“Our Interest Is Flagging”


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“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow Flag Wavers:

Excuse me for thinking clearly, but when did the Civil War end?

Was it a week ago?  Two weeks?  A CENTURY AND A HALF? I dunno?

(And I know, I know, in some circles it is not called the “Civil War” but the “War of Southern Succession.”  And I know, the war “ain’t” over yet.  I know, I know…  And being a Southerner myself –  Brooklyn being about as far south as one can go in New York – I understand. And all y’all know that I have spent a good deal of time in the South.  But, that is not the point.)

As you know by now, there is no such of a thing as a “coincidence.”  Even if there are certain things which seem to have odd similarities or periods of occurrences, in this Maladministration the incidences of “coincidences” are so common, that there is little doubt that many are manufactured.

Then again, it could simply be that old Liberal saying: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

A few weeks back, nine people were murdered in Church by some nut.  (God Rest their souls and if you have to die, what better place.)  It was determined that this kid considered himself a “White Supremacist.”  And what do all “White Supremacists” have? (Other than a broken mind like all supremacists.)

That’s right!  He had a “Confederate Flag”, aka “The Stars and Bars.”  (BTW, that is not the only, or “onlyest” Confederate Flag.)

Biff et al, seized this opportunity to link some dum-bass cracker (sorry, “Saltine-American”),  and his horrific and unforgivable act and the Confederate Flag.

He created a more damning, damaging and, as is his wont, divisive atmosphere.

For some reason, after pictures of this killer and his flag are circulated, all of a sudden there was a hue and cry to ban the rebel flag. (No need to get into the histrionics of the actions of many, particularly the Solons in the South Carolina legislature.)

First off, there is no way that I am excusing this killer for his actions.  Neither am I passing judgment on the flying of the flag in question.  But as the following was mentioned nowhere in the SRCFM anywhere or at any time, let’s offer a compare and contrast, shall we?

This deranged kid kills nine people.  His background life is sketchy. There is a pic or two of him with a rebel flag.  Within nanoseconds, there is a demand to banish the Stars and Bars.

Compare that to:

There is a deranged army major who kills even more than this dirtbag and wounds scores more.  His background is well known.  There is a trail of information suggesting his radicalization to Islam.  He screams “Allah Akbar” or whatever as he is shooting. But, sayeth Biffus Minimus, we “can’t rush to conclusions, we can’t say this is a terrorist attack.”

No, this was not a “terrorist attack” this was “workplace violence.”  For it to be a “terrorist attack” there must be a “terrorist” or someone who is radicalized and generally ascribe their actions to their god by yelling “Allah Akbar” or whatever as he commits his heinous deeds.

I am sure NOW you can see the difference between what Major Nidal did and a terrorist attack.

In fact, we were warned and warned again not to judge, not to say this was a terrorist attack, not to mention Nidal was Muslim, in fact we were not to mention anything with the hope it would simply go away.

But, the bodies of the murdered in Charleston  are still warm and here is Biff telling us to judge, to jump to conclusions, to make links to non-existent groups, to DIVIDE, to create animus, to further his goals.

(While I doubt there is any linkage between this act, Donald Trump, recent SCOTUS opinions and other things, I assure you Biff is looking at each and every one of them to see how it will further his agenda. I ASSURE you, we will visit all of these topics in upcoming issues, some of which are already marinating.)

Gov. Haley was in a not-so envious position of being forced to make a decision regarding the placement of the flag at the capitol.   But, be that as it may, she acted, hastily and with coercion, but she acted nonetheless.

But out of the dark corners, the puddles of mud, the sewers of political life, come the haters, the race-baiters, the poverty pimps the collective ticks on the backside of the alleged disenfranchised.  Yes, the alleged “Rev.” $harptons of the world.

All of a sudden, there were Confederate Flags everywhere!  This flag, invented a few weeks before the murders, were placed in every public building, two or more in buildings in the South, and all who owned one or expressed any non-negative opinions about it were obviously racist bigots who prolly still owned slaves like Ben Affleck did.

Except for one thing.  NONE of that is true.

Yes, same page, different book.  Substitute “rifle” for “flag” and you have the same kind of lies and misinformation used to defame gun owners.

There is no intelligent discussion here, there is no exchange of facts and opinions.  The 2nd Amendment has been with us since the adoption of the Constitution, the Stars and Bars since the Civil War.  These are not new ideas or concepts.

(Of course SCOTUS has a funny way of reading things which are not there and their ignorance of the laws of unintended consequence.  I assure you, we will visit those aspects.)

To listen to Biff, $harpton and the rest of the racist clowns out there, you would think that “Yokel, Inc.” was started by some chinless inbred with a single digit IQ and THAT was how they came up with the rebel flag a few weeks ago.

