“Confused? Just Wait. PART II”

                                     “Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

                                “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

                                                           Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Fellow Confused, PT II:

When we last met we were threatening to get onto a more salient topic. Criminality.

Yes, criminality.

(And before we go any further, I will hate to burst your happy bubble but for the first times this election season the word “criminality” is not connected to the Beast.)   (I am shortening the Hilderbeast to just the “Beast.” No, it has nothing to do with Revelations and the mark of the same, I am tired of the extra seconds she steals from me as I have to type “Hilder.”)

Let’s paint in very broad strokes for the moment.

In the last issue I stated: “Trump is getting beat up from all sides but the actual voters. The RNC claims not to like him, the SRMFM clearly does not like him, the RINOs hate him, the Conservatives really can’t make up their mind so they hate him to be on the safe side but will prolly vote for him and his one real challenger, Cruz, is not feeling the love for him.”

Again, for the umpteenth time, I am not a Trump supporter nor am I carrying any water for him. But he is the candidate that is running who can perfectly explain the inner workings and machinations of the political parties.

Let’s work backwards. We can see why Cruz, and by extension “Short Bus” Kasich, have no love for Trump, he is the one in the way of their greatness.

The Conservatives do not like him because he is not consistent in his “conservative” opinions and still harbors a lot of opinions that are not espoused by the Conservatives. That, and he is willing to change his position on almost any topic mid-sentence. (At least he says it rather than promising not to then changing one’s position once elected.) In other words, he is not conservative enough.

The RINO’s hate him because he espouses what they consider ultra-conservative positions. He is not a go-along to get-along kind of guy. He is not going to follow Earl Mc Cornbread’s or Paul Ryan’s ideas and plans just because they are “leadership.” He has his own opinions and ideas and those are the ones he will follow. In other words, he is too conservative.

The SRMFM does not like him because he is not socialist enough, or at all. He is not an insider, an establishment fixture and despite his support for many liberal causes in the past, even if he still did today, he does not support them as much as does the Beast.

(The SRMFM have no backbone and no courage whatsoever. They will be obedient to whoever is in power, to some degree. But I will let you in on a little secret. Secretly, many of those in the trenches are hoping for a Trump administration. Not because they think he is a really “one of them”, they know better. They do know that Trump in the White House would be a four or eight year target rich environment for news and especially entertainment.)

We can look at all the above and agree or not. Even if every one of those things were dead wrong or spot on, it would make not a whit’s worth of difference, it would not change one vote.

The real critters here are the RNC.

I have been calling that cad “Master Cylinder” Karl Rove “Public Enemy #2”, just after Biff. Why? Why not indeed! Bear in mind, this is the clown that brought us Geo W. Bush and that was the BEST thing he ever did! (And that did not turn out so great. Ask Scooter Libby.) He was the power that stood up the RINO John McLame to run. And look out how well that worked out!

Not to be outdone, the next quadrennial contest saw him back Judas Mittcariot. Judas fooled a lot of us, many of us saw him as the guy who could beat Biff. He destroyed Biff in the first debate and when the second debate came he was so milquetoast that if Candy Crowley could not feed Biff a wrong answer quickly enough, he was Johnny-on-the-spot to help her out. Again, look how well that turned out.

I am not saying Judas threw the debate, I am saying he was told to throw the debate and from that moment on all but dared us to vote for him. (And who was his VP nominee, where is he today and there is no collusion or quid pro quo?)

Now, here we are, again locked in a mortal battle with evil. (And when I say that, I mean straight from the bowels of hell kind of evil. No? Exhibit A – Biff, Exhibit B – the Beast, Exhibit C – Geo Soros, Exhibit D – David Rockefeller, need I go on?) Who does Rove pick? Does he pick George Patton? No, he picks Gomer Pyle.

(Perhaps instead of Patton I should have said Chesty Puller, as Pyle was a Marine. Or, I could have said Will Stockdale, but that was the Air Force. Or Ensign Parker, nope, Navy. I guess the Army did not have any screw-ups.   LOL!)

