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My Friends and Fellow Part-takers:

I Do Not know where to start.  I just don’t.  Sadly before I DO start I need to add a disclaimer.  This issue has but one, singular purpose: To deconstruct the lies and equivocations of the Left. Or shall I call them the “Radical, agenda driven Left.”  (You will see why I chose that term in a few.)  While this issue will deal exclusively with the so-called “Planned Parenthood” “conspiracy”, it has little to do with infanticide, as the topic.    My 100% Pro-Life position is well known to you and those who disagree are more than welcome to do so.  (I am still waiting for anyone to cogently, dispassionately and factually defend infanticide, but that is not part of this equation.)

This is not an apologia for Pro-Life nor a condemnation, per se, of those who think differently.  What I hope to do is to use recent events in this arena to expose the lies, hypocrisy and utter intellectual dishonesty of the Left.

You tell me if I succeed.

We have been told for years by the abortion fans that the baby in a woman’s body is not a baby but a “mass of cells.”  It is a “choice.”  It is “woman’s health.”  Heck these peeps would call it three-wheel-platypus before they call it want it is:  It is a human baby.

And, for what it worth, the ultra Libs, the anti-Child, the eugenicists, the one-worlders and others have lied, bullied and legislated abortion into the law of the land.

(Not for any other purpose but to prove this is all bovine scatology and to offer additional proof that the Left lie, for some reason, hidden way out of sight in the 8th Amendment was this thing that said it was fine to kill a baby.  Funny, I never learned that in law class.  But, the 2nd Amendment which CLEARLY gives the right to bear arms, well that is a little unclear to these muttonheads.  These are the same Constitutional “scholars” who not only can see the “separation of church and state” in that document but can prove that it give no rights to Christians and Jews.  In fact, those religions should just shut up and go away in their view.)

Unless you only watch network news, you have prolly heard of the nice folks from “Planned Parenthood” “allegedly” “selling” aborted baby “parts.”

When I say “alleged” I mean that with the same skepticism that the Grand Canyon is not a huge hole in the ground.


You know, I love it when a plan comes together.  While I am not holding my breath PP, may have inadvertently signed their own death warrant, ironically.

Back story: Yes it was a set-up, a sting if you will, what the police might call an “undercover operation” and what the guilty call “entrapment” and “illegal.”  ‘Cept that it was not.  An anti-abortion group contacted people from PP, some “doctors”, others administrators of some sort. They were invited to a sit-down and they brought their own rope to the hanging.

The deal was the anti-abortion group were exploring the rumor that PP and perhaps others were selling “parts” from aborted babies.  They got a number of these folks to talk dollars and cents about these deals.

(Oh, the “parts”, well, we would call them hearts, lungs, livers and so on. You know, the standard component of a “mass of cells.”)

There was discussion of making the abortions “less crunchy” so as to preserve the most valuable organs of these dead babies.  There was talk from one “doctor” that she hoped that she would realize enough cash to “buy a Lamborghini.”

No, nothing to see here.  I mean, “by the law” there is no profit to be made by “donated” organs, just the cost of harvest and transportation.

Apparently that woman was going to deliver the organs in a $400,000 sports car!

Well, these videos are leaked and they make the rounds.  The “coverage” on the networks and cable outlets was breathtaking. When I say “coverage”, that encompasses either admitting there were films or “reporting” on “a scam perpetrated” on the saints at PP.

In the ten days following the release of the tape, other than FOX, of all the day time, prime time, late night news shows on all the networks and cable AND all of the morning “news-shows” like “Fernwood 2 Night”, I mean “Good Morning America” and the “Today Show”, there was a grand total of ALL stations, ALL times of the day, ALL “sides of the story” somewhere close to 11 minutes of coverage.

11 minutes of coverage.

11 minutes from ALL stations, outlets and everything.

11 minutes.

300,000 babies a year are murdered.

11 minutes.  That is how long it takes PP to kill more than six babies.

ABC, what a bunch of champs, rang in with 7 seconds of coverage.

7 seconds.

About a company that gets an average of $400,000,000 a year in tax player subsides. (There will be an issue on this sort of thing.)

In other words, you, I and all the other chumps out there are paying Planned Parenthood the equivalent of ONE THOUSAND LAMBORGHINIS a year. Every year.

As the Hilderbeast might say “One Lamborghini? What difference does it make!”

Fast forward to Sunday with George Snuffaluffagus.  He had the reprehensible activist Cecile Richards on his show.  She is a Democrat (duh), president of Planned Parenthood, an activist and more.

