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My Friends and Fellow Hi-Info Voters:


(FYI, due to various and sundry situations the frequency of the FISH may be off schedule.  Not for any dearth of subject matter, quite the contrary as I have 3 others percolating as you read this.  I am not sure when regular issues will resume but will keep ya all advised.  Till then, enjoy this nugget…)


Recently I was asked as to who I thought the Republican Candidate might have the best chance of winning the change of address form to 1600 Penn Ave.

I gave it some deep thought.

Unlike the Left, the Reps have some very good candidates.  But even most of the “better” candidates have flaws, a fouled up philosophy or have an agenda which they wish to further.

Like all of the Left, there are also a few candidates that I would have to seriously consider a reason to vote for them.  Hark back to the RINO McLame.  I could not vote for him but I could vote for Sarah.

Then last time, you had the RINO Mitt and the other guy running with him (who might be running for the brass ring this time on his own) and I pulled the lever not so much for Mitt but in spite of him, as I could not in good conscience as a Christian and American vote for Biff, especially after his actions in the previous four years.

But that did not answer the question.

So, I got Old Testament in my reply.  I suggested that the Left and the SRCFM are quick to show their hand, such as when that half-pint fraternal punching bag, Dingy Harry, suggests this or that to the Republicans, that is what EXACTLY must not be done!

Watch the papers, the amount of news on the candidates.  See who gets treated “fairly”, a relative term for a Republican.  Look to see the placement on the pages of a paper (right side preferred, as that is the first side you see as you turn pages.)  Note how early in a news broadcast the story is aired, later in the broadcast or just after a commercial are bad spots. Someone the SRCFM is not worried about or sees as an easy target will be the lead.

(Remember what I have said hundreds of times.   Read between the lines and the words are only a small part of communication.  These placements are, quite frankly, more telling than any words because you know the SRCFM will lie about or misrepresent any Republican.)

With all these signs and wonders, from where I am sitting there is only one candidate than the SRCFM fear at the moment: The Donald.

Now, before you think I am endorsing him, I am not. I am not endorsing anyone at this stage but there are a few I have written off and a few I would prefer they stayed home.

(Seriously, every time I see his face on TV, I think in the lower left corner it should say “JEB.  W’s Other Brother.”   12 bonus points if you can cite the reference.)

It seems every day a new non-Democrat (they are not ALL Republicans now are they?) is dropping his hat in the ring, tweeting, stating that they are thinking about getting close to making a decision on and where they might declare and so on.

FIRST OFF:  I am a voter and if someone running for President wants my vote, I want to see him or her say it.  Not that I would give Jindal a second look but when he “tweeted” his intention to run, he may have garnered the five young Republicans that rely on social media, but he lost my vote and many more.

(In fact, I was so incensed at this tweet that I tweeted my intent to run and all that I needed was $3,000,000,000 to make that dream a reality.  So far we are roughly, lemme look…. hmm…. about $3,000,000,000 short!)

Next, when someone hems and haws and says they might declare at some time in the future, you lost my vote.  If you can’t make up your mind whether or not you want to run, stay off the air, out of the papers and away from the microphones until you grow a set and can make a decision.

If you CANNOT make a decision about running, sorry “W’s Other Bother”, I CANNOT trust you to make ANY decision.  You too Krispie Kreme.  (I think he is going on the campaign trail just for the buffets.) (And since I started writing this, he declared.  Yippee. Yawn.)

(OPEN BAR & BUFFET: The 6 PM news just announced the Christie threat to run.  At 6.01 PM.  The SRCFM is NOT the least bit worried by him.)

I know there are certain mechanical things which must be done, like filing and disclosures.  ALL the candidates have them. You are NOT getting a leg up on anyone by saying you are thinking about might wanting to do something.

Trump, on the other hand, abruptly announced that he was going to make an announcement.  FOX carried it live.  Just before he spoke there were two analysts, one from each side, and they agreed that Trump was not doing to declare but maybe “hint” that he might do something sooner or not.

Well, well, well, whooo doggie!  Look how wrong you can be.