Yes, in this case the Gomer Pyle is the least likely one you would think, Little Jebbie Bush (or Jeborah, your choice.) This trained seal would do anything that Rove would tell him and I think the people were just a little too sharp to see Little Jebbie as a viable candidate. And to be fair to Jebbie, if Trump was not on the dais he may have had a shot. But Trump’s personality is almost as big as his ego and he made Jebbie and others look like wimps, especially when going one-on-one with Trump.

Over one-hundred million dollars wasted and Jebbie, with no wind, smartens up and drops out.

Do Rove and the RNC Chair, Rancid Prius, see the writing on the wall, cave and back Trump?

No, don’t be silly, that would make sense. Or at least back Cruz, the most Conservative and who has the best chance of surviving Trump.

They back that weak-sweaty-sister Dorko Rubio.

(They say Cruz in unlikable. Maybe so. But I am not having tea with the President so I would rather have one that is not a laughingstock. Again.   And not for anything I do not find Dorko that charming.)

Now Dorko is dead meat, here comes Judas Mittcarriot again.

Really? Are we THAT stupid?

You would think the only game in town to the eyes of most people in the RNC leadership is that useful tool, Short Bus Kasich.

Here is where reading between the lines comes in handy.

You see, the RNC fathers know Kasich is not their guy.   If he was they, would be pouring shedloads of cash into his campaign in order to siphon more votes from Trump in order to force a contested convention. Don’t misunderestimate me, it is not that he would not be a good and faithful lap dog and do their biding, but I think they want someone who is already trained. But Lord knows who they really want, as Judas did not fly. Again, again.

But despite that, that is not what makes me think the fix is in, or if it is, that that is the driving force in selecting the “nominee” with the blessing of the party opposite.

You see, if there were to be no Trump, there would be a Little Jebbie or a Dorko. They would not have been exposed for the weaklings they are.   Dorko prolly would have gotten the nomination, as in 2008, they would have played the race card this time and he or the Beast (if she can escape incarceration) would win and it would be business as usual for RNC, Inc., and DNC, Inc.

But, no.


RNC, Inc. might possibly do everything in their power to stop Trump even at the expense of having the Beast in the White House. (Socialist Sanders would never get elected and his place in the contest was to make the Beast not look like a Marxist. If the Beast gets some bracelets that are not from Jarrod’s, Bernie might do well to avoid being in rooms with area rugs.)

If the Beast should get elected, it is still business as usual for RNC, Inc. Or, at least they are still in business.

Should Trump prevail, the monopoly that was once Rove and Co., will be broken.

Rove has no hooks in Trump.

Trump owes Rove nothing.

So when Rove, Rancid or anyone else comes around to “tell” Trump who they want for this position or that cabinet position or that ambassadorship, he will tell them to pound sand.

To be fair while Trump knows a million “amazing”, “huge”, “incredible” people in all walks of life I am not certain that he knows who the “best” people would be to fill the myriad positions of patronage and esteem. And to be fair, Trump’s strong suit in business has been to find the right people to do the job. That said, he prolly knows the people that know the people for the job.

Of course there are more and greater issues with which to contend before one announces a wake call for the RNC.   Such as the Congressional elections and do the Republicans maintain majority, add or lose? And knowing the White House is out of their control, might the RNC double down and stack the deck in Congress with their own?

Soon we shall see. It is going to be a tough ride for both parties and truly the only winner that I care about is my Country. I can’t tell you for sure who I want to win but I can tell you whom I don’t. That would be anyone with a “D” after their name.

And, yes, you know me so well… more to come on this.

Last and certainly not least, I wish each and every one of you and yours a very Happy Easter.

(I know that not all of you are Christian and this is OK. I do not wish you a Happy Easter for any other reason than it is our most important Holy Day and I want to share that joy with you.   And as I wish everyone a happy whatever holiday or Holyday you celebrate, I am just doing my best to remain not politically correct by offering Spring Equinox felicitations but Happy Easter.   Now, go have fun.)



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