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My Friends & 49 Staters:

Not sure if this is the right word, but try “mesocosm” on for size.

We have all heard of “microcosm” and even “macrocosm.”  They being, respectively, a representation of something on a small or very large scale.  When I thought about what I am about to write, I came up with “mesocosm” that being, I supposed, the  “-cosm” between the more familiar ones.

When I looked up “macrocosm” there were citations of the biologic or environmental nature but not what I expected to find. I had to go through ten articles until I found one that agreed with what I thought:  larger than microcosm but smaller than macrocosm.

Or, as Goldilocks would say: “Just right!”

What am I talking about?

(Always a fair question.)

If you want to see what would have happened to the United States had the Beast or any other liberal been elected, alls you needs to do is to look at California.

California is a mesocosm of an epic disaster narrowly averted.

It is, for all intents and purposes, a one party state.

If you are a Republican you prolly do not have fair representation.  You have a Liberal (moonbat) Governor and both Senators are Dems.  You have less than a one-in-three chance of having Republican representation in the statehouse (only 25 of 80 State Assemblypersons.)  Those are better odds than having a Republican Congressman, where the odds are closer to one-in-four (14 of 53.)

I am loathe to do an overlay of the maps to see the vast majority of Californians who have no party representation anywhere.

Hence, a one-party state.

While not as bad as the Soviet Union was back in the bad old days of Lenin and Stalin, you gotta give them credit for trying!

(Yet, ironically enough, the Left are referring to DJT as a dictator, fascist, despot and more.  One would think that would want an “iron man.”)

How did this happen?

Stupid people.

Now, now, now, I am not saying ALL the people who voted for all the democrats are stupid, just the ones who let this happen.

Full disclosure, I lived in SoCal for over a decade. At the beginning of the 80s almost half of the Congressmen were Republicans, a decade later it was about ten-percent lower and so on until today.

It was during that decade that we saw Nasty Pelosi and the ever nasty Maxine Waters elected to Congress. Those two barriers to common sense are still there.  And speaking of stupid people BOTH of these geniuses are “not calling for the impeachment of DJT, ‘yet.’”

I would ask a rational person on what impeachable grounds, but not these two.  (After all, this is the party of Guam falling over for having to many people, for having to vote for a bill to see what is in it and virtually anything SheJack says. http://www.azquotes.com/author/8662-Sheila_Jackson_Lee )

People, good people, people who, while liberal, prolly had good intentions in mind when they voted for these and the rest of the liberals and their “goodness” tarnished the Golden State.

But people like Pelosi and Waters are parasites.  They are feeding on the goodness and gullibility of good people to attain their evil ends.

Think about it, why would you have all state documents and ballots in any number of languages?  Why would they give driving licenses to people who are not citizens?  Why would they give all the “benefits” to people who are not citizens?

“Aw, c’mon Precious, people have to live!  They need to eat and so on. Don’t you have a heart?”

Yes! Yes I do!  (And my cardiologists will attest to that.)

I have no problem feeding and clothing illegals, for their trip back home.

But the libs in California do not want to send them back home, they want to send them to the polls.

You see, while you need all kinds of ID to get into an airport or the DNC Convention, anyone can waltz, samba, breakdance or whatever into a polling station and vote.

So, let’s connect the dots.

Libs turn a blind-eye to illegals entering the Country, they are given everything they need by the dems, they are given driving licenses, they are told for whom to vote on ballots that are in their native tongue.

For whom do you think they are going to vote?

(Think about it.  DJT did not even bother to campaign there. In fact, is some strange way, if you really break it down, California allowed DJT to be elected.   Had he spent any appreciable time campaigning there he would not have had the time to work Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and so on, the states that put him over the top. But, as liberals never think things through or the consequences of their actions…)

To synthesize that thought, the Lib powers that be preyed on the “goodness” of the Lib on the street who then allowed them to create a situation where the illegals are given, basically, the same right as citizens.  The Lib citizens, still not getting it, just allow this to continue to pick up steam and the illegals get more and more things.

Now, look past the insanity disguised as altruism that is occurring.

Almost ten years ago, THE PEOPLE passed “Prop 8.”

(First off, credit where credit is due.  The land of fruits and nuts is one of the states that use propositions, initiatives or referenda for expressing the will of the people.  It is basically a pure democracy.  Not always the best thing, as we are a representative republic, but a firm pulse of what the people want.)

Prop 8 stated that marriage was between a man and a woman alone.  Essentially banning gay “marriage.”

Despite winning the vote on the proposition, within two years, based on the ruling of one gay justice, the will of the people was overturned.

Need we even discuss the absolutely insane ideas of so-called “sanctuary cities” (and campi?) These are against Federal Law.  (The last “president” turned a blind eye to laws he did not like, like sanctuary cities, selling guns to Mexican drug traffickers, importing potential terrorists [THAT will be a whole ‘nother FISH.})

You may recall a few years back the illegal who had been sent back some half-dozen times only to come back again and murder a young lady in the Frisco area.  (I seem to remember the SFPD would not hold him for or turn him over to ICE.)

