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My Friends & Lie-bait:

Gotta love the Libs!

President Trump is getting into all kinds of trouble with the Left, snowflakes, media and Hollyweird (but I repeat myself.)


For doing EXACTLY what he said he would do.

Yet, for eight years Our Little Girl, Biff, did not get into any bother for NOT doing what he said he would.  (Well, he did keep one promise, he DID fundamentally change America, and not for the better!)

And it gets worse!

I am sure you have heard by now about the Executive Order President Trump issued with respect to a travel ban to and from seven Middle Eastern countries.

Within hours of the first plane landing at JFK with the last people we might want here there was a full on protest there.  This was a scene repeated at many airports and many cities throughout our great Country.

That is amazing in and of itself.

Of the 350,000 people who entered the Country during a short period of time just over one hundred were detained for further vetting.  For those of you doing the math at home, which is something like .03%, which is less than your average rounding error.  (I am not sure of the disposition of any of them but that is not germane to this issue.)

So how is it that some one hundred people who landed in US airports who may or may not have any connection or relation to anyone here were able to galvanize tens of thousands of people across the Nation to protest on their behalf?

To channel “The Church Lady”: “Mmmmmmm…. Could it be… SATAN!”

Or, Soros, same difference.

(Note Well: On Tuesday night even before DJT made his announcement for his SCOTUS choice, there were already protests.  To them it made no difference who was chosen.  Odd, when you think about it the frequency of so many people showing up at the same place with premade signs expressing the same hate.  I am staring to think there some “Mother’s Basement Dweller Network” out there.  And, don’t these people have jobs? Or, it THIS their new job.  Trust me, people will get tired of this crap before they change a thing.)

These were not spontaneous outpourings of love for poor refugees, these were orchestrated attacks on the law and order of our Land.

And you are seeing the same thing in Europe.  (Yes, the same idiots who screwed their own pooches want us to follow suit.  No thanks.)

But let’s back up a moment.

Irrespective of your feelings on this, what President Trump did was legal.  I am not going to reprint all of 8 US Code S 1182     but take a look at sections: (a) (3) (A)          (i, ii, iii) and all of (a) (3) (B), for openers.  (There is more, but this covers the most of it.)

Now that we can see what President Trump did was legal, what many of you might not know is that Biff also employed 8 US Code 1182 for his own reasons. More than once.

(And need we even mention Japanese internment?)

As squiggly as it gets with Biff banning people, the reason is unimportant, the fact is that he did it.  What is really crossing my eyes is the reaction of the SRMFM.

As President Trump is tweeting just about everything he is doing (that will be a FISH for another day) he is doing an end-run around the SRMFM.  Tricky to spin what someone is saying when that person is getting their message out first.

(WORD TO THE WISE:  I am not suggesting that you take up Twitter if you have not already, but do not take what the SRMFM reports as his tweets at face value.  I have seen snippets of his Tweets on TV that totally change what he was saying.  While tweets are limited to one hundred forty characters, some of this thoughts are not so constrained.  Some of his tweets take up two or three separate tweets, so, beware.  You may not be getting the entire story.)

When the SRMFM was “questioned” (which you did not see on TV or the paper) as to why they did not go after Biff for doing the same thing, their general response was “we did not know he did that!”

Let me see if I got this straight: The SRMFM are angravated at President Trump for following a law and even advertising the story first but they are not mad at Biff following the same law but keeping it a secret from them.

The take away: Extrapolate and we see the SRMFM hates honesty but rewards duplicity.

A few more brief points.

As promised, a friend and fellow reader predicted that some judge would issue an injunction.  Within hours, a friend of Sen Schemer, who he recommended for a judgeship and was appointed by Biff, one (Dis)Honorable Ann Donnelly issued said injunction.

Shortly after that, Sen. Schemer was on TV, radio, CB radios, traffic cameras, air traffic control and a few sonograms literally crying that some poor, misunderstood, people from the part of the world that hates us may have to stand in line for a few hours or may actually be returned if deemed a threat!

It is almost like he is trying to be even more insulting and anti-American than Rep(rehensible) Jerrold Nadler and almost as bad as Sen(ile) Lie-a-Watha.

But in typical Liberal fashion, and like OLG Biff, he, too, has issue with the truth and favored a “refugee pause” back in 2015.  (http://m.hannity.com/articles/hanpr-election-493995/flashback-senator-chuck-schumer-in-2015-15518379/ )

Then things got screwy-er-ier.

