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Genesis 3:19  John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Viewers:

IF for some odd reason I was going to hold a children’s beauty contest, I would not think the likes of a John Wayne Gacy would be the best choice for a judge.

Similarly, I am fairly sure that I would not enlist the services of the ACLU to, you know, update the Bible.

I think you get the picture…

It was announced that noted scoundrel (I told you so) Little Georgie Snuffaluffagus was a lying, cheating grifter was found out and exposed as the lying cheating grifter that he is.

We all know there is not a dimes worth of difference between 99% of the TV newsreaders.  That is sad because that 99% give the rest a bad name. We also know that there are far too many cozy relationships between people the media and gummint, in fact, some are siblings and others are married.

Far too many of the lean-back crowd not just get their info from the SRCFM (and has that EVER been a truer statement?) but believe that bovine scatology.

Even still, you expect a modicum of decorum, the slightest hint of fairness, at least a nod and a wink to the facts when it comes to the “news of the day” and not a floating street-corner “Three-Card Monte game” of facts and truth.

Say what you will about the others, and I do, for the greater part Georgie Snuffaluffagus looks like a choir boy, angelic in countenance, in fact his father is a Greek Orthodox Priest and his mother the news director for the Greek Orthodox Church in America.

What did he do? What did B.J. Clinton’s butt-boy do? What did you think he did?


Well, nothing more than many of the rest do.

He was dishonest, not forthcoming and was part of the news he was alleged to have been dispassionate about that which he was reporting.

In other words, he committed the biggest crime.

He got caught.

Despite his oftentimes contentious relationship with the Clinton’s when he worked for them in the White House or when he worked for them as a talking head on television, he was kind enough  to donate somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 to the Clinton Influence Pedal.. er no, that is not right, oh yeah, the Clinton Protection Racke… opps, my bad, anywho he donated a stack of cash to one of Clintons Funds for the advancement of the Clinton’s.

There is no shock that those in the SRCFM lie, omit, exaggerate, amplify and otherwise distort the news.

There is no secret that almost all on the SRCFM vote Liberal and donate to such causes and candidates.

But even for a Lib it is egregious to be part of something of which you are allegedly reporting and doing such from an exculpatory viewpoint.

Sorta like the New York Times asking alleged, and now former, AG Stedman for his impartial opinion about prosecuting members of the New Panther Party.

Kinda like the objective Al $harpton interviewing any of the Balitmorons on his TV show (is it still on?) about the integrity of the rioters in that fair city.

Actually, it is worse.

You can get the NEW YORK SLIMES will throw nothing but softballs to Stedman or anyone of the Maladministration.  That is a given.

You know that $harpton is a shill, a race-baiter and could be on someone’s payroll. You have seen him suck up to any of his own race in any kind of political or powerful position.

(This just crossed my mind, but has any of you ever seen $harpton with a member of the military?  About the only time I ever saw him with anyone in uniform he was very busy being arrested.)

(Speaking about getting paid off, you DID hear that the protestors in Baltimore were paid to protest, yes?  Something like $2700 of blood money, alleged Soros money. The funny thing is that not all of them got paid and they say they are going to sue whoever promised them the money.  Feature this, going to court to sue for monies owed by someone who promised payment to COMMIT A CRIME. What? On the other side of that coin, and to be 100% fair, when that poppa oscar sierra murdered NYPD officer Brian Moore, many people were paid not to riot.  Well, that is not exactly true. They have jobs and they were at work.)

Now, and slap me nekkid and hide my clothes, how does THIS happen?  You see, in the fallout from Snuffaluffagus’s dishonesty, he is “voluntarily” excusing himself from moderating a Republican Presidential Candidate Debate.

Forget about everything else, forget about Snuffaluffagus’s chicanery and fealty, ignore the money given to the Clinton’s, disregard the fact that he reported on a story in which he was a player.  The real news is that this mendacious midget was on any one’s radar to be a good, fair and impartial moderator for ANY debate that was not a Liberal event.

Recall this coward tried to sabotage Mitt during the Republican candidate debates on the last go-around by asking questions that had nothing to do with the topic at hand.  He should have been permanently banned from any polite partisan political discourse from that point on, eternally.

While he was not as bad as that despicable Candy Crowley who, as Biff was having his lunch handed to him by Mitt, “corrected” Mitt with an utter lie, and that turned the tenor of the debate.

That she interjected was wrong. That she interjected in a partisan manner is inexcusable. That she interjected an incorrect comment is IMHBVAO, borderline criminal and she ought to have been fired, or as she worked for CNN, promoted.

Let’s veer of the road for a moment.

Let’s look at the creatchures who “moderated” the Presidential debates of 2012:  Jim Leher (PBS), Candy Crowley (CNN) and Bob Schieffer (CBS) and on the VP side you had the never-lovely Martha Raddatz (ABC).

This is what the SRCFM refer to as fair and balanced. There were two lefties from two liberal network stations and two lefties from two liberal cable news stations.

OK, that is the big dance, let’s look at the warm-ups, the Republican contenders’ debates. There were twenty of them. (Yeah, I know.  No such a thing as too much of a good thing.  Or, this.)

CBS, NBC, CNBC and Bloomberg sponsored one each, ABC and MS/NBC sponsored two each, FOX had five and CNN had seven. To simplify this sorta-pretend Right Wing had five the Left-to-Far- Left had fifteen.

Of the last seven debates when the candidates had been winnowed down to a handful, FOX had one and the Left had the rest with CNN and MS/NBC crafting the last four.

I am more than ready to accept that the Grand Mosque is not going to take any decorating suggestions from Bibi Netanyahu.

Al $harpton is not going to be named “Man of the Year” of the KKK.

Bruce Jenner, never mind, he writes his own joke.

You won’t find a ham and cheese on rye with mayo at Katz’s Deli.

Yet, I will bet an egg cream (Katz’s made me thirsty) that ALL of those things will happen before the Republicans say:  “Enough!  We are not going to take it!  WE will decide when and where the debates will be and WE will choose the moderator.”

Of course they won’t do that.  ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MS/NBC and more will say “Sure, but you NEED us!  And if you need us we will dictate the terms and who is going to moderate.  We will throw you a bone and let someone we like at FOX to do a few but that is that! Take it or leave it.”

And the cowardly Republicans will thank the SRCFM for being so kind.

The Republicans are ignoring the fact that there are other avenues on cable and terrestrial television as well as on the interwebs.  They won’t allow a Mark Levine, a Glenn Beck, a Rush Limbaugh or the like to moderate.

(The Michael Savages are too bombastic and self-absorbed no matter what their talents are. The Bill O’Reilly’s are all over the map and will turn on you in a sec. The Sean Hannity’s are to impressed with themselves and more impressed by those they   see as betters, such as Master Cylinder Karl Rove.)

Of course the problem with having someone “right-of-center” moderating is that the Left won’t take it seriously and the moderates won’t watch the debates on the interwebs.

I turned on the TV this morning, and there was ol’ Georgie shuckin’ and jivin’ with guests on his weekday show.

In a just and fair world, he would be holed up with his lawyers planning a defense for his journalistic malfeasance.

And why is Snuffaluffagus not fired and indicted?

Because in the eye of the Left he did nothing wrong.

And THAT my friends is the REAL CRIME.


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