Apparently his “event” was thrown together at the last minute.  He used the atrium of one of his buildings in NY, had his new wife do the intro and the foyer was full of people.  Apparently many of these people were all but dragged off of the street to attend.  THAT is why you did not hear the rehearsed cadence heard at all Party Rallies/Putsches. (“Party” here is referring to the Communist Party of old, but equally accurate for the Dems/Libs/Socialists/Progressives in most every case.)

(POINT OF ORDER:  Do note that, sadly, Republicans refer to themselves as “Republicans.” It is up to the more sagacious of you to call them what they are:  RINOs, Tea Partiers, Conservatives or just plain Republicans.  For some reason with the party opposite it is almost like a badge of honor to be anything BUT a Democrat.  Perhaps that is because so many RINOs are acting like Democrats, like those two blubbering idiots who run the shop: Sen. Earl McCornbread and Rep. Smoking Johnny, quislings both.  Anywho, one Dem is a “Liberal”, the next is “Progressives”, the honest ones are “Socialists” and they are closest to the truth as they all aspire to the gummint running the entire show, or as Komrade Lenin might suggest, they are Communists.)

Back to the 856 guys running for the Republican nomination.  Seriously guys, if you are polling less than 10%, GO HOME.  Stop it, you are an embarrassment.  And it is worse when a candidate’s favorability goes down AFTER he announces.  (Krispie, you listening?)

Again, with all due seriousness and respect due, there should be no more than five or six of you actually trying to make a race of it, and quite frankly that is about half-again more than the reasonably qualified candidates than the Republicans have.

Put your ego on the shelf where it belongs, sit down, invite your supporters to back your choice of the candidates remaining and bust your ass to get that person elected.  Otherwise you are just muddying the pool and giving the enemy ammunition that they WILL use, they WILL use YOU words to harm a REAL candidate.

On the Dem side, it is getting interesting.  The all-but anointed and indicted Hilderbeast has slipped from the only game in town to one of two old, washed up, scary socialists running.  And Scary Sanders is catching up to the Pants-Suited one. In fact while she does have the lead for now for the nod, Sanders has far higher favorability ratings than does the Hilderbeast.

Then again, so do some of your more popular STDs.

And in the interest to attract not just the low-information voters, here may soon come our own loveable VEEP, Joey McMensa, courting the low-IQ vote.  (Too bad they had him fitted with a muzzle and a short leash.  He is just a riot when he is away from his handlers.)


Anywho, still plenty of time before the dust settles but unless the wanna-be’s get out of the way, it may be a while before we have a clear front-runner who can beat whatever the Left props up.  That is going to be the person who saves this Country.

Another socialist like Biff and we are doomed!  In that respect the clock is ticking.


Recall what I wrote three years and seven years back.  Recall how I warned that as bad as McLame was, he was tempered by Sarah and in any event, while no bargain was prolly better than Biff.

And Biff won.

And Biff made a billion promises and kept up to exactly one.

“To fundamentally change the United States.” (sic)

And four years later, we had a potentially slightly better choice in Mitt.  And he looked like a winner at first.  He pantsed Biff in the first debate.  Then whoever had whatever on Romney got to him and in the second debate he did all but just bend over.  (And I am not wearing a tin-foil pyramid hat.  There is no way Romney goes from Gigantor destroying the gimp to some milquetoast little girl thanking Biff for not scolding him without someone like, say, an emissary of D. Rockefeller producing something like Mitt with three hookers, two small boys, a goat smoking opium in a “No Standing Zone” at the airport.  You know what I mean.)

(For that matter, nine years ago when Nasty Pelosi ascended to the Speaker of the House.  Recall how I wrote that her lies of being “bi-partisan” were a ruse and she had no intention of reaching across the aisle.  Recall the very first time she had an opportunity to be “bi-partisan” and she was before she wasn’t – you know how the Left roll, they want it both ways.)

So I warned that if the White Hats did not prevail we were running out of time, Biff had to be stopped.  I wrote that  irrespective of how ineffective and feckless  Mitt might be, at least it would slow down the Juggernaut and maybe give us some time to undo what Biff hath wrought upon us.

Did anyone listen?

Exhibit “A”, Second term of Biff.

I warned that IF we did not win in 2012 and the Black Hats won in 2016, it was all over.


Now, tell me, HOW much time do we have?



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