And when we DO throw out some criminals, here come the snowflakes demanding the gummint to let them stay.  (Yet, oddly enough, you don’t see any of these same snowflakes inviting an illegal to share their mother’s basement with them.)

Let’s dwell on the immigrant issue for a short moment.

DJT issued a LEGAL ban on peeps from seven counties from coming here. Not the first time. In fact, Biff did that a number of times as have other presidents.

Some liberal “judge” in Washington State (and another in the Somali infested, Muslim represented state of Minnesota ) issued an injunction.

Yes, some unelected (Bush appointee!!!) federal judge has decided on his own that he knows better than the POTUS.

Now, let’s look at this guy for a moment.

He was a private lawyer who was appointed to the bench that has done a ton of pro-bono work for illegal aliens.  (Yeah, nothing at all like the gay judge who struck down the heterosexual marriage proposition in California.)

As a judge, he scolded the Seattle Police and taking up for BLM!!!!!

Yeah, when your liberal “friends” say there are no “activist judges”, here are exhibits “A” and “B”.

(Meanwhile, the gummint appealed the decision to the 9th Circus Court.  The most overturned circuit court. [SCOTUS has overturned between 60-86% of the 9th’s decisions since 2010.] This was before three “justices”.  As I write this, the Liberals prevailed.   This is far from over and at the end of the day the gum’mint will prevail.  Until then, someone needs to take the name of every person who has been admitted as a result of this travesty of justice and insult to the office of the President and if even one gives a citizen a cold, let alone anything worse, some Conservative activist lawyer needs to file suit against these 4 Solons on personal grounds.)

Meanwhile, back in California, education is going to hell in a very large, organic handwoven macramé handbag.

Sure, it is bad enough that they do not teach any useable math these days, history is all about the Europeans giving small pox to the Indians and how the Founding Fathers were slave owners (but never a word about the Irish slaves), where health class would have been banned under the “Hays Code” (look it up) and you can pick your own terlit to use and gym, fuhgeddaboutit.

No, there is this insane Liberal (this one really is, stick with me) who wants to change current history immediately to reflect… if you take a drink, go ahead and get one, you’ll need it, I’ll wait… (DEEP BREATH) “Russian hacking the 2016 elections.”

Yeah, they can’t teach kids how to play sports, they can’t teach them how to do math like a normal person, they can’t teach kids anything remotely moral or Godly, they can’t even be honest with proven history.

But indoctrinating little mush heads to believe something for which there no valid proof, THAT is important.  (Be still your little hearts, I will be doing another, perhaps rehashed if I can find it, series on education.  Here is what I know right now.  The Left hate Sec De Vos. That alone is enough for me to volunteer to bear her child.)

Take anything that is wrong in America, and I will wager that you can trace is genesis to the Left Coast.  (It is often said, looking at map of our Great Country, that if you could pick up the Nation and shake it, all the loose nuts and bolts would collect in Southern California.  And, it is a desert or pete’s sake. If He wanted people to live there He would not have made it a desert.  Think about it.   It defies the Will of God! [I exaggerate for effect.])

You can prolly narrow down “ground zero” to the Bay Area.

Whatever kind of hate, division, perversion, unhealthy practices, social insanity, anti-cop, anti-gun, pro-illegals,  insane politicians, rampant drug use, questionable living situations and great sourdough bread you can find in the Bay Area.

Between San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Marin County you will find all the above and more in spades.

So had the Beast prevailed last election, you would have seen the tentacles of the Left Coasts failed experiment spread their venom and hate across this Land of ours.

There were rumors of some EOs she was alleged to wish to enact if elected, such as a total gun ban.  (I guess she wants us to be as safe as the citizens in Chicagostan.)  Of course single-payer health plan and prolly having the mark of the beast in your right hand or forehead.  Just sayin’.

Take a few minutes and look at the mess that is California.  Maybe we should build a wall around that place!


(Last word.  Some of you may remember a dark day seven years ago when I reported that my best friend in the world, my darling four-legged son, Midnight James, the Wonder Dog was diagnosed with cancer. He could have been “cured” with a massively invasive operation that would have resulted in his not being able to run or swim.  There is nothing Middy loves more than swimming.  There was a second option, that while no guarantee of a cure or any positive results, but would allow him to enjoy the quality of life he knew.  The Vet said that if he made it through the summer each year would increase his chances for a longer life.

(We chose the latter.

(He swam a ton that summer and in succeeding summers.  He developed some lumps but he showed no ill effects.

(In any event, thank you all for your kind thoughts and words back then.  But today, Middy turned 10 years old and while he is no longer a pup, he is a happy camper and is looking forward to the warm weather so he can do what he loves most, swimming.  If you have not finished that drink and joining me in toasting my best friend.  Happy 10th Birthday Middy!)

(PS he is on Facebook at “Midnight James Seriously Really”)


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