“Confused? Just Wait… Part IV”


“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16

My Friends & Fellow Confused, PT IV:

“The more I think of this election, the less I think of it.”

That should be everyone’s mantra.

Seems that old Precious might have been on to something with respect to the RNC.  Seems they are not oblivious to the will of the voters.  It is quite the opposite.

They are contemptuous of us.

Even a cursory look at the machinations of King Karl and Prince Prius would reveal that they are doing their best to screw the collective pooches of We the People.

(I am sure there must be a law, felony preferably, proscribing subjugating the will of the people voting-wise.  But perhaps I answer my own question when I look at the pains the Dems are going to in order for felons, illegals and other the opportunity to vote for them. More on that in a later issue.)

I need not say again that Sanders is totally unqualified to run anything but his own mouth.  If people are stupid and greedy enough to vote for this guy it shows how low we have come as a Nation.  Apparently the videos of him carted off physically during an arrest for protesting seems only to endear him to the ilk of people who would do the same.

(I do not want to hear that he was protesting for civil rights in the 60s. His party, he was a Dem at that time, was STILL voting against civil rights for blacks then.  And not thirty years earlier his party STILL could not see fit to have an anti-lynching plank in their party platform.  And as bad as they are today, it was the Republican Party what was formed to fight the Democrats so as to end slavery.  Anyone who was a Democrat during those and these times are guilty of the crimes their party refused to fight.)

There is no reason to even discuss the positives of the eventual Dem/Socialist candidate, the Beast. There are none.  Other than “guilty” she deserves no one’s vote.  It is not “her turn.”  She is not entitled to the gig because she has lady parts. The fact that she has “experience” is a false argument when you look at her complete and utter failures in her every position.

She abused the “position” of FLOTUS when she was up to her eyes in scandals and intrigues. The only thing that saved her then was Monica Lewinski was up to her eyes at BJ Clinton’s belt line.  Her record as a carpet-bagging “Senator” is as remarkable as Biff’s.  That is it was distinguished only by the lack of any important legislation ether of them introduced.  There is not reason one to even discuss her abject failure at State.

Not for anything, a guy who gets in the ring a hundred times and loses every bout has a tremendous amount of “experience” but nothing to show for in the “success” department.    One can say the same about the Beast.  Except that the bad fighter does not say that he won every fight, denying the truth.

Let’s get back to the creatchures at hand in the Kafkaesque “Republican” Party.  As I have said, none of these three stooges get me all warm and fuzzy.  Trump and Cruz are certainly not the best possible candidates they could have fielded and Kasich falls far short of that low bar.

The fact that lapdog of the RNC, Paul Ryan, had to make an announcement that he was not running for President and if nominated would not serve only shows the discord that is in the RNC.  (While I do not wish ill on anyone, a seven-month stay at some facility without any contact with the outside world for King Karl might be the only thing which can save our Nation.)

(Do you see why I have no use for Hannity? He has been a Rove suck-up for ages and getting worse.)

The sad thing is not just that Trump and Cruz are not doing anything to sway the populace over to their side from that of their opponents, they seem hell-bent-for-leather to damage their own campaigns.

I half wonder at times if Trump ran as a joke to see what would happen and when he rose to the top of the heap, he realized that he was in over his head.  By then, it was too late and he was in without any way of getting out and saving face.

Cruz has perhaps the best organized campaign of all the “R’s”. He had troops on the ground in every state, wooing local pols and getting his name out. He knew the rules, as fluid and fungible as they are, and used them to his advantage or, at worst, to Trump’s detriment.

He is a lawyer and a master debater and can hold his own against most any peer.  And therein lies the rub.

He missed the third part of Rummy’s admonition.

He had the “knowns” down cold.  He had the “known unknowns” sorted out better than anyone.  But he did not figure on the “unknown unknowns” at all.  (Don’t you just love it when parts of other issues start to make sense!)

And that “unknown unknown” was Trump.

Trump did/does not play by the rules.  No, I am not suggesting he is cheating.  Perhaps it would fairer to say that Trump does not play the game in a conventional manner. Cruz is like the Army, Trump is like the renegades.  Cruz is following the order of battle with his campaign and Trump is running an asymmetrical warfare hit-and-run campaign.

Trump does things for which there are no conventional responses in the “play book.”  That works to Trump’s benefit and has Cruz chasing his own tail.  The problem is that where on paper Cruz is the better candidate, every time he tries to counteract what Trump does, he winds up swinging and missing. He either does not clearly articulate what he really means or he gets down in the gutter and comes off worse than Trump.

And where Cruz is trying to be a nicer, warmer candidate, and that does not seem to be resonating as he hoped with the hoi polli, Trump is the same vile, vulgar and angry billionaire who states that he is a nice guy or promises that he will be a nicer guy going forward the immediately reverts to being the vile, vulgar billionaire that he is.

Truly, I have no idea where this clusterfred is heading.

You have a guy running from the Left who would have been under surveillance by the federales back a few decades ago.  His challenger is under close scrutiny by the same federales for so many crimes that she could be the first individual indicted under the RICO statute.

On the other side, you have some little known governor who is there only to muck up the works who brings nothing to the table and is only doing the will of the RNC with the hope of getting a bone at the convention. (Perhaps, Ambassador to ISIS.)

Then there is the Senator from Texas who is the most conservative and prolly would be a good president.  But he can’t get out of his own way and seems to have a knack for mucking up any victory.

And of course, the Mouth the Roared.  He might wind up being the nominee.  He might even beat the Beast (assuming she is not “indisposed.”)  I wager that if he becomes the POTUS he might shake things up so much that he might do a good job.

But I am not interested in “mights.”

The thing I have noticed is that Trump is a quick study and not only is he not making the same mistakes over and over but has learned from the Left (and to be fair, politicians in general) to switch positions, change his opinion on how the delegates ought to be allotted and the rest.

Oh, yeah, Buddy, there is FAR more to come.

So, here are the teasers for the upcoming issues.  We will continue with Part V of this series with a discussion of the Electoral College. On the social side of things, there will be an issue or two on the hypocrisy and racism of the Left.  (OK, that is too broad.  We will address the Beasts position on gun control and the changing faces on our currency.)

Last thing, there was a primary here in NY.  Sadly I received but one vote that I know of so I am officially mathematically eliminated from the R nomination (but I am still $3Bn away from an independent run at the brass ring.) Voting irregularities aside the interesting thing about that primary was that Ben Carson was on the ballot.  (For some of the voting issues you can take a look at my personal FB page on that day.)

Pray for our Military

Pray for our Country.



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