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a look at the Bill of Rights.  Take a good look at the 1st Amendment.  Help me out here.  Look at your copy and see if yours says what mine says.  I just want to be sure before I do any further.

Does yours say: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”, can you please confirm?

This is called the “Establishment Clause” and in a nutshell it says that the gummint canNOT pass any laws prohibiting the free exercise of religion.  (It also says that the gummint canNOT create a state religion.  Enough on that for now.)

Not to preach (which is usually a sure sign that someone thinks I will preach) but ours is a Nation that was based on Judeo-Christian principals, founded by men of God (if not actual practicing then believing) and our religious tolerance has welcomed people of all faiths (or even lack of) to our shores without prejudice or restriction.

I do not think there is much to debate there.

We have “One Nation Under God” in our Pledge and we have “In God We Trust” on all of our currency.  So, it is fair to say we are not an Atheist land and freedom to practice ones RELIGION is protected and supported.

Unless you are a Muslim or in the Air Force*.

There are a number of colleges and universities in Washington DC.  One of which is “Catholic University.”   It is not just a Catholic university, such as those bastions of liberalism as are Georgetown and Notre Dame but its name IS “Catholic University.”  And it IS Catholic and it adheres to a strict Catholic orthodoxy.  Yet one needs not be Catholic to attend and in fact there are students of all religions in attendance.

Even though is it a religious doctrinaire school anyone is invited to attend as long as they follow the rules, which are those of the Church.

(SIDEBAR/ALTAR RAIL: My high school alma mater was all male and all Catholic when I was at school. It is now co-ed and accepts all faiths.  [For financial reasons.] Be that as it may, there are still some Brothers teaching, there are Crucifixes in every room and all students must take the religion courses.  Just like Catholic University. I am not sure if the non-Catholic students are excused from the occasional religious service.)

Now, all of a sudden the, now think about this name, “Catholic University Muslim Student Association” are suing the school because the Catholic University does not have separate rooms in which Muslims can pray that do not have Catholic religious artifacts and they are not thrilled that the “Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception” visible from all parts of the campus.

Lessee… the school was founded in 1887, the construction of the Basilica began in 1920 and our friends from the Middle East who got here how many weeks ago think their prayer rugs trump all that?

But wait, it gets worse.

Professor of Law John Banzhaf is filing a suit against Catholic University because they act “with malice” against others (notably Muslims) because of all the Catholic artifacts that are all over the Catholic school and that makes it difficult for the Muslims to pray.

Turns out this is not the esteemed professor’s first suit against Catholic University. Among other things he is upset and peeved that the Catholic University does not have co-ed dorms.

I am not saying Catholics (especially this one) are holier than thou types who never do anything wrong (I have admitted to breaking all of your more popular Commandments), but if a church of any denomination or religious institution of any kind wants to hold their students to the rule, regulations, mores and so on of their religion, a student who is considering attending there must be made aware of such requirements and must either agree to them or simply chose another school.

This is a microcosm of what is not only happening but being allowed and perhaps abetted to happen all over the Country.

Recall FISH past mostly with respect to the illegals.  I mentioned that the various waves of people, be they the Irish, Italians, Germans and others in the late-1800’s and early-1900’s came here and were met with less than open arms. “Irish Need Not Apply”, “No Catholics” and other signs were found at places of business, employment and rental of lodging.

Then, if Enzo Gasolini demanded that the local Kosher Deli sold spicy pork sausage or sopresta he would have been kicked out of the store and banned forever.

Then, if Paddy O’Furniture “demanded” that the local traffic was diverted away from Saint’s Be Praised Roman Catholic Church on Sunday morning, he would have been given a tune up that could almost beat the religion out of him.

Now, you have cab drivers in some cities that will not take a customer if he is carrying liquor or beer from a store. This is from the same guy who avoids toilet paper or has a family member who has removed the head of an infidel all in the name of “religious purity.”  (Perhaps if they got hammered they might see the errors of their ways.)  And the “elected officials” say “well we have religious freedom, they are allowed to discriminate.”

Except that they are not allowed to discriminate.

You have areas like Dearbornistan that live under Sharia Law and think it would be a barrel of laughs if we all did.

You have horrible things happening to less than horrible young ladies at the hands of a patriarch of a family because “it is written.”

Yes, they come here from their Seventh-Century paradise and demand, yes, demand that WE do things their way.  And the gummint thinks that is just swell and, here, have some money.

But, while none of that is the point, all of that is the point.

It is a Catholic University and there are Muslims students getting
PO’d that there are Catholic things going on and there is a Catholic Church on the premises to boot!?!?!

And they are suing!?!?!

Exactly how long do you think you would last at Muslim University if you demanded bacon in the cafeteria?

And imagine if you have the temerity to sue! Well, that is not cricket!

Now, back to the lawsuit.

The suit is being advanced by one John Banzhaf.

Look up this guy.  He is against everything from smoking (not a bad thing necessarily but it does impact personal choice) to “Potty Parity” (look it up) and more.  He is well known for frivolous lawsuits and the use of the courts for “advocacy.”

So here is an alleged man of the Jewish religion who is suing a Catholic University on the grounds that he feels Muslims are not getting a fair shake.

Anyone else see any problems?

Let’s add this:  He is neither a professor at that university (he “teaches” at George Washington University) and no one has asked him to put in his two cents.

Before we wrap this up, another story and a half.  In the mall in Pleasanton California, some guy ripped the crucifix from the neck of a shopper and broke it.  He was screaming “Allah is power” and “Islam is great” (Ah, I can see your point now!) while brandishing a pen in his fist in a threatening manner.  (Is there another manner?)

Now, it gets strange.

His co-workers said that this was “out of the ordinary” (one would hope) and that in all the years he worked there, he had never done anything like this before.

Now: “Through an interpreter, Hamid requested a public defender…”

YOU connect the dots: “Ripped a crucifix from the neck of a shopper”, “worked at the mall for years” and “through an interpreter.”

What am I missing here?


On a lighter note and proof that the Clinton’s and the Snuffaluffagus are immune to the truth along comes Biff.  (I could stop right there.)

Yes, Biffus Minimus was giving a speech and said “I have lived my life guided by the principals of Judaism.”

Indeed!  The person who give cash and succor to Hamas who have in their charter the destruction of Israel, has his alleged SecState playing footsie with the Palestinians who have sworn to destroy Israel, is chomping at the bit to let the Iranians get a nuke as they too have sworn on numerous occasions to wipe Israel from the map, said “I have lived my life guided by the principals of Judaism.”

Last but certainly not least proof that “he who laughs last is slow to the joke.”

Watch this video.  It is from Egyptian TV and involves a discussion with three men one of which is a retired Egyptian Army general. If this does not wake you up, nothing will.  (As far as I can tell, it is authentic.   If anyone can prove otherwise, I will be happy to issue a retraction.)

(I recommend you share that link with all of your lib friends.)




*There is an Air Force General who did the unthinkable!  He talked about… GOD!  Imagine that!  Anywho some Atheists wanted him court-marshaled for such a crime!  (For some reason, there were no believers demanding the prosecution of Atheists for NOT talking about God.  That, my friends, is what is called a “double standard.”)  Read for yourself.  (Happy ending, he was cleared of all charges but the fact there were….)




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