“Confused, Part III – Take Me Out to the Ballgame”



          “Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”


     “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


                                         Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16

My Friends & Fellow Confused, PT III:

“You have reached the Fire Department.  There is no one here to take your call.  Please leave your name, number, the nature of your call and a good time to return your call and we will when we have the chance.”

“Uh, hello?  Hello?  Er, yeah, this is Joe Doakes, my number is 867-5309, my house is on fire.  NOW would be a great time to call or better yet send some units to put the fire out before I lose my house.  Please hurry!”

Eight hours later: “Mr Doakes, this is the Fire Department, you left a message for us earlier, how can we help you?”

“Gee, thanks for calling.  No problem now. You guys did not answer the phone and my house burned to the ground.  Thanks a lot.”

“Mr. Doakes, are you saying that your house has burned to the ground?”

“Yes, that is right.”

“And that there is no longer an emergency?”

“Yes, the emergency is over, you did not answer my call and I lost my house.”

“So, your house burned down and you did not call us back to cancel the emergency?”

“What? WHAT? What the actual heck are you saying?????”

“Mr. Doakes, need I remind you that placing a call for an emergency is a serious matter and not alerting us that the emergency is over could prevent us from going on another call. How would you feel if your house burned down?”

“Are you kidding me!!!!!  My house DID burn down!”

“Well then!  Now you know how it feels. Next time maybe you will think about that!”

“You are joking, right?  Why could you not come to save my house? Where were you guys anyway?”

“Oh, we were at our annual softball game.  Would you like to buy some tickets for next year’s game?”


This could never happen, right?  I mean that would be like the president of the United States flying to an enemy country and playing grab-ass with the leader that hates us and trying to get on the good side of that dictator while at a sporting event when one of our allies was attacked by a known enemy and he just sat there like the fool that he is.

Nah, that could never happen!

First when a President goes to a foreign country with whom we have had issues for over half a century, it would be all business, right?

A President might try to give the appearance of being cordial but would never abase his office by sucking up to some tin-horn dictator of some banana republic, right?

Even if a President was at some informal function with said dictator and there was some attack or other catastrophic event, the President would take a moment or two to collect himself and his thoughts and excuse himself from the frivolity, right?

Yes, that is right!

And that is exactly what this president did NOT do in each and every case.  (And now do you see why I refer to this disaster with a lower case “p.”  He has earned it!)


Following the lead of his betters (that would be NY Gov Facia Brutta, Jr and Komrade Wilhelm De BlahZero, who, quite frankly are lower than whale droppings) Biffus Minimus heads to Cuba to suck up to Fidel’s retarded brother. While at a beisball game, your local friendly Muslim Terrorists did some remodeling to an airport and train station with explosives in Brussels.

(SIDEBAR:  A friend of mine was in Brussels that day on his way back to NY after a vacation.  Even though he was minutes away from both locations, he had no idea what had happened until a representative of the airline contacted him to arrange alternate travel plans.  If this was in the US it would be all over ever media and we would be told not to prejudge or jump to conclusions.)

Somewhere around the Seventh Inning Stretch, Biff made the announcement we were all waiting for: “Do not prejudge or jump to conclusions.”

Then he went back to his churro.

Remember on 9-11 when W was reading to the school kids when he got the word of the attack?  He took a few more minutes so as not to upset the kids, got on Airforce One and took control of the situation and led the Nation.

What does OLG do?

He hangs around a little longer where he is not wanted, in this case Cuba, then does he head home?  Does he have a major news conference?  Does he fly to Europe?

Nope, nope, nope!  The dope heads to Argentina.

(LOW CALORIE SALAD BAR: In the midst of this tragedy, he and the Mooch were at an event in Argentina and asked by tango dancers to dance.  After demurring a few times he finally acquiesced and danced with the young lady.  Surprising no one, she led.)

Going for the “World Most Tone Deaf and Feckless ‘leader’ Triple Crown” he continued his magical ignorance tour by attending a meeting with the leaders of Europe and other civilized lands and promptly and expectedly made an ass of himself, further making my Country a larger laughingstock than we were earlier that day by making faces during the group photo and flashing a “peace” sign. But knowing this chumps motives I would not be surprised if it was a gang sign or even an ISIS call out.

At a sit down with one of the leaders, the French one I believe, as that leader was talking about “Islamic terrorism”, for some odd reason, our and the American translator seemed to have left out the word “Islamic.”

This guy did not apologize for not stepping up, or rather, stepping away from the plate while he was in Cuba while Brussels was attacked. He did not return back here to TCOB, rather he and the Mooch went almost to the ends of the Earth rather than having to show some guts.

Then he heads to Europe to angravate anyone not mad at us and inflame more those who are. Then the piece de resistance, the word “Islamic” was stripped from its partner word “terrorism.”

And you KNOW this was by is direction at one point or another.

The only good news was that Fidel Castro wrote a scathing letter to Biff that made fun of his efforts, chided him for being a pretend commie (my take) and excoriated him for thinking that Biff could buy his way into the good graces of Cuba and by extension the Castro Brothers.

I am sure that Biff is still crying himself to sleep still.


All that said, this is why we do not need Socialist Sanders.  I hate to say it but I think the Beast would have handled this differently.  (Not that she has a shot of ever getting my vote for anything, except a “Guilty” verdict.)  Maybe not the way I would want but she is no stranger to blood on her hands.

Kasich is an idiot and I trust him with nothing sharper than a black board eraser.

Trump is still a wild card IMHO.   I can see him carpet bombing Iraq then inking a “huge” “amazing” “incredible” deal to build Trump-Mosul County Club with his “good friends” the next day.

Cruz might be the one guy who may have done the right thing but that is pure speculation as he has never, to my knowledge, had been in a position to make such decisions.

In other words, we are pretty much screwed if you go by the morning line.

Who knows, maybe Cruz or Trump may surprise us and rise to the level of leadership and respect we have lost.  Maybe Rove/RNC, Inc., will screw both of those guys and put in a “real good candidate”, one that even my unicorn likes.

This is the first time that I can remember that I am not excited about the election. I am far more anxious than eager.

I do not have the answer and the only one palatable to me is short the $3,000,000,000 I would need to wage an effective campaign.

Look at what we have.  Let Biff’s one and only positive use be that we do not want to elect anyone the least bit like him.  Let’s start there and hope and pray for the best.

Sadly, more to come.


LAST WORD:  God Rest the soul of Merle Haggard.  Say what you want but here was a man who learned from his mistakes.  Fewer people, other than perhaps George M. Cohan, wrote mote patriotic songs than Merle.  Some of you know that the sign-off tag on some of my posts on the various parts of the interwebs was a quote from one of my favorite songs of his: “When you are running down my Country, you are walking on the fighting side of me.”  (BTW, I posted a Youtube video of that on a about a half-dozen “Bernie” pages.  I can feel the hate already.)  Anywho, job well done Merle, you are now in the green, green grass of home.  And may His Own Angels guide you to Heaven and “Sing you back home.”





One thought on ““Confused, Part III – Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

  1. DAVID says:

    Thanks for reinforcing my depression. lol.  This has been and will be the most insane election of my lifetime.

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