I say, if they want to use “facts” to make their case (which they do not, but as they are close to some we must connect the dots for them), why can’t we.

I am sure we can all agree on a number of things, things which can be proven and the history of which has not yet been rewritten:

The Democrat Party was the party of slavery.

The Republican Party was formed to end slavery.

The Democrat Party fought against citizenship and voting rights of the freed slaves and their descendants.

The Republican Party fought for citizenship and voting rights of the freed slaves and their descendants.

The Democrat Party fought and voted against a number of civil rights acts for the blacks.

The Republican Party fought and voted for a number of civil rights acts for the blacks, especially the land mark Civil Rights Act of 1964 and again in 1968.

The Ku Klux Klan was a “fraternal group” of ex-Confederate soldiers.  They were almost exclusively Democrats. They hated Yankees, Blacks, Catholics, Jews and other friends of mine.

There is no such racist post-Civil War group of Republicans.

These KKK Democrats ADOPTED the Stars and Bars as their flag.

The Republicans seemed to be content with the Stars and Stripes.

The Democrats elected any number of Ku Klux Klan members to congress and one certain Democrat president nominated and had approved a Ku Klux Klan member to SCOTUS.

The Democrats include Biff, the Mooch, $harpton, Jack$on, Komrade De Blah Zero, Chuck Schemer, Nasty Pelosi, boxing dummy Dingy Harry, Lil Mr. Debbie Wassermanhyphenshultz, the entire cabinet, NAACP, NARAL, NORMAL, etc., etc.

The Republicans include Perry, Cruz, Rubio, West, Carson, Precious, you and other decent people.


Ironically (and the ironically named) “Southern Poverty Law Center” compiles a list of “hate groups.” You should take a look at which groups are on it.

Some that are on it:  American Family Association,  Family Research Council, Liberty Council  (do look up these three. The American Red Cross is more of hate group than they.  Why are they on the list? They are CHRISTian groups), virtually every “anti-immigrant” (as they call them, I prefer to be positive and call them “pro-LEGAL immigration” groups) Atlas Shrugs, 153 (yes, count them) White supremacist, skinhead, neo-Nazi, neo-Confederate and KKK related groups, some three-dozen anti-Muslim groups (I wonder why?), four-dozen anti-Gay groups (I wonder why?), for some reason a dozen and a half “radical traditional Catholic” groups (LIBS: Take a note, Jesus was a Radical) and seven, count them, as many as SEVEN “Black Separatist Groups” such as Nation of Islam and the Black Panther Party.  (Yet, so far no one is demanding that the Black Liberation Flag be banned.)

What is NOT on the list?

The Democrat National Committee, LaRaza, MeCHa and ANY illegal alien support group. (Yet, so far no one is demanding that the Mexican flag be banned.)  And many, many more.

If you look at the list of over one thousand  groups, the SLPC deems “hate groups” for some reason, the groups listed are believed to hate only gays (Yet, so far no one is demanding that the insulting rainbow flag be banned), Muslims, blacks and illegals.

There is no protection for Whites, Christians, Americans, tax-payers, veterans and others.

Back the point.

Any and every depiction of the flag in question must now be taken down from sight, taken of the shelves for sale and all TV shows (“Dukes of Hazard”, for one) that has a flag in a show must be taken off the air.

(POINT OF FACT: The REAL Confederate Flag sorta looked like the US Flag but the union was blue with seven stars in a circle within and three wide stripes, a pair of reds stripes with a white on in the center. The “Stars and Bars” was the Naval Jack and the Battle Flag.  If you want to blame the South for whatever, your beef is with their official flag and not the flags of those who fought under arms. As usual, the Left got it wrong.)

For the love of pete, if these racist zealots ever find out what the traditional national anthem of the Confederacy is , they will demand that “Dixie Cups” be taken off the market.

(Not so oddly enough and hark back to the laws of unintended consequences, where Wally World, Amazon and others have stopped selling anything “offensive” to appease the haters with no skin in the game, other companies have stepped up to fill those voids.  Such companies are typically gun shops, sporting goods stores, yes, even some truck stops and other places which are owned by good Right-leaning Americans.  The loss to Bezo’s and the Walton’s is small but the increase to the small business owner may be significant, enough, perhaps, to financially fund a campaign to oust a Liberal. Just sayin’.)

Enough on this.

But, you have homework, if you care enough about our Country which is being sucked in the vortex of the drain.  If someone says that the Stars and Bars should be banned tell them that you agree.  And ask them if they agree if the rainbow and black liberation (the black, red and green stripes, sometimes with a fist on it) should be banned.

If they disagree, do point out their hypocrisy.  Tell them those other two flags are hateful and divisive.

You may change someone’s mind or you may thin your Christmas card list.  Either way, that is a win.




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