooting Obama” the best you will find is that Biff was “informed” of the shooting. Even that paid idjit Spokesweasel John Ernest called it an “attempted terrorist attack.”  No, not “attempted” but you do get style points for using the “T” word.

I am getting angrier and angrier as I read what I am thinking. There are so many possibilities going on that it is not funny. I have said that I did not have the sense that Biff had any urgency to leave the Whi’te House. I intimated a smokescreen that would allow him to declare martial law and suspend the elections.

Between the race riots he condones and some say foments and now increased terrorism on our soil, that seems more and more real.   (I am not going to countenance the JH15 at this point as I really want it to be what I have heard it is and not what the tinfoil hats suggest. But even that would factor into the equation.)

There are but two ways for the Muzzie problem to end peaceably.

One is tricky.  It would involve stripping them of 1st Amendment protection as a religion and declaring Islam a terrorist organization and prosecuting them under any number of statutes.

The other is tricky.  It would involve getting all the “moderate” Muzzies to condemn the terrorists, to expel them from their mosques and turn all the tangos in to the authorities.

And all that will happen the third Tuesday of last week.

(Meanwhile on national TV, there was a show with a moderator hosting Ms. Geller and an Imam. The dude from the religion of peace basically said that given the chance he would kill Ms. Geller.  Bottom line: nothing happened to him for making a death threat.)

Why are not the so-called “Moderate Muzzies” not standing up to the bad guys? Why was not that Imam arrested for threatening murder?


And when you are afraid of something, that thing now has…



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