“I Feel Like a Number”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends and Fellow I||III||||II’s:

Hey, do you have one of those cars with a computer?   (Well, unfair questions, if your car is under about twenty-five years old.)

OK, then do you have GPS?

A cell phone?

Open emails that come from people, places or things that you do not know?

Y’ever answer the phone and there is no one there or, they hang up immediately (well, the auto-dialer does, once it records your number as a “live” number.)

And don’t tell me that you have one of those Apple Watch phones, or a FitBit or the like, do you?

There once was a statement what was 100% true: “If you don’t do anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.”

Er, yeah, that was true when we KNEW what was right and wrong. I mean WE know what is right and wrong as filtered through our moral convictions, religious views and the like.

But now, that is no longer true to some, you thought crime criminals!

Some of you can prolly figure where this is going. (By all means, let me know as the Muse is not talking much these days.) But as I look around I see our freedoms eroding daily and they are being replaced by assaults on our sensibilities.

I said ages ago that we are living an Orwellian 1984. Many of you scoffed and laughed. Many were the same who took me to task for claiming that Biff was a socialist and others who mocked my references to my pretend reader, Lars, at the, er, er, um “Northumberland Salmon Authority”, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

I have never professed to be the smartest tool in the book, or, even smart at all. I do take the time to take a look at what is going on with a wary eye. I have told you all to do this. Yet I get emails telling me I am all wrong, at first.

Well, I used to get more but I think by now all the Libs have either unsubscribed or simply ignore the fire alarms, so I am not castigated as much as before. You see, the Libs hate the truth and especially when you have the facts or data to prove them wrong.

After all, it is far, far easier to stick your fingers in your ears and make noises to block out those nasty old facts rather than saying: “Let me see if this guy is right” and showing some intellectual honesty.


In the process of applying for positions, I notice that many companies want you to apply via Facebook, or link them to your Facebook page for your “information.”


I mean, on most company’s websites, even though you download your resume, they still want you to enter the same information. Yet others, populate the application with the resume data and may ask for expiation on certain items. What more could Facebook possibly offer?

Well if you post pictures of kitties and puppies, or your kids and grandkids, or non-offensive “non-religious inspirational” sayings, well, you have nothing to worry about, and there is no information for these entities to garner.

But if you are like certain people and everyone that certain person knows, some Facebook pages might reveal the musings, posts, links, comments and so on that might be considered double-plus ungood by certain entities, the type that might cause the Human Resources manager to say: “Thanks for playing! Good day, sir. Good bye!”

Recall the story of the frog in the increasingly hot water and the one of the pigs taking the grain as the fence was built around them. Yet, far too many people are saying “Gee I love this warm water!” and “Wow! Free food!”

I find it “interesting” that there is all this talk of “privacy” by many people in gummint and the SRCFM. Of course, those are lies and canards.

I can see someone at home saying: “Hey, Madge, did you see the article where Senator Pantsonfire is going to introduce a ‘Privacy Act’ in Congress? That would be great.”

Yes! Indeed! Just like the “Twilight Zone” episode “How to Serve Man”, which was a cook book or Biff’s so-called “Affordable Care Act.”

Other than being an outright lie, such a bill would be a “just ignore the man behind the curtain” trick, except that we are all ignoring Toto.

When I listed those items above I did so to show that even without an RFID chip you have no privacy. (“No, really, it is fine, and besides, we already know everything about you and where you are. Hold still, you may feel a stick…”)

The computers in newer cars are not just controls for the car but have GPS capabilities and the capacity to act as a car’s “Black Box.” (Think of “Progressive Insurance” owned by that progressive. The “snap shot” device they offer under the guise of giving you lower rates is a recording of where you go, when you drive, did you speed or anything else that might be self-incriminating.)

Your cell phone has GPS and there are far too many apps that demand that you allow them 24/7 access to your phone, even if you are not using it. Recall, phones pick up your voice. They can do that even if not making a call. You do the math.

FitBit and even worse, the Apple Watch. Do you really want others to know when you get up, go to sleep, exercise, where you are, what your biometrics, pulse, blood pressure and so on are?

Can you see me? No, because I have a piece of tape over the camera on my computer. Which does not have to be on Skype or some other program to be active.

Do you have a cable box? Is it remote control? Did you know the remote eye can be purposed to remotely watch YOU.

You have no privacy, even in your own home, unless you live off the grid with a lead shield over your home to prevent ELINT and thermal radiation gathering.

But I am prolly not playing with a full deck. I mean, where do I come up with these things?

Again, right there in plain sight. (Always the best place to hide something.)

I read the disclaimers, the “Acceptance” info for an app and just about everywhere else that there is some kind of communication device in use. I mean, there are no such legal disclaimers on a toaster or lawnmower.

Yet one will sign a cable contract or iPhone app that says “Right-o old chum. We have the right to monitor your every move and we can advise the federales if we so wish. You may wish to be careful coming out of the shower or engaging in certain activities as we may make them available to others for a profit.”

Still, people will read the disclaimers and say “Oh, well, they are just protecting themselves. They would never do anything like that.” Silly me, of course they would not. Just ask the people in Germany, Russia, China and other places of seventy or eighty years ago.

What drives me completely up a wall is someone saying that our freedoms are safe and we have all kinds of privacy protections. Then on the news, there is an accident or a crime and that same person will say “How come they don’t have this on surveillance cameras? Where are the cameras?”

Yeah, sure, I get it.   Nothing says “privacy” like cameras covering every square inch of the country.

I tell you, do you want to know what would make me feel safe? A camera and microphone and a live 24/7/365 feed to C-SPAN channels 4 through 5000 with every member of Congress, the Cabinet and their staffs and the entire Wh’ite House (rezidents and workers) as stars of their own network.

Perhaps if all their works were on public display and scrutiny, we would not have the canards, machinations and outright lies.

Just sayin.’


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