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My Friends & Classmates:

Of course you are my classmates!

You read this, that PROVES you have a lot of class.

It seems that no matter what DJT does, there is an organized (crime) effort to stop, thwart or otherwise upset the apple cart of MAGA.

We can look at almost any aspect of this administration and see the work of evil (you thought it went away with OLG? Silly you!) Be it Schemer in the Senate, Nasty Pelosi and, the ebony to her ivory, racist “Minimum”ine Waters or the ever hateable and irascible, Nazi-sympathizer-about-town, Soros, there seems ALWAYS to be some stumbling block put in front of our fearless leader.

(NOTE: I started this three weeks ago and abandoned it for the last issue.  I have no idea where I was going with this but as the Left are the gift that keep on giving, we are blessed with a new set of circumstances for which the opening is perfectly apropos.)

Recently, the left, lead by Head Libclown Chuck Schemer, are still on their one-note song about Russian ties to DJT, the Trump Campaign, and prolly vodka, blinis, Borzois and ZIL Limousines.

Basically anything, and Trump’s name is tossed in for effect.

DJT and Co. have steadfastly refuted such allegations and refused to act on them.

The Left pull out the stops and caused a good man, AG Jefferson Sessions, to recuse himself from any Russian involvement investigations.  Sadly, for the moment, the next in line to head up such an investigation is a Biff holdover, who MUST go now for reasons we shall soon see.

(Note well, alleged AG Stedman and Lex Luther refused to recuse themselves of far more onerous allegations and both are still walking the streets.)         

Fast forward to Saturday last.

DJT tweets that he believes that the Biff maladministration wiretapped Trump Tower etc.

Of course the Left, having their talking points thy circle the wagons.  AC Schemer, erstwhile WH spokesweasel Josh Earnest, the shifty EX-DNI, Gen James Clapper and others went on the counter-offensive against DJT’s and others allegations.

Well, methinks they over-reached.

Recall a short time back when DJT did not want a Congressional investigation of the Russian allegations.

Well today (Monday) that has all changed.

Not only does he want a Congressional Investigation of any kind of Russian connection but to include the contention of wiretapping.

(First off, the Left is making a big deal of the Russian Envoy with this Republican and that one.  Yet there he is with Schemer, Nasty Pelosi, McCaskill and many others who have denied meeting him. [Schemer had an excuse.  The other two denied it at first.]  This guy has been with more politicians than “Sweet Sweet” Connie Hamzy had been with rock stars and roadies.)

Now, here comes the smoking gun, the connection: FBI Director Comey.

Remember him?  The guy who laid out a damning conviction of the Beast then says there was no way any judge would try such a case.  I guess the fear of immediate mortality could have that effect.

Yes, the same guy who was butt-buddies with both Biff and Mooch, the Beast and her charming hubby, Lex Luther and others.  Nooooo nothing to see here!  Pure as the driven snow.

So now comes Comey stating that not only is nothing going on but the DoJ should not be investigating this.

(Hang on, I need to make a call…  “Hmmm…, I see… It does?… He doesn’t?… He can’t?… Thx.”)


Ok just phoned a friend.  I was not sure for a moment, I mean I thought I was right but I needed to get confirmation because something did not sound right.

You see, the FBI is part of the DoJ. The DoJ is run by the AG.  It is not the bailiwick of the FBI to tell the DoJ what they can or cannot pursue.  Recommend, yes. Tell, no.

While this happening, Comey is saying the DoJ had not asked for a wiretap.  (How would he know what the AG was doing?) When asked about if the Intel Service asked for a wiretap, tap-dancing James Tapper, I mean, Clapper, the ex-DNI obfuscated that “to his knowledge”  and the other “no recollection” type responses if there was a wiretap request from his organizations.

Yet, there are records of two requests for FISA application approvals, one was turned down the other approved, to the relief of Lex Luther.

The only two agencies that can “request” a FISA wiretap are the DoJ and the NIA, and the Director of the FBI and ex-DNI chief “tacitly” deny such requests were made.

Yet, one was given Lex Luther and on the front page of the NEW YORK TIMES on 20 January 2017, left side and above the fold was reported: “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides.”

(The day before was an article reporting that the FBI, NSA, CIA and a Treasury financial crimes division found “no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing. “One official said that intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications that had been provided to the [Obama] White House.” So, if there were no wiretaps…)

So, what is it?

Are we to believe the ever-so-malleable James Comey and the rarely forthcoming James Clapper (he is a spook, I almost want to give him a pass as he would prolly not know the truth if it bit him on the butt), or anyone else named James, or the reports that Lex Luther swung twice and got one hit on a FISA app and an article and a sub-headline on the “newspaper of record?”

(And protestations by ex-spokesweasel and others that Biff never, ever wiretapped anyone might be hard to substantiate.  Just ask Angela Merkel.  And Sarkozy. And Ban Ki-Moon. And Berlusconi. And…)


There is no easy out for anyone.

It is not just Trump at the point who are under scrutiny but Biff, Comey, Lex Luther, Clapper, Ernest, Schemer, Pelosi, and prolly a few dozen other names we know and some we never knew.

Looking a little deeper, apropos of nothing else, this is a borderline genius move by DJT.

In one move, he takes away the “Russian Connections” salivations of the despicable Head Clown Schemer.  He can no longer slobber over the nearest microphone that Trump is afraid of him. And at the same time he puts the entire upper echelons of the previous maladministration under scrutiny if not outright suspicion.


The Left is apoplectic.

Schemer, assuming that We the People are stupider than is he, saying about the wiretaps (paraphrasing) “It is bad that Trump is tweeting that he is being wiretapped and he is not but it would be worse if it is true because that meant that some agency felt there was sufficient reason to issue a wiretap.”

The Head Clown left out the most likely scenario: that it was an orchestrated and possibly criminal endeavor by Biff, the DNC or agents provocateur.          (Occam’s Razor employed here.)

(It is largely possible, and dare I say probable, that Schemer is not part of any real intel sharing and is given enough information so that he would go out and misdirect again.)

By the time you read this, it may all be over.   DJT wants a Congressional investigation to include not just any alleged Russian connections but any and all wiretaps by the previous maladministration.

The big question is not what will be discovered but if the investigation will even proceed.

You see it is most likely that put in the spotlight will be Comey for anything that may or may not have occurred but also for the findings of the Beast investigation.

That introduces the Beast and her server as you know the Trump people will go after that. And when that proves to be a winner, winner chicken dinner, as it will then link to the infamous Anthony Weiner and the sensitive date he received, and with whom he shared what and the allegations that there are various types of porn on Wieners computer and perhaps a trail of who else saw that.


So to sum up, two quick adages.

The first is a quote from the Wicked Witch: “You want to play ball, Scarecrow?” and “Be careful for what you ask, you just may get it.”

We shall see


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