Short-timer AG Lex Luther was let go on Inauguration Day and replaced with seat-holder Acting AG Sally Yates until the Libs get off the stick and confirm Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III as real AG.

This little darling, for some reason, said she would not defend President Trump’s EO, even though it is legal.  Bigly legal.

THIS JUST IN: As I am writing this, Sally, one of Biff’s marvelous appointees, was given the elbow by President Trump for not backing him up.  Boo-hoo.  FINALLY a President with a set. She was replaced by one Dana Boente, himself another Biff appointee.

(As of Friday afternoon, Sessions is not in.  He passed through committee, thanks largely to ex-Sen Dingy Harry and the embarrassing Chuck Schemer. Long story, but google it.  There is supposed to be a full Senate vote next week.)


Not to be outdone by the snowflakes, SRMFM and possible professional misconduct by some MOC’s, the “Look at me!!!!!  Look at me!!!!” bunch in Hollyweird had to get into the act and soundbites.

There was yet another self-aggrandizing, insecure, ego-fest Sunday night for the Hollyweirdo’s.  (Not sure which one, not important.)

While I really, really, really wanted to watch it, I was watching a fascinating show on “comparative telemetry” on the Bar Code Network and I just got lost in it!

Try as I could, I was unable to avoid seeing the clips on the morning news.  The unintelligible psycho-babbling of these oxygen-thieves strained credulity that even in such short doses they had me squinting at their, well, hate disguised as altruism.

One Tango-Whiskey even suggested that people donate to the Anti-american Criminal Liberals Unwashed.  (It was reported later that they have received more money overnight than they usually raise in four-months.)

I made the FB comment that these jack-a-napes will not accept that terrorism is a real and present danger until some lunatic spoils one of their parties or awards shows screaming “Aloha Snackbar” and saws the crowd in half with a “large clip assault weapon.”

Then I thought, nah, who am I kidding.  They will blame President Trump, Geo W and the NRA and demand stricter gun laws, like Chicago has.


I used to joke about things being Kafkaesque, that is bizarre, nightmarish, illogical and perhaps even a cruel dystopian way of life, in some circles.

This issue is a perfect example of that.

Literally as I am write this, you can see some things have changed.  I have not changed any of the outcomes, but updated those events.  (Apparently the SRMFM are reporting “facts” as they make them up.)

I had to do something I rarely do, I read it, and something I am not sure I have ever done, re-read it.

I am shocked on so many levels that I almost doubt my understanding of what is going on.  A lying and misleading press, a total poppa oscar sierra of a Senator who lies about what he has done with respect with that is going on and is willing to embarrass himself with this crocodile tears.  And we see others like Booker from New Jersey, horning in on Schemers act.  Hollyweirdos doing what they do best, being a collective PITA.  An acting AG who won’t do the job she swore to do, Schemer holding up Sessions confirmation and finally, FINALLY, a President who is being faithful to the oath he took.

You can’t make this up.  In my wildest dreams and on the most conspiratorial websites, I have not seen a group of people hell-bent to destroy their own Country.

I will leave you kids with a tad of “mirth”, some bitter mirth.  Some of you have seen this, as I posted this on my FB page last week.


“9-1-1 what is your emergency?”

“Hello, yes, I think someone is in my home!!”

“What is that address”

“44 Biff Blvd. Please!! Hurry!! I hear someone!!!”

“Am I speaking with Dainty Snowflake?”

“Yes! Yes!!! On Biff Blvd!! Please send help!!!!

“The Dainty Snowflake that voted twice for Obama and this time for Clinton?”

“Yes!!! For the love of God! What difference does it make for whom I voted? There is someone in my house. Send help”

“Yes, I see, sir. I also see that you are in favor of the DREAM Act to allow illegals stay in the Country”

“Are you f’ing kidding me? I am calling 9-1-1 because someone broke into my house and you are discussing politics. I demand you send assistance! My husband is frightened!!”

“There, there, sir. There is no cause for alarm. Since you supported illegal aliens, one of President Trump’s initiatives is to give each supporter their own illegal alien”

“But, but…”

“There are no buts, sir. The President is allowing you to put your money where your mouth is. Mustafa al-Ma’niac is your illegal. You are responsible for feeding, clothing, sheltering him in your home only, seeing to his medical needs and everything else. Failure to comply will result in a YUGE fine the first time and incarceration for a second offense. This is what you wanted, this is what you got. You do not have thank us. We will be in touch. Often. Have a pleasant evening and don’t make any sudden moves. Mustafa only becomes violent when frightened. Good night”



God Save us!




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