(I think the PP work she does is merely for drill.  She founded an activist group called “America Votes.”  [They aren’t and they shouldn’t.] If you need a handy pocket guide to most of the anti-American groups out there, just take a gander of their “partners”:  http://www.americavotes.org/nationalpartnerspage )

So, this “woman” spun, gyrated, lied, obfuscated, misrepresented and maybe, just maybe, put a nail in the infanticide industry.

I do not necessarily like or admire Snuffaluffagus.  But from where I sit, he gave Richards a hard time, no softballs and did not let her off the hook.

No, he did not verbally crucify her as I would have preferred but as he is a bought and paid for hack he had to color inside the lines.  My guess is that his father, who is a Greek Orthodox priest and Dean Emeritus of the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity of New York might have been the driver here. As much as the Lib machine owns him, I am sure there was no way he was going to go against his father’s beliefs in this matter.

Back to Richards.  In the interview she claims the films were “doctored” or “heavily edited” or “taken out of context” nine times.  So, every time a clip was shown, that was pretty much her stock response.  Of course of those nine times she never said what was “doctored” out, or what the “unedited film” would show or what the real “context” was.

Her second silver bullet was her blaming the “militant anti-abortion groups.”  Ignoring, of course, that Planned Parenthood is not just a “militant pro-abortion group” but in a just and fair world would be indicted under RICO statutes if not closed down altogether.  She blamed the mythical “militant anti-abortion groups” five times for the “doctored”, “edited out of context” smoking guns.

What was truly disturbing was her body language, inflection and facial movements. She did not appear to be lying, or what we might have thought was a lie. And wait for the bits below for that to sink in.  She is either pathologic, possessed or both.

I am not sure which was more disturbing, her lack of even a scintilla of morals, her outright lying or her grasping at every straw which might prove to be made out of concertina wire.

You see, this harvesting was all done as “donations” by the, well, what do you call her?  Can’t call her “mother.”  Pod, perhaps.  Donor? I do not recall if she referred to the now empty vessel by a name.

But she was so impressed that these “donors” were so “concerned” about the “safety” and “health” of others.  She wanted us to believe that these women presenting their own flesh and blood to cease living were nothing but altruistic saints.  (As far as this being a “donation” I would love to see the consent form.)

Yes, these donors killed their babies so that others may live.

Of course that was not the driving force.  PP is known for their birth control, abortion fits that bill.  Just ask Margaret Sanger on her views and why she founded this group.

She even called the organs as “life saving tissue.”  Gee, how can THAT be? I mean, according to the biggest brains at PP, we have no idea when life begins.  How can something which is not life save one?

Before we get to the best part I cringe when she lied that this is all for woman’s health. (I assure you, if there was a “Men’s Health” the witches would be up in arms crying sexism.)  She lied that only three-percent of the activity involved abortion.

Gee, I love numbers. They, like her, can lie.

You see globally the three percent of all activities are abortions.  But, as these women come for examinations and other things prior to and after abortion, her number runs false.

Therefore if you look at “clients” and not “visits” it is more like twenty-three percent of PP business involves the death of a baby.  Over HALF of all the money that comes in to PP goes towards abortions (and they are getting close to a half-bil from you and me!)  Depending on whose numbers you use, somewhere between close to thirty to over forty percent of ALL abortions in America are done at PP.

So, spare me the “mammograms” and the “pelvic examinations.”  Those are not money makers, they don’t keep the lights on.

She said other insulting, offensive and factually bereft statements.

But, other than the saintly donors pile of owl offal, the “safety and health” of all but the guest of honor, other than the “only no-cost medical facility for women” utter bovine scatology, she hung herself, IMHBVAO, with calling the donated parts “fetal tissue.”

A Philadelphia lawyer could easily make the claim that PPs allegation that the baby is a “mass of cells” and “not a human life” is hogwash and they should be shut down for being a criminal enterprise.

Her use of the word “fetus” is a greater smoking gun than all the other allegations and insinuations.

Fetus (/ˈfiːtəs/; plural “fetuses”), also spelled foetus, is a prenatal human between its embryonic state and its birth.  “Prenatal” means “before birth.” And we all know what a human is.

So by her own mouth and to clarify, she said that they “were ‘providing’ parts from human beings before they are born.”

Taking that into consideration and reiterating that how can a “mass of cells” magically produce livers, hearts, lungs and so on, someone defend PP for me.


(SIDE BAR: Maybe you have seen the posting that said something to the effect that “PP kills 300,000 babies a year and sell parts from some of them and no one cares.  Some dentist kills a lion and the world goes crazy.”  Nothing against lions, but boy, are our priorities screwed up!)




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